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Tamil film 'Thalaiva' to be released in Tamil Nadu on August 20

Chennai: After a delay of 11 days, the Vijay starrer 'Thalaiva' is all set to hit 500 screens in Tamil Nadu on August 20.
"Yes. The release date is August 20. It is confirmed," A L Vijay, Director of the film Thalaiva told PTI.
To a question, Vijay said the tag line 'Time to Lead' has been removed from all publicity materials and promotional content following a 'request' from Vendhar Movies, distributors for the film.
On the number of theatres the film is likely to be screened, 'Amma Creations Siva', an associate of Vendhar Movies, said the film will be screened in 500 halls in Tamil Nadu.
The film, with Vijay as hero and Amala Paul as lead actress, was expected to be released on August 9 but had been stalled in the backdrop of bomb threats from a little known outfit opposed to 'Vendhar Movies'.


Vijay's 'Thalaivaa' stills

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by Haris (not verified) on
ohh....tats kool....happy independence day 2 all vijay rasigans n veriyans (fans of vijay) xP
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by ashokha (not verified) on
GTV spv tv தலைவா விஷயத்துலே ரொம்பவும் எல்லை மீறின மாதிரி தெரிந்தது. ரஜினி முதற்கொண்டு அனைவரையும் திட்டினார்கள். இப்போ gtv spv சானலையே கானோம். என்னாச்சு?


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