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Student drugged, raped for a year

DC | K.K. Abdul Rahoof | 15th Sep 2013
Picture for representational purpose only.
Picture for representational purpose only.

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, a 20-year-old polytechnic student was allegedly kidnapped and raped by the college canteen owner for almost 17 months at Santoshnagar. The police sat on the parents’ missing complaint all the  while.

Satya Prakash Singh, 34, a native of Bihar, who runs the canteen at TRR College of Technology at Meerpet, allegedly drugged the victim and tied her up in his flat.

The girl’s parents had approached the police in April 2012 when she went missing. However, the girl was not traced.

Police arrested Singh after booking a case for abduction and rape on Saturday. He claimed the girl had eloped with him.
The victim alleged that she was drugged by Singh on April 3, 2012, and was taken to his flat at Almasguda, Meerpet, where she was kept for a month.

“I was raped, tortured and drugged by him for one month in a room in his flat. Whenever I become conscious, I shouted for help. Then he would threaten to kill me and torture me more,” said the victim in the complaint.

After the house owner became suspicious, Singh shifted the girl to a flat at Gayatrinagar in Meerpet.  The girl said once she managed to call her mother from the accused’s mobile phone, after which the police was informed.

Cops had let off rape accused

Though police picked accused Satya Prakash Singh, he was let off after questioning.

“We took him into custody after we were alerted. He did not admit that he had kidnapped her,” Santoshnagar inspector K.V.M. Prasad said. However, the victim’s family alleged that Singh was let off after his brother reportedly influenced the police.

Meanwhile, after the accused was arrested, he claimed that the girl was in love with him, and she eloped with him.

Senior police officials from South Zone said that the police is verifying if the girl really eloped with the accused and later approached police after a fallout.

“We have started a probe checking all the allegations of the victim. The accused has been arrested and sent to judicial custody. More facts will come out after a detailed investigatio-n,” Mr Prasad said. The victim said she escaped when the accused fell asleep after getting drunk.

“After lunch, he raped me and slept off. As the door was open I ran out of the house,” she said.


