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'Attarintiki Daaredi' review: High on style, low on content

DC | Sandeep Atreysa | 28th Sep 2013

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Pranitha, Boman Irani
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Rating: One and a half stars

It has been a while since a Pawan Kalyan movie hit the screens. After overcoming a lot of hurdles, including the recent piracy fiasco, his latest movie 'Attarintiki Daaredi' finally made it to the silver screen. Sadly, Tollywood's same-old family drama is a big disappointment in its content, as there is nothing new to offer.

Gautham Nandan (Pawan Kalyan), only heir to a multi-millionaire business honcho Raghu Nandan (Boman Irani in Milan), is on a mission to unite his paternal aunt Sunanda (Nadhiya) with his grandfather Raghu Nandan who is on his death bed. How did Gautham convince his aunt and what difficulties he faces forms the crux of the story.

Blame it on the writer-director Trivikram for ill-conceived scenes and forced dialogues (Although, there are a few exceptions like "Ekkada Neggalo Kadu Ekkada Taggalo Telisinodu...Goppodu") that mar the film. Unlike his previous films, the director has no food for thought in this film for his viewers.

The only silver lining is Pawan Kalyan, who is in good form. Yet, there are a few scenes which depict Pawan as an eunuch, meant to evoke laughter. But they fail miserably. It's time for Pawan to grow up and give up such mannerisms.

Too many loopholes in the script and scenes like Ahalya-Indra drama episode are a poor distortion of facts and disconnect one from the film. One doesn't understand how one can often kick one’s own boss! (Pawan Kalyan beats and bites his boss Brahmanandam).

That's not all. There are umpteen scenes in the film where Gautham slaps his side-kick every now and then, without a reason. The slapping episodes are very embarrassing. It is visible that T-town makers have no new ideas beyond the "slapping trick" to tickle the funny bone of the audiences.

The female leads Sashi (Samantha) and Parimala (Pranitha) are easy on the eyes and good at emotions. However, Trivikram has failed to establish a connect and romance between the lead actors Pawan and Samantha. Prasad Murella's cinematography though is a visual treat and a breath of fresh air.

Scenes in the pre-climax portions are good. The biggest faux pas is how Raghu Nandan, who is on a ventilator in the hospital, made it to the boardroom! Well, of course, don't forget that you're watching a Telugu film.

On the whole, the film appears to be made strictly for hardcore fans of Pawan Kalyan. For other movie-goers, this film appears merely to be high on style and low on content. Trivikram has joined the legion of directors who embraced T-town's masala-formula. If you are prepared to watch the film, go without any expectations.


