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7-hr-long meet held to ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’

DC | Hoskote Nagabhushanam | 30th Sep 2013
Large number of activists turn up for the Save Andhra Pradesh meeting held  at Kurnool on Sunday that was addressed APNGOs association president  P. Ashok Babu at STBC College Grounds in Kurnool.	—DC
Large number of activists turn up for the Save Andhra Pradesh meeting held at Kurnool on Sunday that was addressed APNGOs association president P. Ashok Babu at STBC College Grounds in Kurnool. —DC

Kurnool: APNGOs Association president P. Ashok Babu ruled out the very proposal of Hyderabad as a Union Territory and demanded that the Centre roll back its decision on the state’s bifurcation considering that crores of people were coming out on to the roads to participate in the agitation for the last 60 days.

Referring to warnings and attacks by the Telangana activists at many stages, Ashok Babu has said that the Samaikyandhra agitation was being held purely in a non-violent way.

A seven-hour-long meeting to ‘Save Andhra Pradesh,’ was held at STBC College Grounds in Kurnool, however, sent strong signals to the Centre, demanding a reversal of the unilateral decision on the state’s bifurcation.

A large number of activists from various parts of the Rayalaseema region participated in the mega meeting, organised by the Kurnool JAC as part of its ongoing agitation.

Interestingly, more than 2,000 Samaikyandhra supporters from Palamur, Alampur and Gadwal of Mahbubnagar district in Telangana also participated in the meeting in Kurnool. They arrived at the Kurnool borders and took out a padayatra towards the STBC College Grounds.

Though, the organisers expected one lakh people, it was double the number that filled the ground and the roads outside. Seemandhra balladeer Vangapandu Prasad and other cultural teams took part in the meeting criticising the Centre and elected representatives for not reacting against the decision in time.

Addressing a mammoth gathering, Ashok Babu said that the Joint Action Committees would mount pressure on MPs and Union ministers to quit their posts and to mount pressure on the Centre from October 1.

Reacting to the TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s comments, the APNGO leader clarified that the NGOs and other employees of JAC were not indulging in politics while the employees were leading the agitation for Samaikyandhra.

He also said that the Seemandhra activists had never insulted Telangana culture. “We have regard for the customs and traditions of the Telangana region,” he said.

The Samaikyandhra JAC had also called on the people to elect representatives with a clear stand on Samaikyandhra in the 2014 general elections. “People should take a clear stand in the coming elections to teach a lesson to  people for supporting state division,” Ashok Babu said.

Ashok Babu reiterated that a ‘million march’ would be held at Hyderabad if the Centre introduced a Bill on the state’s division.

Decision to bifurcate state not official yet

Ch.V.M. Krishna rao | DC

Hyderabad: The decision of the Congress Working Committee to divide the state, announced on July 30, is still not ‘official’ yet. The UPA government did not move an inch forward despite the CWC’s decision that has lapsed two months ago.

This has only pushed the state into an unlimited stalemate-like situation with each passing day, and fueled passions among those seeking the Telangana state and United AP. Now it is only presumed that ‘something’ will move after the return of the Prime Minister from US trip.

Except reiterating the Cabinet Note, either being prepared or already prepared, by the Union home minister, the Union government did not take any initiative so far in the direction.

It also did not offer any solution to the apprehensions being expressed by some quarters regarding some key issues including the status of Hyderabad as joint capital for both the states.
Meanwhile, tensions escalate in both the regions on the fate of the CWC resolution with only 80 days left for the Centre to complete the legislative process on Telangana.

The only strategy now being heard is Seemandhra Legislators, who constitute majority in the Assembly, should defeat the Telangana formation resolution whenever it reaches from the Centre, expecting that the whole T-process would be permanently halted.

There is another argument that  the Central government will not ‘direct’ the Assembly to pass any T-resolution instead, it will only refer the T-Bill to Assembly to seek ‘opinion’ of the House as per the statute.

During the two- month long period, after the CWC decision, which virtually divided the parties on regional lines, there has been no remarkable deviation except for the YSRC that supports United AP.

Cutting across party lines, few  Seemandhra Legislators have submitted resigntions in the Assembly, which are still pending with the Speaker. The key issues remain unanswered as yet and it is expected there is more in store in the coming days, once the Centre  addresses inevitable issues whenever it prepares the T Bill.




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by Anonymous (not verified) on
central government should have taken opinion of the people of telangana after merger as mentioned in fazal ali commission. in the year 1970 telangana people have proved that they want separate telangana winning nine lok sabha seats on the ticket of telangana praja samithi. Andhra people can not force telanganites to keep continue their slaves.
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by Anonymous (not verified) on
Plz stop this nonsense. Always crying in the name of looting. What your leaders are doing all these years. Sleeping or enjoying the share of the loot.who told you to become slaves.What all CMs from Telengana did all these years. We should solve our problems within us only. Bifurcation creates regional feelings. Every telugu speaking person should get justice. Can you guarantee this after bifurcation?. If Telengana people feels that they are not getting justice, its not the only fault of Andhra, understand and accept that fault cannot be one sided.


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