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The best of both worlds

DC | Priya Sreekumar |

A lissome, leggy lass walks around a shopping mall in Dubai, picking up random outfits and discarding them, a mobile stuck firmly to her ear. She is trailed by an exasperated saleswoman, picking up after her, for almost an hour. The pretty girl is actress Nyla Usha, but this is not a film scene. On the phone was director Ranjith Sankar, narrating the script for her second Mollywood film 'Punyalan Agarbattis' (produced by and starring Jayasurya), discloses Nyla, with a naughty smile.

Nyla debuted in Malayalam in Salim Ahamed's 'Kunjananthante Kadha', starring Mammootty. Nyla reveals why she accepted 'Punyalan Agarbattis', “After 'Kunjananthante', I got lots of offers but most people did not know how I looked! They asked me to send photos whereas Ranjith checked out some videos and social networks, which impressed me! In fact I was to do an earlier movie with Ranjith in a title role which did not work out. So by the time the second project came, we already had a rapport. My character too is diametrically opposite to the elderly, deglamourized role of 'KK' because in 'PA', I play a vibrant girl, similar to the real me!" Nyla points out that 'PA' is not as performance-oriented as 'KK' and is more of a fun film, and her co-stars and director are very friendly.

Speaking about 'KK', Nyla mentions that she had no clue about acting and just wanted to ensure that she did not goof up her takes with Mammootty. She diligently learnt six-seven pages of dialogues by heart. “That's something I never ever did while studying," she quips. 

Nyla was not planning to accept any Malayalam movie till after 'KK's release, as “I want directors to approach me after seeing my performance in 'KK'. The director should decide to cast me because he is confident that I can carry off the character!" Nyla has another reason for not committing to every film­ her job! She works with a radio station in Dubai and is on a ten-day break to complete PA. She smiles, “I have exhausted all my leave; so I cannot just do any film." Considering the offers, what about a full-time career shift to acting? “I am happy with my job and my life in Dubai!" she quips, signing off with, “In 'KK' and 'PA', I am fighting with my husband and I end up frowning all the time! I just hope a director gives me a chance to smile next time!"


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