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Narendra Modi to roll Lok Sabha dice from Hyderabad

DC | Ch V.M. Krishna Rao |
Narendra Modi.
Narendra Modi.

Hyderabad: Former BJP president M. Venkaiah Naidu speaks on Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s visit to Hyderabad. Excerpts:

Q. How important is Narendra Modi’s visit to Hyderabad city?

A. It is Modi’s first meeting; and already Hyderabad city and the state are all charged up to receive him, to listen to him. He will launch his campaign for the 2014 general elections from  here. His address at Hyderabad will percolate across the nation.

Q. What would be the impact of his visit?

A. The whole country is looking at him as the next PM. Modi is not an ordinary leader, he is 3-D Modi- Dynamism, Decisiveness and Development. People in the country are thirsty for all the three  qualities, lacking in the UPA.

Q. Don’t you think that with the Congress taking credit for creating Telangana state, and opposition in Seemandhra over the BJP’s stand on division of the state, will there be any  response to Modi?

A. Telangana is not the only issue concerning the people of the state. There are genuine concerns that Seemandhra people have regarding  division of the state. Those will be taken care of by the BJP.

Q. How do you feel demeaning yourself in front of Modi by overseeing arrangements, etc?

A. No doubt, when I was BJP president, Modi was my junior. But when I was president, there were several seniors to me in the party. Everyone is equal in the party — that is the greatness of the party.


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