Pawan Kalyan's 'Attarintiki Daredi' stills

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Gautam nanda's picture
by Gautam nanda (not verified) on
who is this moron who wrote this review???
bhanu Chandra's picture
by bhanu Chandra (not verified) on
Who is that who wrote this review?? please provide the phone number... I will buy him a ticket and let him go to d mve... all d negatives which this so called reviewer wrote are getting applauses in the theater... how could u write such blunder shit when it is otherwise. it's now tym to change the reviewer for DC. else no one will ever dare to read the review in this site..... Please DC try to change the reviewer.. and get a genuine reviewer...
shashidhar's picture
by shashidhar (not verified) on
Good boos.This review completely correct.I watched the movie felling like same. Much hype created before release but nothing in the movie.Its not at all good like gabbar singh.Some sites given like ****.:). This is really bad. Pavan Waring saree multiple times much irritating the audience.Thanks to see at least u giving the right reviews
sidwhizzy's picture
by sidwhizzy (not verified) on
mr shashidhar the film was good and it is a tollywood film and people here apreciate these movies because they like these stories and comedy and pawan kalyan was good and the direction was also good but it lacked story.you are the one who should be booed . this is a telugu ilm nd we want it this way
Vishalbangalore's picture
by Vishalbangalore (not verified) on
Dear Sid, I completely agree with you. This movie has created a wonders in Karnataka. This is a massive hit and look at the collects. People who looks from adultary view will never like this kind of movies except bad movies. People will never learn, Instead if encouraging if these people say this then always Film industry will in the down. I appreciate if people do not pass wrong reviews. Thanks Vishal Bangalore
dvsr's picture
by dvsr (not verified) on
Yes.. Absolutely perfect review... There is no need for DC to change its reviewer, people shud change their minds of watching the same routine movies... Nothing on offer in the movie...
Subtle11's picture
by Subtle11 (not verified) on
Dude No need to curse the reviewer, instead the movie! Could not believe, movie would turn out so pathetic. What a waste of time in making that movie n presenting it to the audiance. Litrerally the director the threw the wet blanket on the hopes of viewers ..
Raag's picture
by Raag (not verified) on
Absolutely !!!!!! Im an Avid reader of DC and A totally Fan from childhood. But such absurd reviews..... huh... Dc carries such a polished standard... seriously no idea how the reviewer made this spot.
TeluguCinemaFan's picture
by TeluguCinemaFan (not verified) on
I agree with the review.. Trivikram Sreenu vaitla style copy kottadu. illa nr aythe industry non sense tho nindi poddi. O concept ledu padu ledu...
drj's picture
by drj (not verified) on
ganga lo dhooku velli ...antis ...antha bagunte baledu anta ..
srinivas235's picture
by srinivas235 (not verified) on
Correct ga cheppav brother.Koncham standards maintain chayandi ayya. Mari comedy chayadaniki 'Nityananda" get up vadukoval.Chi chii
Mediocre Movie Watcher's picture
by Mediocre Movie ... (not verified) on
Sounds like a regular Indian Movie ! Take the 50 year old formula, change few things and you have a new mediocre Indian movie !
pk fan's picture
by pk fan (not verified) on
no u r the actual moron......who just likes every dumb film
pk fan's picture
by pk fan (not verified) on
noooo u r the actual moron................who likes every dumd movie and argue its good
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
I never knew what is the exact meaning of "NONSENSE" until unless i have watched "ATTARINTIKI DAAREDI"..
alma's picture
by alma (not verified) on
Hopeless critic. Better stop writing reviews.Never call yourself Critic ever
OfficialDeccanChronicle's picture
by OfficialDeccanC... (not verified) on
Yes, we are the least circulated english daily in AP.....we seek attention by writing false news n fake reviews on most popular stars.....We are ready to do any cheap thing for money n fame....Please dont visit our page if you dont like reading reviews.
sudheer228's picture
by sudheer228 (not verified) on
shame on You better when u r writing a review and giving rating to any movie dont be fan of any 1.
sudheer228's picture
by sudheer228 (not verified) on
shame on You better when u r writing a review and giving rating to any movie dont be fan of any 1.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
If you have guts Can you provide me your contact details.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
anna nevante bhayam vesthundhi.Number esthe emmchesthavu boss.Velythe money echi kontav lekapothe kallu patukuntav.Anthakante nevemmi cheyalevu. Panni chusuko nayana
2567srinivas's picture
by 2567srinivas (not verified) on
Guyz forget about this review.Movie is super and i really enjoyed second half.More over Pawan kalyan is a kindful person with good ethical values. He helped 2 poor people by donating 30 lakh rupess.Even he returned 3 cr of his renumeration to AD movie producer.Hatts off to POWER STAR.No other heroes in tolly wood except Jr.NTR( who had given 20laks to AP Govt. during Kurnool floods, donated 5 lak to a poor IIT student,returned back 3 cr renumeration to NARASIMHUDU movie producer which was an utter flop) have this kind of helping nature towards their fans and financially backward ones.Tolly wood is really lucky having these two awesome film stars.Definetely GOD will bless these heroes with good hits. Jai Pawan and Jai Jr.NTR.You people will surely rocks the tolly wood.
Karanjo's picture
by Karanjo (not verified) on
U people never change... i don't know why DC have got such personal Grudge on PawanKalyan.....Every website have gave rating between 3.5 to 4.5 and u gave 2.5... if u have that much of knowledge regarding how to make movies... then go and do a movie.....
Ranganath K's picture
by Ranganath K (not verified) on
One and half is for this awkward review. "AD" is very pleasant and nice entertainer. You can truly enjoy with your family.
kumark's picture
by kumark (not verified) on
