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Ancient carvings discovered in Badami cave

DC | Naushad Bijapur | 23rd Aug 2013

Belgaum: A stunning piece of temple architecture which remained unexplored for centuries, has been discovered in a cave at the historic Badami, which was the capital of the Chalukya dynasty in the 6th century.

The frieze depicts various forms of God Vishnu and presents a spectacular view from the cave's entrance. In the gaps between some of these cravings, an ancient script of Devanagari can be seen inscribed in red stone. The newly-discovered carvings resemble the works at Chalukyas of Badami and the same reddish-golden standstone is believed to have been used to produce them.

The art on the wall do not have the carvings of deer, snakes and other animals which are found in some of the other Chalukyan art forms. According to experts like historian Dr Sheelakant Pattar, the frieze found in the unexplored cave may have been carved a few centuries ago.

The place was once used by people to perform prayers as the centre of the cave has a prayer spot carved in stone. Historians feel that the discovery has opened a new chapter in the rich history of Badami.

In front of the beautiful cave is an attractive hill that resembles a place where saints in ancient times performed prayers. There is also a small water pond which has water round-the-year.

The Devanagari inscription says a Maratha man, Ravidev Tridandi, brought the idol of Mahalakshmi from Kolhapur to Badami. Since there are no carvings of Mahalakshmi in this cave, people believe that the idol of Mahalaxmi  was brought from Kolhapur.



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