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Will not give up Hyderabad: APNGOs

Agencies | 07th Sep 2013

Hyderabad: To build pressure on the Congress High Command to withdraw its decision on Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, thousands of government employees from across the Seemandhra region turned up at the LB Stadium here to mark their attendance for the 'Save Andhra Pradesh' meeting here on Saturday.

APNGOs president Ashok Babu said the people of Seemandhra were not ready to accept division or give up Hyderabad as their livelihood is linked to the city.

He said that Indira Gandhi ordered for United Andhra Pradesh but the Congress on July 30 decided to carve out separate Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital. However, it said the city would serve as joint capital of two states for 10 years.

Ashok Babu, strongly objected to the restrictions imposed by the police on live coverage of the ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ meeting. He reminded that they have conducted the meeting with the permission of the police and the High Court. He questioned as to how far it was justifiable to impose restrictions on live coverage of the meeting of APNGOs.  It was undemocratic to muzzle the voice of media, he said.

He cautioned that they would further intensify their agitation, if the Telangana Bill was introduced in Parliament, not considering the sentiments of Seemandhra people. “We also have a plan to conduct a million march in Parade Grounds here’, he added.



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CM's picture
by CM (not verified) on
Comedy of the century. Whose Hyderabad is it to give up? Telangana state with Hyderabad as capital is the birth right of the telangana people.
madhumathi's picture
by madhumathi (not verified) on
when AP state is formed then the govt declared hyd as capital. obviously around the state everybody will come to the capital (which is a developed city in the sate) for Jobs, business and etc. U dont have any right to say that capital city is only for u. this is for every one (Which was developed by every single in the state.So hyd should be a common capital or UT to AP & T state. U made ur telanga people a big comedy
MM's picture
by MM (not verified) on
u yourself made T People a comedy.U can see that in every state capital city is more developed that other places. thats why every one from the sate will come to capital for jobs and business etc. FYI it is not only developed by T People it is developed by each & every singly from all over the sate. Hyd is for every one


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