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Do not split AP, Kiran tells Antony

DC | S.N.C.N. Acharyulu | 21st Aug 2013

Hyderabad: AP Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy who is strongly opposed to any division of the state, made a final attempt to convince the party’s central leadership that Andhra Pradesh should not be bifurcated.

He met the A.K. Antony Committee alone at the AICC war room in Delhi on Tuesday and discussed the situation for about an hour.

Earlier, the Chief Minister had met AICC general secretary and state party affairs in-charge Digvijay Singh and discussed the latest political situation in the state. According to sources, the CM has demanded a rethink of the decision on state division keeping in view the Seemandhra agitation.

Chief Minister seeks united AP

Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy explained the mood of the people of Seemandhra region and the fallout on the party. All the people of the 13 districts want to keep the state intact and are accusing the Congress alone for the division.

The people of Seemandhra are so angry with the Congress that they are not allowing Congress ministers and MLAs to enter their districts. “If the high command won’t rethink its decision to divide the state, Seemandhra ministers, MLAs have no option but to resign,” the CM told the committee, according to sources.

He said the same thing to Digvijay Singh and warned that the party will have to face many problems after the state’s bifurcation.

Once the CM’s meeting was over, Seemandhra ministers, MLAs and MLCs also met the committee and discussed matters for two hours. Some asked for a complete revocation of the decision, others asked that a Second State Reorganisation Commission be appointed to look into the matter of Telangana.

Earlier in the day the Seemandhra ministers, MLAs, and MLCs met at AP Bhavan to discuss their strategy.

Some ministers said all the Seemandhra leaders should speak in one voice demanding a united AP. But former minister J.C. Diwakar Reddy, who belongs to Anantapur district, and some others said that their first choice will be a united state, but if the committee is firm on the state’s division, they will demand Rayala Telangana.

Minister S. Sailajanath who is also from Anantapur district was opposed to the demand for Rayala Telangana, but some leaders belonging to Anantapur and Kurnool districts supported the proposal.

Ministers from Kurnool E. Pratap Reddy and T.G. Venkatesh, and Union minister Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy were in favour of Rayala Telangana as the second best option.

Diwakar Reddy met the committee separately to seek Rayala Telangana. He said that if the two Rayalaseema districts of Anantapur and Kurnool were included in the new state, it would benefit both regions.


