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T-issue: Split wide open in IT industry

DC | Amrita Didyala | 22nd Sep 2013

Hyderabad: After the recent formation of the Telangana IT Association, the divide between IT professionals has deepened with many engaging in a cyber war of sorts.

Professionals, even students, have now started voicing concerns, taking sides and propagating their views on social media.

In fact, the Telangana IT Association had barely been formed when IT-related groups like Telangana IT JAC, Telangana IT Forum,  sprang up on Facebook.

B. Surender, member of Telangana IT Forum on Facebook-Hyderabad posted, “Getting status of UT is only for protection of assets owned by Seemandhra people. People from all regions will stay here. But if we panic and ask for UT status, we will be the biggest losers.”

While the cyber war was waged earlier between two sides only, with the IT professionals and aspirants taking sides, it has intensified  among the activists with the IT companies remaining completely out of the game.

However, the professionals seem to have delved into the political issue. IIT Delhi alumnus Narayana Sarma, reacting to news of ITIR clearance on  Twitter, wrote, “Interesting! #Telangana wants to have their cake and eat it too. Decide on the new capital first!”

Syed Habeeb Ullah Quadri posted on Telangana IT JAC, “Oh my people of Telan-gana! Start agitating with full might, enforce bandh after bandh, as this is the last and final chance for people of Telangana to fight and get our state. Now Telangana is in the hands of people, students, employees and leaders. Make sure that UPA-II submits and passes the bill of Telangana in Parliament as the Seemandhra settlers are hoping the delay lasts till the result of 2014 elections.”


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Samaritan's picture
by Samaritan (not verified) on
IT professionals have no problem working with clients across the globe and pay the bills with their money. They don't even have problem getting transferred to other locations like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai etc while working with IT MNCs. In fact, most of the so called IT professionals die to go onsite for projects. Yet, the IT is talking about Telangana IT Association. I think the biggest educated idiot class in India is IT Professionals(or at least from Hyd).


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