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Telangana delay costs Congress dearly

DC | Ch.V.M. Krishna Rao | 16th Sep 2013

Hyderabad: Has the delay in implementation of the decision on Telangana proved costly for the Congress? ‘Yes,’ say senior ministers in Telangana.

The hasty decision was made without foreseeing the political consequences that could follow, especially during the month-long Monsoon Session of Parliament that followed almost immediately after the ‘T’ announcement. The present delay in implementation of the decision, only allowed opposition parties, particularly the TRS, to change their tack.

According to the senior Telngana ministers, the party high command leaders expected a mass exodus to the Congress, from TRS, TD, YSR Congress and BJP after the announcement, but barring a few it didn’t happen on a major scale.

“This is because the T process is not moving forward despite 45 days having lapsed after the announcement. When we asked the high command leaders about this recently, they told us that since Parliament was in session they could not move forward, because of fear of resignations by party MPs from Seemandhra. This would have scuttled the UPA government’s initiative to get as many bills as possible passed in the session,” said the senior minister.

According to one of the Union ministers who belongs to Telangana, the whole process will be speeded up only after four state Assembly elections are completed in November. Meanwhile, certain steps will be taken to create confidence among the Telangana people.

Another reason for the delay can be attributed to the Congress Working Committee’s decision that Hyderabad would be the joint capital for ten years for the two states. It did not get the mileage they expected it to.
A senior minister said, “The status of Hyderabad will remain a thorny issue as long as the T state is delayed. A leader from the high command called me and enquired about other parties joining them. I told him, unless you move the Telangana decision forward, we cannot give a guarantee about leaders joining Congress. I have a list of TD MLAs who promised to join the Congress party, but now are saying, what would be the use of joining when the UPA government is not clear on Telangana? They said they will think of joining the Congress once T is declared.”

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by Anonymous (not verified) on
Policy of British was : Divided people on caste lines & rule India Congress Policy is divided people on language basis and loot India
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by vasu koti (not verified) on
Congress should be wiped out of AP for the trouble it caused with its vote centric politics. Just to win the next elections and make Rahul as PM, Congress decided to bifurcate AP with out resolving the issues that would crop-up with the division. BJP did a commendable job when creating three new states in 2001. Kudos BJP.


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