Student rape: Accused booked under Nirbhaya Act

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Mohammed khalid's picture
by Mohammed khalid (not verified) on
As usual Police of India ** incredible India ** i feel SHAMED when i see people from other nations SAY that LAND OF RAPE!!! this SUCKSS!!!!
Indian-Idol's picture
by Indian-Idol (not verified) on
Kill the Devil. Give Justice to innocent girl.
HASH's picture
by HASH (not verified) on
Hyderabad police sucks .... what the hell were they doing ,17 months passed since the missing complaint was logged still police could not find her, did they even tried to find her? i belive even there were busy raping humanity ...!
Mohammed Abdullah Khan's picture
by Mohammed Abdull... (not verified) on
This guy must be hanged till death.
worried parent's picture
by worried parent (not verified) on
this must taken as serious and take immediate action............that idiot from bihar this type of crimes not happening in hyderabad in past and mostly outside state people coming and doing many crimes in Hyderabad. i can say that in hyderabad any religion person will not do this type of crimes,hyderabad people are very good. i request our police please consider this matter and save other girls too.......otherwise oneday it will happen with your daughters too.Please dont give any chance to any idiot for raping any innocent girls any religion.
Justice's picture
by Justice (not verified) on
The police deserve to be brutally murdered with all these rapists.
shaik ismail's picture
by shaik ismail (not verified) on
just police busy in telengana band,vehicles check, giving security to ministers.
netx's picture
by netx (not verified) on
Shame on our Govt servant, they still terrorized through influence.
by MOHAMMED SAMEEUDDIN (not verified) on
My colleague and many emaratis said this Oh INDIA a land of rape and injustice .... ASHAMED OF been INDIAN
Cool9.Desi's picture
by Cool9.Desi (not verified) on
Be ashamed of the inhuman act..not nationallity...if so go to pak and I can see you on youtube treated sameway as sailkot brothers
Mohammed Nizam's picture
by Mohammed Nizam (not verified) on
you are brother be ashamed of these kind of people and Govt. This isn't our countries mistake. These kind of dirty people are spoiling the name of our motherland. They should be punished severely.....
Mohammed Nizam (UK)'s picture
by Mohammed Nizam (UK) (not verified) on
you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT* brother we all ashamed of these kind of people and Govt. This isn't our countries mistake. These kind of dirty people are spoiling the name of our motherland. They should be punished severely.....
AnotherIndian's picture
by AnotherIndian (not verified) on
Where are the other Indian brothers and sisters? they seems to silent today? is it because she is Muslim? #DISGUST
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Sir, it doesn't matter which religion she belongs, she is girl from India & especially from my hyd. That guy should be killed, there is no doubt about it. But most importantly cops should be investigated, denying to protect is a form of supporting crime.
ShihabSharfuddin's picture
by ShihabSharfuddin (not verified) on
This is not done against any women especially muslim what is her fault.
Shubham Garg's picture
by Shubham Garg (not verified) on
Please elaborate 'especially muslim' ..!!
Anonymous 's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
This bastard should hanged like Delhi gang rape rapists!! Shame on Hyderabad police!!!
anonymus's picture
by anonymus (not verified) on
indians wake up this can happen to any girl who is your sister or daughter. many politicial parties like BJP & RSS dividing the country in many ways like spreading venom in non muslims mind against minorities. Many people working in police - judiciary - IB ar not indians but first they are Communal minded - RSS Ideology. Dont divide the country . Indians wwakeup
Namo's picture
by Namo (not verified) on
Dear India already woke up. BJP and RSS will under no circumsatnces allow such a thing... so come out of ur MIM and open ur eyes. This is inhuman act condemn it..dont spread hate.
Yashwanth1989's picture
by Yashwanth1989 (not verified) on
Firstly she is Girl the culprit should be punished,dont mix the issue with party or religion Then what was MIM doing ? wat about the person who got arrested in dilsukhnagar bomb blast,which party supported him ??? was he not an Mim member ?
ishrat khanam's picture
by ishrat khanam (not verified) on
to be hang till death. doesn't matter where she com from, just hang the RAPIST at Nampally Signal.
Truth hunter's picture
by Truth hunter (not verified) on
This article is missing out on a lot of key facts, google the FIR report of this case, totally shocking. Apparently this is the fifth Muslim girl he did this too.
by AMER KHAN INDIAN (not verified) on
hang the rapist and give justice to the girl. after 17 months everybodu got to know that what she is but nobody knows that what she've been through, i feel shy in abroad when people says in front of me "you belong from that country where there is no respect for women" or "rape land",if this girl will not get the justice then nobody knows that what would be the future of our country. HANG THE RAPIST IN PUBLIC PLACE.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Now KCR & KTR should come forward as they promised equal rights & justice, let us see how they will follow and help to punish he culprits and get the justice to the innocent girl
Anything's picture
by Anything (not verified) on
I got a message on watsaap about this. So its true after all.. And no further news on it? Or investigation? The great land of India.
moin khan's picture
by moin khan (not verified) on
Kill the Devil (Satya Prakash Singh). Give Justice to innocent girl (Sadiya).
sadia's picture
by sadia (not verified) on
it enough now...if the left over human Indians don't stand together and seek justice for this girl than it will be like rape to all Indian females...irrespective of caste, religion and age.
Mudasir Mir's picture
by Mudasir Mir (not verified) on
little pieces should be cut to his foul dirty body & thrown to wild animals.
Randy's picture
by Randy (not verified) on
Dinesh Reddy What is going o with your department? Waiting for Bakshih to act for 17 months!!
From America's picture
by From America (not verified) on
An American kept 3 women for 17 years that way in Ohio before the incident came to light. India is in a far better position with 17 months. Just saying.
Smart Engineer's picture
by Smart Engineer (not verified) on
A bigger wrong doesn't justify anything, as we know how lewd American society is and is nowhere in comparison to the modesty muslims practice. BTW people would feel the pain had it happened to their own relatives. U understand what I'm saying?
just facts's picture
by just facts (not verified) on
the poor american women got a chance/were rescued after 17 years, however the victim here got a chance 'ran' from his clutches. if she had not got a chance then who knows she might have been kept for more than 17 years or worse she could have been killed. this by no way is a reason to compare India and America. India has definitely become an unsafe place for women
uk guy's picture
by uk guy (not verified) on
pls do not justify heinous crime such as this. Just imagine would you have said that if it happened one of your family member.
Mohd Kareem's picture
by Mohd Kareem (not verified) on
As usual the police are impotent men. Even after the girl made a call, police did not take any action. In the USA, the police guys who went to Jaycee Lee Dugard's kidnapper's home and did not search the property properly were sacked and made to pay huge fine. Unless and until we bring laws that make the police personally responsible by either making them pay huge fines or long jail terms, the police will never act and will take money to brush up cases. Policemen should be tried as co-accused and send to long jail terms along with Satya Prakash Singh and his family.
Be Human Save Society's picture
by Be Human Save S... (not verified) on
Well said, I 100% agree bro...
Tariq ansari's picture
by Tariq ansari (not verified) on
Everyone in this case involved should be hang till death as earliest. We want JUSTICE ....
An Indian's picture
by An Indian (not verified) on
The accused should be hanged till death, all the co-accused should also be punished....above all the then Inspector of the police station should also be booked for neglecting the case and ripped off his duties!
Riz's picture
by Riz (not verified) on
Hang the Rapist. India wake up for crime against women !!!
ray's picture
by ray (not verified) on
justice to girl hang the culprit and all accused in this involvement including if police we need justice for girls in our country so that girls can live punish him hard till death
rehaan's picture
by rehaan (not verified) on
we need justice hang all the culprits involved
Naresh Sharma 's picture
by Naresh Sharma (not verified) on
Police still seeks detailed investigation... If the girl was in love with him why he locked her & Raped? Biggest problem is with law & order people... Thats y more & more people are not hesitating to commit crime
MohammadAli's picture
by MohammadAli (not verified) on
The girl needs justice #JusticeForHyderabadvictim..Hope this guy gets the same punishment as the Nirbhara case of Delhi #MustBeHanged..Need other media to cover this..A big thanks to DC!!!
by AMIN A KACHHANI (not verified) on
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am from Hyderabad. There are Eve-teasers near my home. Can someone help?
Helping hands's picture
by Helping hands (not verified) on
Yes... Let them show the Jai... let me know where there from///
mirz's picture
by mirz (not verified) on
Hang the busted first with his wife and brothers
:(:(:('s picture
by :(:(:( (not verified) on
Thanks DC for covering this. You are the only mainstream media which got this news covered. Rest all other news agencies are busy covering politicians.
AbuSohail's picture
by AbuSohail (not verified) on
Dont Abuse any Police Men of India, None of the Daughters, Sisters of police is raped. So how they now what is rape and feelings of victims and family members.
Mohammed IK's picture
by Mohammed IK (not verified) on
Now lets see the Justice of Indian Police towards Muslim Girl... I am sure Indian Democracy will do Justice this time also, as they did it in Delhi...
ahmed0009's picture
by ahmed0009 (not verified) on
These people should be hanged to death Specially the police men who let it all happend Shame on indian police men who just sold themselves without caring about someones life Is money greater than life of an innocent girl ?? All the people related to this crime must be punished severely


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