why you are afraid to write your signature after the review. What else are you expecting from telugu movies. I am sure you must be expecting Sentiment from action movies, and romance in 'Mathrudevobhava' kind of movies. Grow up so called critic man. You are called a critic not a common man to show your personal feelings.,
pawanism 's picture
by pawanism (not verified) on
nice and honest review, its really a disconnected movie with many scenes are useless and lengthy,and climax is utmost terrible with lots of mistakes, pawan is as usual awesome, but story sucks with same routine try hard comedy, wish trivikram to make a movie similar to athadu, wish to see pawan in that kind of role as a assasin, wish mahesh babus 1 will make some impact, but these movie is utter failure and boring.
drj's picture
by drj (not verified) on
rey nachakapothe muskuni paduko ...movie blockbuster ...
super's picture
by super (not verified) on
This review is true. I like to watch pawan kalyan movies and you will enjoy but this movie is not that great. Lot of mistakes done by Director and many scenes are really boring.
Scrap's picture
by Scrap (not verified) on
At-least stop writing reviews rather than writing these scrap reviews. You will never change.
Sandeep G's picture
by Sandeep G (not verified) on
i think u ppl need sm bucks to write a good review even for a flop movie in which this love towards d bucks u need is craving u to write a review like this !!! do u deserve urself to write a review like this in d way u want, uuuu moron !!!?
crzyboy's picture
by crzyboy (not verified) on
the least circulated daily ...does not have quality people to write a review . the person who has written has his brain in the Knee
Johnnyboy68's picture
by Johnnyboy68 (not verified) on
How dare you say he has brains in in knees, which brains are you talking about, this reviewer has a big hole everywhere, you know which hole I am talking about. Bullshit reviewers.
rEvie's picture
by rEvie (not verified) on
Why do yu always get the worst review out?? I have been reading DC since 10 years and i find everything awesome except the film reviews. You take the review from that retarded Khalid Mohd, who is a biased moron, for many of the bollywood flicks which often turn out to be hits but rated low in our beloved movie column. Please, take care about the reviews ...
ramana reddy's picture
by ramana reddy (not verified) on
Movie is not as good as other decribed .I was really shocked with the content .I felt i had wasted 40$ for this movie .I could have stayed back and watched it when the prices has come down
mahesh kavali's picture
by mahesh kavali (not verified) on
I feel ashamed of u because being a telugu person you are killing our telugu cinema
Satyanarayanan Menon's picture
by Satyanarayanan Menon (not verified) on
Nice review. Very aptly stated. 100% agree!
PowerStarFAN's picture
by PowerStarFAN (not verified) on
The only silver lining is Pawan Kalyan, who is in good form. Yet, there are a few scenes which depict Pawan as an eunuch, meant to evoke laughter. But they fail miserably. It's time for Pawan to grow up and give up such mannerisms.ROFL ... hahahahaha..... who is this asshole??? I just wanna look straight into his eyes and pay my tributes_|_
Govardhan Reddy's picture
by Govardhan Reddy (not verified) on
I think u (reviewer) better watch Cartoons....
sachin999's picture
by sachin999 (not verified) on
pavan kalyan wasted a good story by his overacting .. he shud improve his acting skills sympathy may work for fans but not for regular audience
rajesh m's picture
by rajesh m (not verified) on
hahhahahah critic need to be hospitalized immediately he is totally out of his mind it seems,poor guy cn't hide is emotions before the success may be that make him to write this blah blah blah....one more thing bro no one will believe this shit and try to made up your mind and write genuinely
Raj_ap's picture
by Raj_ap (not verified) on
I was wondering whether this guy is paid to write this review. Didn't expect this from DC .. AD is a block buster its gonna break all the records 4/5 is mg rating.. thoroughly enjoyed
prathyusha12312's picture
by prathyusha12312 (not verified) on
Who the hell are you so called Critic?? Don't U even have a point to write such kind of review about a family entertainer !! U grow up kid!! Stop writing reviews and stop supporting Yellow Heroes
dwaynejohnson's picture
by dwaynejohnson (not verified) on
enable comment moderation......these pawala fans don't know what decency is
Rijith's picture
by Rijith (not verified) on
Well..I believe you know what 'Decency' is..
GT's picture
by GT (not verified) on
To ALL RED FLOWERS, Who are abusing the movie and Pawan. If you think you have better story then you produce/direct a movie your self. DC, you guys will never learn. You guys are already on road, you lost deccan chargers team. Pretty soon you will close DC as well. Keppt it up Red Flowers
abhishekPWK's picture
by abhishekPWK (not verified) on
no reason why no one wants to read dc paper now adays. Stupid review on a a 3 rd classs paper.
sailesh73's picture
by sailesh73 (not verified) on
movie are beyond my expectations block buster the person who wrote review should watch film once
seetharamaraj's picture
by seetharamaraj (not verified) on
The mindset with which,you watched d movie is so embarrasing....Aren't they no positives in the film? Why didn't you mention them? May be,you r a fan of any hero an stotherthan Pawan.but u should be neutral,while writing the reviews....No people can stop watching d film by seeing this review..Mouth-Talk is very important.Please do remember that>.........................
murthy's picture
by murthy on
I am regular reader for the last 30 years all our family are extremely disappointed with your review. Though am not a stars fan, our total family have enjoyed the movie.
sai santosh's picture
by sai santosh (not verified) on
very bad review watch d mvi and then review it sir if family is routine will anyone leaves the family the thing u said is like that.this is a very good movie with all commercial aspects,technical values and sentiment n emotional quotients this is pakka class n mass entertainer which anybody can watch.


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