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Telangana: United AP meet amid attacks; College Campuses on boil; Commuters fleeced by autos, cabs due to bandh and more

DC | 08th Sep 2013
An OU student pelt stones at cops during the protests held in the campus on Saturday. - DC/ S. Surender Reddy
An OU student pelt stones at cops during the protests held in the campus on Saturday. - DC/ S. Surender Reddy

Hyderabad: Government employees from the Seemandhra region asserted that they would settle for nothing less than undivided Andhra Pradesh at their impressive public meeting Save Andhra Pradesh, organised by the AP Non-Gazetted Officers’ Association at Lal Bahadur Stadium here on Saturday amid heightened tension on account of the Telangana bandh call, sporadic attacks and heavy police restrictions.

APNGOs members vowed to conduct a Million March at the Parade Grounds, Secunderabad, if the decision to bifurcate the state was not reversed, according to APNGOs president P. Ashok Babu. He added that they would hold such meetings in all the 23 districts of the state to voice their concerns.

They stated Hyderabad belonged to everybody and no one had the right to ask them to leave the city and that the general strike by the employees would continue till the Centre reversed its decision.

T bandh total

Hyderabad witnessed a total and largely peaceful shutdown on Saturday during the bandh called by pro-Telangana parties to protest the APNGOs’ meet.

The bandh was marred by sporadic incidents of stone-pelting. Seemandhra employees claimed that they were attacked while coming to the APNGOs’ meet, and Telangana activists alleged they were beaten up by APNGOs at Nizam College hostel.

There were attacks on buses on the city outskirts at Abdullahpurmet and in Dilsukhnagar, according to APNGOs activists who were leaving the city.

College Campuses on boil

Campuses of Nizam College and Osmania University were volatile on Saturday with pro-Telangana student activists seeking to disrupt the ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ meet and the police trying to keep them from doing so.

Tension gripped Nizam College  when police and students clashed after pro-Telangana students tried to stop the APNGOs members from entering the LB Stadi-um. After that, activist of the APNGOs and pro-Telangana students clashed, while security forces watched.

The students, who took shelter inside the college campus, pelted stones at police and Samaikyandhra supporters. A few students, including three OUJAC leaders, were injured. Meanwhile, despite the prohibitory orders in the city, Samaikyandhra protesters, who were not allowed inside the LB Stadium, took out a  rally in front of the stadium.

Nizam College started simmering when police prevented students from heckling Samaikyandhra supporters. When police took two OUJAC leaders, Suman and Krishank, into custody, heavy stone pelting by the students began. Students alleged that cops entered the hostels, beat them up and locked them inside.

Even Osmania University saw its share of tension. Scores of students started a bike rally opposing the ‘Save AP’ meeting and proceeded towards the NCC gate, from where they had planned to go to the stadium. However, they were stopped by the security forces. This led to arguments, and eventually, heavy stone-pelting. This continued for more than half-an-hour and to control the situation, the cops fired around five rounds of tear gas shells to disperse the crowd.

City police commissioner Anurag Sharma said the cops had arrested as many as 366 Telangana agitators as a preventive measure from Basheerbagh, Gunpark, RTC crossroads, Nizam College, and a few other places.

The leaders of CPI (ML-New Democracy) and Telangana United Front were arrested when they staged a protest at the RTC crossroad.

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Andhra Pradesh in pictures: Telangana bandh; Seemandhra employees attacked and more

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SANTOSH k's picture
by SANTOSH k (not verified) on
A REVOLUTION OR AN AGITATION IS CONSIDERED AS ACTUAL PROTEST WHEN IT IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE GOVT. This save Andhra is a Govt supported agitiation so its noware considerd as agitation.
Rtk's picture
by Rtk (not verified) on
This is real true revolution....not run by politicians but by people...
Rahul J's picture
by Rahul J (not verified) on
This is was not "SAVE ANDHRA PRADESH" but a "SHAME ANDHRA PRADESH" it is proved once more with yesterday meeting that no way and possibility to stay as United Andhra. They slogan it self Andhra but not Andhra Pradesh...... plzzz dont take risk organizing meeting for sake of United Andhra in Hyderabad. People are getting frustrated by doing stupid things like threatening students which happened yesterday at Nizam College.
compactan's picture
by compactan (not verified) on
Since the main stream political leader’s completely avoiding taking part in the agitation main responsibility lies on APNGO’s. The good work done by the APNGO’s in conducting Samaykya meeting in Hyderabad in such a peaceful manner facing all the hostile conditions won all the appreciations of many people. The TRS leaders issued numerous threatening calls to the APNGO’s to not to hold the meeting they let loose a reign of terror against them, making Apart from observing a bandh with a view to spoil the atmosphere. They have provoked innocent people by way of giving firefighting announcements to obstruct the APNGO’s meeting by all means. Whatever minor unfortunate incidents have happened, sole responsibility lies with the some selfish leaders who were behind them and encouraged their acts. Against all odds, APNGO’s successfully conducted the meeting in a peaceful manner. It should go unrecognized that each & every minute things also were corrected immediately under the able leader ship of Ashok babu & his team members. Each & ever movements was monitored worldwide with awe inspiring by all the right thinking people of telugu, through the live telecast made by several TV channels. It really enhanced the confidence of all the Seemandhrites.


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