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Crime: Techie from AP jailed in US for groping; CBI stenographer arrested for molesting female doctor on train and more

DC/Agencies | 13th Sep 2013

Hyderabad: A Chicago court has sentenced an NRI techie from Andhra Pradesh to nine months imprisonment for sexually assaulting a female co-passenger (now 65) on board a flight in 2011.

Srinivasa Erramilli, 46, who runs a company, Product Space, in Chicago, might be deported after he undergoes his prison sentence. He is listed as a sex offender in the US as this was the third time he was charged with molesting a woman on board a flight though he had escaped prison earlier.

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In 2011, Srinivasa, who lives in Aurora, Illinois with his wife and two children, inappropriately touched a married woman sitting beside him on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Chicago. He was sitting between a couple returning after celebrating their marriage anniversary.

The victim had stated that Srinivasa had touched her inappropriately when she was asleep and had groped her thigh three times before she woke up and yelled at him.

Their fellow passengers also noticed her admonishing him. 

While sentencing Srinivasa to nine months in prison, a Chicago judge fined him $5,000 and banned him from airline travel for a year after completion of the sentence.

Shockingly, Srinivasa in his defence had said that the victim had liked it when he had touched her.

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Arjun P's picture
by Arjun P (not verified) on
Now he will be groped by big black and white men in prison...hope he likes it! Indian legal system would have never even heard such a case or punish while the guy is alive, we have a lot to learn.
pdsrini's picture
by pdsrini (not verified) on
Hopefully he will like all the groping he is going to get in prison. damn now everybody will have imported from rapistan. Shame!!! How stupid can one be!!!
Srini Nedela's picture
by Srini Nedela (not verified) on
India is becoming famous in all aspects (groping, r@ping, corruption, stupid politicians, country run by a foreigner, stupid laws, stupid movies too) - What the h3ll is happening with Indian guys ?


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