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Ravichandran’s camera to focus on Dalit issues

DC | Abhish K. Bose | 29th Aug 2013

Kottayam: A  unique movement called ‘Dalit Camera’  airs the issues of the marginalised sections of  society by uploading videos, photographs and  audio clippings on the internet.

B. Ravichandran, director of the ‘Dalit Camera,’  the initiative of a group of students of  Osmania University, was in Kottayam on Wednesday.

The group has 14 student volunteers now,  who take up the Dalit issues  during their  free time. They go to  places where caste  atrocities happen  and  upload videos  on the internet.

“The movement was launched  to counter the mainstream media’s sidelining of the issues of Dalits, and the Hindutva ideology which is subjugating the Dalits.   Through our initiatives,  we have been able to complement the mainstream media, which  have taken our clippings for publishing  various issues,” Ravi told DC. 

The movement,  which began  in 2012, gets support from the   Osmania University campus, Ravi said. Ravi is  the Ambedkar award winner for the promotion of  Dalit rights. “We are not creators of news.

We will act only when an issue  occurs  so that it will be effectively brought before the public. We are also getting support from many quarters,”  Ravi added. Ravichandran, who belongs to the Chakliyal community in Tamil Nadu,  has completed his PhD in language and linguistics from the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad.



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S.Shankar's picture
by S.Shankar (not verified) on
'Hindutva ideology which is subjugating the Dalits' ?? It is Hindu ideology whichhas subjugated Dalits for over 1500 years.
Communal's picture
by Communal (not verified) on
Ambedkar demanded Independent Nation, not Reservations to Untouchable People in India. Google 'Independent Nation For 300 Million India's Untouchable People'.


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