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Telangana entry points in Hyderabad blocked

DC | U. Sudhakar Reddy | 07th Sep 2013

Hyderabad: Tempers ran high in the city on Friday as Telangana activists prepare to enforce a bandh in the city on Saturday to protest the APNGOs’ meet at LB Stadium on that day.

Political JAC, Osmania University JAC, Employees JAC, Telangana Journalist Forum and several other Joint Action Committees for Telangana met on Friday and decided to ensure that the bandh is total.

Osmania University JAC leader M. Krishank said, “In the round table meet of all JACs, it was decided to ensure total shutdown. Students are going to block the roads at Alampur and Kodad. We will be conducting a black march to protest against the meet. There were two suicides in Telangana on Friday, one in Rasoolpura in Begumpet and the other at Andhol in Medak, against efforts being made to stall Telangana in Delhi.”

APSRTC Telangana unions have decided to take part in the bandh and keep buses off the roads. Petrol pumps have put up boards stating that they will remain closed on Saturday.

Government employees from the Seemandhra region have been flocking to the city from various districts in the state to attend the APNGOs meeting on Saturday. Two buses were burnt in Kukatpally, and lawyers of both factions clashed on the premises of the AP High Court on Friday. Several lawyers of both groups were taken into preventive custody and were released later. There were protests in the Nampally criminal courts too.

A bus with 40 Seemandhra employees coming from Chintalapudi to Hyderabad was stoned at Khammam.  

Security beefed up at all entry points

As Telangana activists prepare to enforce a bandh in the city on Saturday to protest the APNGOs’ meet at LB Stadium, security was beefed up at all entry points (on national highways) into the Telangana region from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.

Around 40 check posts and pickets have been set up and vehicles were being checked thoroughly. Hyderabad Range DIG Naveen Chand said, “We have counselled the JAC leaders and students and told them not to create any problems. We have told them that police will take action according to the law. They have promised to cooperate. We are on the roads patrolling all three national highways — the Vijayawada-Hyderabad route, Addanki-Narkatpally and Nagarjunasagar roads. After midnight more buses will come into the city.” 


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apr's picture
by apr (not verified) on
Block all roads to Hyderabad and kick seemandras out of Hyderabad who are inside as Tamils did. These are ugly looters/(as bad as erstwhile Pindaris)
sapre's picture
by sapre (not verified) on
lets start by kicking u first, u non indian hypocrite who gives u the right to put such ridiculous comments against fellow Indians no wonder those seemandhara people are worried once telangana is formed. God knows what else u would stop them from doing if telangana is given....
thinkwise's picture
by thinkwise (not verified) on
When the IAS officer Durga took prompt and correct action, she was suspended , on fictitious grounds. Entire judiciary and senior civil servants kept mum and did not voice their protest. Now, Sonia and her coterie of CWC have taken a decision, due to which tempers have run high and there is so much of turmoil created which has affected educational institutions, governement functioning , industry and economy in the state is affected. Who is to punish these decision makers? Why the High Court / Supreme court is not taking suo moto action?. This unrest and violenec between two communities is created by Sonia and her CWC. Why are they not suspended? Since there is breakdown of law and order in the entire state and government machinery is not functioning, action should be taken against the people responsible for this crisis. MPs and MLAs of AP have not understood the aspirations of the people and have taken a wrong decision . It is clear that common people have not agreed with the decision taken by the so called national leaders. AP is burning for the past 40 days and what is the Governor and President of India doing ? If democracy is to be resopected, President's rule should be imposed and referendum shoul be conducted in all the districts to ascertain the true aspirations of the people.


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