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Riding on the crest of success

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On a cold December day in 2011, Hashir Mohamed set out on a journey with his friend Abdu. The two were on their Bullets, riding through the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal and Nagaland. They loved riding through the mountains, loved meeting new people and learning their stories, loved the experiences. Scenes we now know from watching 'Neelakasham Pachakkadal Chuvanna Bhoomi', a story that Hashir had written after  his December ride.

“But I had the idea even before that, from  the time I came back from a five-year stint in Singapore,” says Hashir, who is now vacationing in Mahabalipuram after the successful release of Neelakasham....  “I was working as a software engineer in Singapore, but quit my job and came back home with an idea to write,” says Hashir who has always been fond of riding. He had earlier ridden through the Western coast covering four states from Chennai to Delhi.

When he decided to make a film about his ride, the first thing Hashir did was to shoot a video. To every question about his ride, he would reply, “You should watch that video to know the feel of the ride.” A feel that riders associate with on watching 'Neelakasham…' All the faces and stories that the biker duo encounter in the movie, are variations from the real life experiences of Hashir and Abdu on  their journeys. “Raghavettan is one such character. There are  many such Malayalis stuck elsewhere in the country or abroad, hoping to return home some day. I had many people tell me they could relate to that episode.” Each part of the journey narrates a different episode. “The Puri episode is of happiness, Raghavettan’s is one of nostalgia and home, Bimal Da’s of farmers and violence.”

It was in last April that Hashir went to Sameer Thahir with the script and the video. By June, the project was confirmed. And during the break he got in March this year, Hashir wrote another script — for Anwar Rasheed. Aami which became one of the stories in 5 Sundarikal. Even after the success of both his scripts, Hashir does not expect anything nor has he any plans for his ‘next move’.

As of now he is happy to surf in the waters of Mahabalipuram much like one of the characters in his film — Ishita played by Paloma Monappa.


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