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Shiva Lingam at Srisailam is shrinking

DC | C.R. Gowri Shanker | 26th Sep 2013

Hyderabad: The Shiva lingam at the famous Brahmarambha Mallikarjunaswamy temple at Srisailam in Kurnool district is shrinking due to chipping and centuries of abhishekams.
To avoid further deterioration, temple officials are contemplating gold plating the lingam. However, opinions differ among the religious heads and Vedic pundits as some say it will be against the shastras and that the lingam won’t be visible if covered.

Regular abhisekham of the lingam and use of panchamruthum — milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey — besides water during the ritual for hundreds of years and chipping among other factors have affected the famous Shiva lingam at the Brahmarambha Mallikar-junaswamy temple at Srisailam in Kurnool.

Temple authorities noticed that the lingam was shrinking and decided to take steps to prevent further deterioration and consulted top Hindu religious leaders.

“About 1,000 litres of milk, 1,000 kg of sugar, water and other panchamruthams are used for abhishekam every day. Naturally, the granite lingam is affected,” said Chandrasekhar Azad, executive officer, Srisaila Brahmarambha Mallika-rjuna Devasthanam.

Mr Azad said that the proposal for the gold plating was still in its formative stage.

“We are getting diverse suggestions. Some gurus opine that there is nothing wrong in providing a gold cover to save the lingam while some are opposed to it. We are continuing consultations to find a solution,” he added.
He also pointed out that at Triambakeshwar in Nasik the Shiva lingam was shrinking for the same reason. According to a priest, the lingam has now got smoothened.

In the current situation, covering a swayambhu Shiva lingam with gold plate could bring calamity.

“There could be some restrictions, but covering with gold plate will hurt the sentiments of the people and, yes, it spells catastrophe,” a priest said.

The priest recalled a folklore that some people tried to tamper with the Shiva Lingam, but had collapsed and died.


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Kalavati's picture
by Kalavati (not verified) on
It may be a good idea to reduce the quantity of the panchamruta used. May be the gods are trying to tell us to tone down the show and get religion back to its basics of piety and devotion rather than the glitz and glamour.
Lingam's picture
by Lingam (not verified) on
its better stop this rituals, you will save 1000 litres of milk, 1000 kgs of sugar and other precious things that are healthy to humans than spending on idols. Wake up guys.
indian333's picture
by indian333 (not verified) on
"About 1,000 litres of milk, 1,000 kg of sugar, water and other panchamruthams are used for abhishekam every day. Naturally, the granite lingam is affected,” People are dying every day of hunger and we are feeding granite??? i am sure even Shiva would have hated this act. Before doing this nonsense..just think of a hungry child or feed a poor person...
Sudhakar Anna's picture
by Sudhakar Anna (not verified) on
A new Lingam can be placed and the current Lingam can be placed in the Meausem
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Valam chuzi Pillair Temple near Swamymalai in Tamil Nadu the Abishekam is done through camphar and no water,milk or panjamurthutam or being used. Similarly the Abishekam at the Sri Sailam for Lord SIVA can be thought off.
Viboothi Nagabhushanam's picture
by Viboothi Nagabh... (not verified) on
As stated by E.O, Shiva Lingam can be covered by gold plated but the cover should not be permanent. Abhishekam should be performed daily morning...and after abhishek it could be replaced by gold plated cover. By doing this we can preserve the culture and respect the sentiments of the people. Firstly, Lord shiva represent as "Abhishekapriyudu" and the most important aspect to perform in his pooja is abhishekam and which is incomplete without it.


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