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Bengaluru: Fugitive serial rapist nabbed

DC | M.G. Chetan | 07th Sep 2013

Bengaluru: Escaped serial rapist and psychopath, M. Shankar, alias Jaishankar  was cau­ght by the police five days after he scaled the 30 ft high walls of the Parappana Agrahara central prison to make his getaway.

The 36-year-old, wanted in 26 cases of rape and murder across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, was smoked out into the open by the police, using a decoy who promised to find him a bike to make his escape and was caught when he arrived near Kudlu Gate on Hosur Road, according to city police commissioner Raghavendra H. Auradkar.

Jaishankar, who was lod­ged in the hospital ward of the prison, used a duplicate key to get out and scaled the walls with the help of a bamboo pole that he used for balancing and a bedsheet that he spread across the glass pieces embe­dded on compound wal­ls. 

How they caught him

Serial rapist and killer Jaishankar would have been still at large if he had not called his old fellow inmate at the Parappana Agrahara central prison.

He contacted him over phone seeking his help, but it provided the police a hint to where he was hiding. A senior police officer said that the police had listed and intercepted the numbers of a few people, who were close to Jaishankar.

“Surprisingly, he did not contact anyone for five days. Our wait ended on Friday morning, when he contacted his friend, who was his fellow inmate sometime back, seeking his help to get out of the city. Even that number was tapped and Jaishankar asked him to arrange a bike and told him to come near a water tank behind Sadguru Sainath School at Kudlu, about two kilometres away from the prison,” the office said.

“When interrogated, he said that he managed to stay at isolated sheds near Kudlu all these days. He contacted his friend by borrowing a phone from a stranger,

claiming that he was a driver and had sustained injuries in an accident, and wanted to contact his family members,” the officer said.
“When grilled about why he escaped, he said that he was afraid that he would be given capital punishment in some cases pending against him and thus escaped, hoping

to settle in some other state,” the officer added.

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