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Kilpauk Medi­cal College gets rarest of rare cases in burning baby

DC | Uma Kannan | 10th Aug 2013
Three-month-old Rahul being treated for burn injuries at KMC on Friday. — DC
Three-month-old Rahul being treated for burn injuries at KMC on Friday. — DC

Chennai: The paediatric intensive care unit at Kilpauk Medi­cal College and Hospital on Friday received a number of curious visitors wanting a glimpse of three-month-old baby Rahul who suffers from Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC).

Only 200 cases have been seen such in the world over the past 300 years, the last reported case being in the United States in 2010.

“The body burns spontaneously due to combustible gases emitting from the patient’s body, without any external source of ignition,” said Dr R. Narayana Babu, head of the paediatrics department, Kilpauk Medi­cal College. “Clothes and other things nearby that are inflammable may also catch fire.”

The infant was admitted to the hospital on Thur­sday with burn injuries. The baby had had four such episodes with the first one barely nine days after his birth and another more re­cent one three weeks ago.

“An episode may or may not recur. It’s like any other burn injury, with the likelihood of scars and secondary infections. Plastic surgery is also expected to be done. The relatives or parents have to always keep an eye on the baby. Matchsticks, crackers or anything that can catch fire should not be kept near him,” Dr Babu added.

A bucket of water and fire extinguisher have always to be kept ready near the baby’s bed.

“We visited many hospitals and finally admitted him here. Nobody knows the exact cause. We hope he will be treated at  Kilpauk Medi­cal College,” said Rahul’s father, Karan, a farmer, and his wife, Rajeshwari, who stay near a village in Tindivanam. The couple has a two-year-old daughter.



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Bartholin.'s picture
by Bartholin. (not verified) on
Dr.Ahalya,can u explain from where methane will come in a 3 month old rahul,and do u expect him to have uncontrolled long standing diabetes to develop ketones(acetone)...teething could be a cause,but isn't it too early for him.? In almost all the cases of SHC,a burning cigarette or a spark has been found.!
jasmin's picture
by jasmin (not verified) on
OMG!!! i have never heard of SHC...its really shocking and unfortunate..may God bless the little angel!
April's picture
by April (not verified) on
Are these doctors insane? SHC is pure pseudoscience. Has anyone though of, oh I don't know, checking to see if this child's caregivers are responsible? Honestly, which is more likely, a condition that has no credible evidence to its' name as the culprit or the caregivers causing the harm? Seriously, folks, abuse is all to common while SHC doesn't even exist.
Tim's picture
by Tim (not verified) on
There is no such thing as "Spontaneous Human Combustion". Someone is doing this to the baby. Only question is who. Who has access to the baby when others aren't watching? Mom? Dad? Someone else in the family?
ignorance's picture
by ignorance (not verified) on
so, if mutant evolution is going down right now, with this case being so unique that many people are finding out about it (look at china theres a LOT of special kids ) there's you just chilling and saying its impossible. Yeah, that is a plausible solution, but dont deny other possibilities. what if this kid is ACTUALLY like that fantastic four dude
Kemanorel's picture
by Kemanorel (not verified) on
There's no such thing as SHC. How about instead of a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher, you place a hidden camera?
Catch the culprit fire.'s picture
by Catch the culpr... (not verified) on
This child needs real CCTV monitoring, wherein the camera is really working 24/7....
James74's picture
by James74 (not verified) on
Why are the Government not getting involved and rescuing this poor child! Obviously there are some vile human beings in this baby's life.
George Oommen's picture
by George Oommen (not verified) on
What about Tea Tree Oil. Is it not very good for arresting and reducing burn effects.
George Oommen's picture
by George Oommen (not verified) on
What about Tea Tree oil. Is it not very good for arresting and reducing the burn effects and to keep the body cool.
Ramacchandran's picture
by Ramacchandran (not verified) on
During morbid diseases the lady might have consumed cow dung ash or visited temple festivals where people cook and offer pongal cooked with cow dung dried cake. Cow dung will produce gas as well as a beetle, called cutaneous lava, that forms in uterus at the time of pregnancy.(Gardabhanda), this settle in uterus and affected the liver of the baby. Here the gas comes out through the skin and gas, which results in burns. Here the burn injury quickly cures. The treatment for this is application of herbal Thespesia Populneoides in tamil Poovarasu get this flower, leaves and bark from coastal south Tamil Nadu such as Rameswaram, Tirunelveli, Tiruchendur.where the soil contains Sodium chloride. The tree should be of age 50 years you can extract oil from the bark. Put the child on the leaves. The trial costs nothing and if you see the cure you can follow. Making the child sleeping on the leaves will certainly reduce the gas. You can apply the oil on the foot. check mother's liver/ bile first.
jon's picture
by jon (not verified) on
This is folk medicine. I have never heard of such an absurd diagnosis . SHC is pseudoscience and has never been proven to be an actual event. This child is being abused.
erin's picture
by erin (not verified) on
I love how most people go right to it has to be someone hurting him... just bc u don't understand it dose not mean its not a true thing...... open your minds people thes things can happen....and if some one is hurting him they will get there's... karmas a bitch
Mack's picture
by Mack (not verified) on
Wrong. Talk about your blatant b.s. story. You cannot defy basic physics and chemistry simply because of ignorance. You cannot have flame without ignition, PERIOD - it's simple physics that you will NEVER prove wrong, and there has NEVER been a case in which a human's body chemistry has caused an endothermic reaction significant enough to ignite a fuel source of any kind.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
I call shenanigans, It looks Photoshopped to me, the scars on the stomach look half realistic but the marks on the head seem blurred and shaped incorrectly, plus i've never heard of some medical condition like this. Seems like a Facebook stunt or something.


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