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Rallies, protests against AP division continue on 9th day

PTI | 08th Aug 2013
Seemandhra region employees at the Secretariat took out a protest rally against the announcement of the bifurcation of the state while their Telangana region counterparts celebrated Bonalu taking out a procession in the premises - DC / P. Surendra
Seemandhra region employees at the Secretariat took out a protest rally against the announcement of the bifurcation of the state while their Telangana region counterparts celebrated Bonalu taking out a procession in the premises - DC / P. Surendra

Hyderabad: Protests against the move to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh continued for the ninth consecutive day in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions of the state with massive rallies and demonstrations.

Hundreds of supporters of united Andhra Pradesh including students and members of different organisations took out rallies in Chittoor, Kurnool, Kadapa, Anantapur, Prakasam, Nellore, Guntur, Krishna, West and East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts.

Seemandhra employees working in Secretariat held a silent protest rally here while at some places in the Seemandhra districts the protesters wore blind-folds during a demonstration.

Some protesters also took to the street bare-chested and carried out bike rallies in Chittoor, Kadapa and Srikakulam districts.

While relay hunger strike was held by protesters at Lalchervu in Rajahmundry, others formed human chains and squatted on roads protesting the Congress and UPA's decision to create Telangana.

Raising slogans against TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao, they also chanted slogans in support of united Andhra Pradesh like 'Jai-Jai Samaikyandhra' and held placards that read 'One Language-One State'.

Over 1,000 people have been taken into preventive custody in connection with the agitation by supporters of united Andhra Pradesh. Besides, 221 people were arrested so far and as many as 124 criminal cases were registered against the protesters in Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra districts in the wake of the Samaikyandhra agitation, police earlier said.

A report from East Godavari district said in Rajahmundry Congress activists took out a rally supporting united Andhra Pradesh.

Ramachandrapuram MLA Thota Trimurthulu took out a padyatra while another MLA Kanna Babu performed a fire ritual ('homam') at Sarpavaram junction in Kakinada. Bike rallies were organised by students at Kakinada.

Protests were held Amalapuram, Ramchandrapuram, Tuni, Kothapeta, Mummidivaram and other parts of the district. 


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Santos's picture
by Santos (not verified) on
Now there will be 10 districts in Telangana state. Imagine, for some reasons Hyderabad district and surrounding districts have developed due to industries and other factors. Relatively, other remaining districts in telangana are under-developed, then according to “smaller state trend” telangana should be divided into two states. If you keep dividing each state in india, you will left with nothing. This is not the solution for better growth and development. Please wake up and try to get a change in attitude. Politicians will cash out people's weaknesses and do nothing. Prioritize issues like education to everybody, agriculture, growing population, better technology etc... UNITY and UNIFORMITY is extremely important in a diverse country like India. “Please NOT divide and separate.” This should not exist in our Great India.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
All the seemandhra region employees will have their jobs in the new seemandhra state secretariat anyway. I do not understand why they are worried over their jobs since each seperate state will have similar posts and Telangana state posts in Telangana secretariat will be occupied by Telangana people. Looks like they want to have their posts in Telangana secretariat as well as fill out their own new state secretariat with their own people. This is one of the several main problems for which a seperate state demand was made and this same problem cannot be a solution. Also, it will be atleast another 10 years before a permanent move to new capital and atleast 30-40 percent of the present employees will reach their retirement anyway. Its also advantage for seemandhra people since they will get all the benifits from the new seemandhra state govt for establishing themselves in the new capital and they get to keep their present properties in Telangana state. All the protests regarding united andhra does not make sense now since Telangana people want to make their own destiny while it was dictated all along these years by seemandhra people. Their main concerns are their properties in hyderabad, water share that they have blatently misutilized all these years and skeletans from their years long misuse of their administration in AP. They are making all out efforts to take out Hyderabad from Telangana so that they can maximize the damage to the new state. Other than that, they do not have any concern to stay united. If they had, they would have included people from Telangana region into their fold, may it be when providing permits for industries in this region, providing water to crops and completing water projects in this region in time etc.
Rajeevs's picture
by Rajeevs (not verified) on
I second it. See the andhrites, they are so much worried even before the arbitration while (sloganeering Telugu brothers) threw deaf years for the implementation of safeguards that came into effect in 1956 while merging two andhra. Even today(literally) do not say, why don't we give Telangana people their rightful share and then ask to be united.. This is the true colours of seemandhra people.


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