NSA labels Steve Jobs as ‘Big Brother’ and iPhone users as ‘zombies’ | Deccan Chronicle
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NSA labels Steve Jobs as ‘Big Brother’ and iPhone users as ‘zombies’

ANI | 10th Sep 2013

Washington: The US’ spy agency NSA reportedly suggested tech giant Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs as ‘Big Brother’ while describing iPhone users as ‘zombies’, according to the classified documents revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The NSA suggested that Apple and Steve Jobs are controlling and observing the public, while in fact, the agency itself has been involved in spying on Americans’ email and phone data for years.

According to the Huffington Post, the revealed documents indicate that the NSA not only intercepts the web data of users, but also has decryption tools to access smartphones, including iPhones.

A German website, which revealed the NSA documents, obtained slides of the agency’s internal presentation in which images from Apple''s 1984 commercial have been used.

The NSA slides ask ‘Who knew in 1984... that this would be big brother... and the zombies would be paying customers?’, with a photo of Steve Jobs on the slides referring to Big Brother and photo of over-excited Apple fans with new iPhones on the slide about zombies, the report added. 


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by Yep (not verified) on
Looks like they were trying to use Apple as a scapegoat. Shame on the NSA.


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