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Pro-Telangana stir intensifies; Seemandhra employees attacked

PTI | 07th Sep 2013

Hyderabad: Pro-Telangana forces on Saturday pelted stones at police and employees from Andhra-Rayalaseema regions in a bid to thwart a rally organised here by AP Non-Gazetted Officers Association even as the 24-hour bandh called by the Telangana JAC disrupted life in the state capital.

Scores of pro-Telangana elements, masquerading as students, gathered clandestinely in the Nizam College hostel building adjacent to the Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium, the venue of ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ rally, and hurled stones at employees from Andhra-Rayalaseema regions, who were making way into the stadium.

Cops pelted with stones by pro-Telangana students; 3 injured

"We were quietly walking on the road leading to the stadium when suddenly we were pelted with stones. Two of my colleagues were wounded in the incident," Visweswara Rao, a government employee from Adoni in Kurnool district, said. Police, who entered the hostel building to disperse the violent mob, were also greeted with stones.

However, police in riot gear took several ‘outsiders’ into custody and whisked them away from the hostel building, a senior police officer said.

Telangana entry points in Hyderabad blocked

Police had to open teargas as violent Telangana elements, in the garb of students, rained stones on them.

Then they tried to march from the Osmania University campus to LB Stadium to spoil the rally, police said.

Notwithstanding the appeal made by TJAC and pro-Telangana parties for calm, several miscreants virtually ran riot both at the Nizam College hostel as well as the University.

Aggravating the tense atmosphere in the city, legislators belonging to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti rushed to the Assembly in the afternoon to stage a ‘deeksha’ at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, protesting the discriminatory attitude of the state administration.

The TRS MLAs had a face-off with police at the Assembly when the latter tried to foil the former's plan. "This is a dark moment when our rights as legislators have been denied," TRS floor leader in the Assembly E Rajender said.

Half-a-dozen TRS MLAs then staged a dharna on the Assembly premises even as Independent MLA Nagam Janardhan Reddy, who recently joined the BJP, also joined them.

Meanwhile, Telangana Gazetted Officers Association leader Devi Prasad announced that they were planning to hold a rally either in Visakhapatnam or Vijayawada in coastal Andhra in support of the state's division.

"Misuse of official power and machinery in today's 'Save Andhra Pradesh' rally is glaring," he said and claimed the Telangana bandh was a "total success".

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Andhra Pradesh in pictures: Telangana bandh; Seemandhra employees attacked and more

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Dr Srinivasa Varma's picture
by Dr Srinivasa Varma (not verified) on
The AP NGO’s have done a splendid work since last 30 days.The organisers have behaved in a matured way throughout their agitation. Samaikhya Andhra agitation has been peaceful since last 38 days .The agitators have been participating in large numbers from all walks of life. Pro-Telangana agitations in the last 4 years have proved to be successful but not violence free. Million March has witnessed large scale demolitions of statues on Tank band. Saagara haram was not successful.Sakala Janula Samme was withdrawn after 42 days.The withdrawal of Sakala Janula Samme abruptly has shown the stand of TRS whether they with the people or just playing Politics. In democracy, every citizen has right to express his feelings throughout their country irrespective of region, religion, caste or any other criteria. All these days, many telangana leaders are talking loudly that Andhra and Rayala Seema people shall not express their views in Hyderabad or in Telangana. They have divided the people of Andhra Pradesh as ’Settlers’ and ‘Natives’. It is unconstitutional. People from all walks of life are settling anywhere in the Country and taking the citizenship in other countries also.But, the version of leaders and their attacks on Pro-United Andhra Pradesh , Andhra and Rayala Seema people is really condemnable. The Utterances of KCR and many Telangana Congress leaders in this regard is a criminal act and totally unconstitutional. It is really pitiable that University students of Osmania are behaving like anti-social elements and creating problems in the last 4 to 5 years on these matters. The problems of Andhra Pradesh can be addressable provided the greedy politicians are taught a lesson by Telugu people.
apr's picture
by apr (not verified) on
Akash2199's picture
by Akash2199 (not verified) on
Yes, Devi Prasad is right. Let us see and this will bring the hyocrisy of Kiran Kumar Reddy in the open. Will the police provide the same security to Telangana employees for conducting a meeting in Vijaywada or Vishakapatnam. Those who are claiming the success of today's meeting should hang their head in shame. It was a meeting conducted by Police not the shameless Seema-Andhra employees.
compactan's picture
by compactan (not verified) on
Telangana protagonists are naturally in an advantageous position. Telanganties doesn’t requires any help from the other side since they wanted to be separated from the Andhra Pradesh but the Andhraites who wanted to remain united needs other side’s consent to live together. Central government wanted to divide this state into two pieces thinking smaller states doe’s the better in administration point view. But once this process goes into the reality who knows this will end up in to how many pieces? Like a glass mirror hits the floor. Even though it is sad to note that this state is likely to be divided in to many pieces no other way we have to bare the reality. Now everything has come to grinding halt. Common men are suffering from many predicaments like sky rocketing of all most all essential commodities. People are not in a position to bare this situation any longer. Government should act quickly to solve all the problems arising out of this situation.
AG Reddy's picture
by AG Reddy (not verified) on
Church in North east controls people to the extent of ordering not to play foot ball on sundays. Small states are controlled by Vatican (Italy) church. AP division part of same conspiracy. Divide and rule. Beware.


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