Telangana fallout: Risks and fears

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CM's picture
by CM (not verified) on
For all these years, the concerns raised here about Seema Andhra region were implemented as government policies on Telangana. CM garu what about Telangana people, ministers, MLA if the government go back on it's word for second time on seperate Telangana? Change is inevitable especially when injustice, discrimination, suppression continues on a section of people.
Abdul Aleem 's picture
by Abdul Aleem (not verified) on
KK Reddy has no political knowledge & not deserve as GP Member
SBurhan's picture
by SBurhan (not verified) on
It is the people's wishes that are supreme. If the people want Telangana so be it. A wrong that had been done to Hyderabad is now being undone. Why stop it? Welcome it. It was an artificial divide any ways and a forced unification with Andhras. Neither Andhras wanted it nor Telangana wanted it. It was imposed by people and forces outside of the region. The problem is 1/3 solved. It will be completely solved when we get back the areas that have gone to Maharashtra and and Karnataka very much against the wishes of the people. It will then be a Hyderabad State as one of the states of India. What is wrong with that? We have been far too much marginalized in Andhra Pradesh. We are not asking the Andhras to go but they must give employment to the people of the region not bring every single employee from Andhra or up North. Let our boys and girls be employed please.
Hyderabadi's picture
by Hyderabadi (not verified) on
What the people want is United Andhra Pradesh not Telangana. What the politicians want is Telangana in hopes they might become the next CM. The people just want their issues settled which were happening gradually until KCR started his stir. It was united on the basis of uniting all Telugu people with more Telangana leaders voting in favor of it than Seemaandhra leaders back then. After 50+ years Telangana leaders now want separation. How is that possible when alot of Seemaandhra families over the years have already became one with Telangana families. For them there is no Andhra or Telangana it is just Telugu people especially for those families descendents. Telangana people developed drastically over the years as a united state. Senior most people of Andhra Pradesh living in Telangana border areas clearly know how bad Telangana was back then. Compared to how they are now there is no comparision. Most of the people back then led a slave like life which was controlled after the merger.
Rao Mandava's picture
by Rao Mandava (not verified) on
If freedom of speech is prevented by few disgruntled politicians, how can it be peoples will? Did any Telanganite tolerated the talk of status quo? Did he or she ever listened to the opposite view. Did they not threaten? They supported man handling of one MLA by three or four other TRS MLAs in the premises of assembly itself and how can people beleive their sweet words of separation first and living together like brothers afterwards. Now shameless Khammam MP is asking northern coastal districts to be in cluded in Telangana and wants to keep Bhadrachalam in Khammam. So applying different rules and differing arguments all in their favor. If people of Telangana are given a fearless chance of expression of their views (in 2014), I am sure they opt for status quo. Let us wait and don't threaten the dissenting voices.
VJ Brisbane's picture
by VJ Brisbane (not verified) on
First we started with an ambition. This was when Potti Sriramulu sacrificed for a cause. Then the realty was different. For over 50 years, there was division. From nowhere the ideals have been ruled by groups. Now the division started and we talk about ideals again. It is always the factions disguised into various forms to continue with its goaI. I was born in Andhra but brought up in Hyderabad. I understand the plight of Telangana. Let us face it. The contribution of Andhra is commendable, at the same time there should have been a support to Telangana to grow itself. If it was not done so far, then the contribution is for selfish purposes and should not be allowed to continue.
Abdul azeem ku's picture
by Abdul azeem ku (not verified) on
If it splits it will be disaster for Andhra Muslims who will be their leader ?? they will be worse than SC/ST in ecomics and representation
Laxmi narayana's picture
by Laxmi narayana (not verified) on
Mr.KK reddy as to remember that is a CM of AP not a of seemandhara region. If cant handle the situation he should resign rather than supporting one side, than take his stand. what he had done when students and people of Telangana commited sucide.My self i am the victim of andhra domination in private company established by Andhra person. They dont want to take any local or telangana person. All the employees are on reference of there own people( wala thamudu, pini koduko,mama koduko, atta koduko,bava etc & etc). They don't even want watchmen from Telangana area. Even if get the Job we are treated as if we are untouchables. Dear friend, pain can be known only by the person who go's through it, so please respect out struggle and honor the decision on telangana
An Observer's picture
by An Observer (not verified) on
Irrespective of the outcome of the existing uncertainty, Mr. Reddy go down in the history as strong believer in united Andhra and listener to the masses.
S prakash's picture
by S prakash (not verified) on
Read every concern of the Andhra-Rayalseema people, their concern is only regarding what they will loose, which was never theirs, not one person in the government is thinking what people of Telangana had lost in the last 50 years. Yes they will loose all those jobs in Telangana which were never theirs, the jobs belonged to Telangana people and they never got them, see out of 209 IPS officers in AP, only 8 are from Telangana, and today Congress is struggling to find a leader to replace Mr Kiran Reddy. Regarding investment, people living in Dubai invest in USA, and China in Canada and USA, it is business, as an Indian Citizen any one can invest in any state or city and more over now even in any country. The main worry of all these people who have been enjoying the double profits in their part of the state and in Telangana also will have to satisfy with what they have in Andhra and Rayalseema, :-) and all their properties that they have created in Telangana will have to maintained with out the unconditional political and administrative support they were enjoying till now. :-) They chose to live a caste based political life and today they have to pay for that kind of ideology, but anyway for Telangana people it is a struggle for another 50 years before they will be in a position to say yes we are on par with the rest of the country. So what Congress-I has done is the right thing to do and they should stick to it.


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