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Why do men rape

DC | Barkha Kumari |

Ever since the Delhi gang rape incident, not a single day seems to pass without another such incident taking place. While blind rage and a need for justice are the feelings that come first when we read about such incidents, an underlying thought, perhaps more important while dealing with such issues, makes itself felt — Why do men rape? What goes through their mind?

A Bollywood movie titled 'W', whose teaser was recently released, is attempting to answer them. The movie revolves around three girls who are raped while on a vacation in Delhi and how they refuse to be treated as victims.

Debutant director Tarun Chopra says, “I had conceived the story two years ago and shot it last year. There is no resemblance to any real incident. And we don’t want to piggyride on the Delhi gang rape victim.”

So why did Tarun choose “sexual violence against women” for his first film? “I read papers in Delhi and realised out of 18 rape cases, 14 were committed in moving cars. It was appalling. Also, there is no point making laws if we don’t know the cause. A doctor always diagnoses before suggesting treatment, isn’t it? I found that reasons are deep and more multi-layered than we expect.”

“I spoke to 500 men in Mumbai — highly-educated — and 90 per cent of them did not have respect for women,” said a shocked Tarun. After talking to all these men, he was left wondering why they held women in such low-esteem.

Similarly, the six rape victims Tarun spoke to while researching, too, thought very little of themselves. “Some wanted to end their lives. They looked at themselves as cursed and behaved as if they had committed the crime. My film states that rape is not the end of life.”


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