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UPA Panel, CWC give nod for Telangana; Hyderabad to be common capital for 10 years

Agencies | 30th Jul 2013
PM Manmohan Singh, center, and Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, third from right, and other leaders attend a meeting of the Congress Working Committee, the party’s highest decision-making body in New Delhi on Tuesday - AP
PM Manmohan Singh, center, and Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, third from right, and other leaders attend a meeting of the Congress Working Committee, the party’s highest decision-making body in New Delhi on Tuesday - AP

New Delhi: Brushing aside opposition after dithering for nearly four years, the Congress and the UPA coalition on Tuesday unanimously endorsed creation of a separate Telangana state from out of Andhra Pradesh. Making the official announcement, party leader Ajay Maken said that Hyderabad will be the common capital of both states for a period of 10 years.

"It is resolved to request the Central government to make steps in accordance with the Constitution to form a separate state of Telangana ......within a definite timeframe," said a resolution of the Congress Working Committee, the highest policy-making body of the party, after over an hour-long meeting.

Amidst high expectations, the UPA partners met at 7 Race Course Road, the residence of the Prime Minister, and endorsed the decision on Telangana unanimously. The Congress Working Committee, which met later, also gave its nod to the Telangana proposal and passed a resolution for creation of the new state.

The Congress also decided to recommend to the government that Hyderabad be made the joint capital of the newly-proposed state and the other regions - Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra - for a period of 10 years.

Dangerous to form new state after agitations: Omar Abdullah

Replying to a volley of questions on sharing of resources between the two states, AICC General Secretary Digvijaya Singh said the Group of Ministers to be st up on the subject will go into sharing of land, water, revenue and assests and liabilities between Andhra and Telangana.

While maintaining that it was a 'difficult' decision, Singh rejected suggestions that the decision was aimed at reaping electoral beneifts saying "political expediency cannot be a reason for such a far reaching decision."

Explaining the reason for the decision, the Congress general secretary said it had a historical background and states are not formed merely on the basis of agitations. He rejected suggestions that the decision to carve out Telangana was based on political compulsions.

10 districts, plenty of water, rich in natural resources but lacks development

"It is a long standing demand...it has nothing to do with elections," he said. He said the Centre will urge the Andhra Pradesh assembly to adopt a resolution on creation of Telangana. The Assembly will have to accept or reject the resolution, Singh said adding, however, that either way it will not be binding on the government of India.

Referring to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), Singh said its chief K. Chandrashekar Rao had maintained that it will merge with Congress once Telangana is created. "We shall await reaction of TRS...we will be favourably inclined to discuss the issue," he said.

T-credit goes to Modi: AP BJP chief

To questions about opposition within the Congress to Telangana, Digvijay Singh asserted, "Congress party stands solidly behind the decision taken at the AICC."

Giving an overview about the procedures for formation of the new state, he said legal mechanisms would be worked out so that both states can function effectively. He said the name of the new state will be Telangana and the new capital for Andhra will be identified from Seemandhra region.

The Centre will assist both the states in maintaining safety and identify specific needs of backward regions, he said. Asked whether two districts of Rayalaseema region will be included in the new state, the Congress General Secretary said as of now the decision is for including 10 districts. As and when demands are put up for any other region, those will be considered by the GoM. He also rejected suggestions that the decision was linked to upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Seeking to paint the BJP as anti-Telangana, Digvijaya Singh said the demand for creation of the separate state had been rejected by former NDA government in 2002 when L.K. Advani was the Home Minister. He said the former Congress Chief Minister late Y.S.R. Reddy, who as Leader of Opposition in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, had then sent a petition to President seeking Telangana.

Mixed reaction from non-Congress parties to Telangana

Telangana to have area of 10 districts 

The momentous decisions by the CWC and the UPA came after hectic consultations for the last over a week on creation of the 29th state of the country that will have a geographical area of 10 of the 23 districts of undivided Andhra Pradesh.

Tuesday's decision also brings to fruition the announcement made by the then Home Minister P. Chidambaram on December 9, 2009 for creation of Telangana.

Contrary to speculation that the new state could be named Rayala Telangana, including a couple of districts of Rayalaseema, the districts that will be part of the new state will be Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahaboobnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Rangareddy and Warangal besides Hyderabad.

At the moment the idea is to have 10 districts in Telangana but it will be for the Group of Ministers to consider demands for inclusion of more areas, Digvijaya Singh, incharge of Andhra Pradesh affairs in Congress, told a press conference after the CWC meeting.

Out of 42 Lok Sabha seats and 294 Assembly seats in Andhra Pradehs, Telangana is likely to have 17 Lok Sabha seats and 119 Assembly seats. 

At the CWC meeting, the Prime Minister said the decision to create a separate Telanganawould help entire Andhra region.

Gandhi, who is also the UPA chairperson, gave a historical perspective on the issue to the CWC meeting in which Digvijaya Singh moved the resolution. It was adopted unanimously.

Like last week end, when indications emerged that the Congress was veering towards formation of Telangana, ministers and MPs belonging to the non-Telangana regions made last ditch efforts to convince Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to have a rethink on the issue.

Andhra state, the first entity formed on linguistic basis, was created in 1953 from out of the erstwhile Madras Presidency with Kurnool as the capital. With the passing of the States Reorganisation Act, 1956, there was a merger of Hyderabad state and Andhra state to be called Andhra Pradesh from November 1, 1956. Andhra Pradesh now has a population of over 8.5 crore.

The 2009 announcement, taken at the height of an indefinite fast by TRS leader K Chandrashekhar Rao, had ignited street protests in the non-Telangana regions and opposition from ministers, MLAs and leaders from within the party that forced the central government and the Congress leadreship to put the issue on hold.

The Centre held rounds of meetings with all parties from the state and set up a Commission under the chairmanship for Supreme Court Judge Justice Srikrishna, which had given a report suggesting various solutions.

Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, who was opposed to the division of Andhra Pradesh and was said to be thinking in terms of resigning, was called for consultations. He attended the UPA meeting.

However, he dismissed reports of resignation as "rumours". Similarly, Congress ministers in the Union government and the MPs gave enough indications that they would follow the party line.

Next: Highlights from the press meet addressed by Digvijaya Singh and Ajay Maken



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The Road Ahead for Telangana

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Khan 's picture
by Khan (not verified) on
Dear All It Is very sad to know Andhra Pradesh divided in two state, and i have seen map of telegana state there is no SEA AREA? all sea side area showing in Andhra iSEA area with telangana ,
Manoj Dubai's picture
by Manoj Dubai (not verified) on
If Haryana and Punjab can share same capital why not andhra and telangana and rayalaseema and also why for 10 years, Hyderabad should be common capital and union teritory of all three region...bcoz hyderabad developed by the people of all three region...or either they have to compensate or both to other region if they want hyd as their capital....
Anil9988's picture
by Anil9988 (not verified) on
Hyd is developed by all, and more by Andhra people. It must be common capital for all the regions for ever.. Why 10 years. Where is this 10 coming from. Please make it a permanent capital..
ipcentric's picture
by ipcentric (not verified) on
If the decision is already made, why further invest in HYD? Let's channel SeemaAndhra efforts to build new capital from Day One. Put the building of new capital for SeemaAndhra a top priority and not loose any mor time, resources and energies on Hyderabad.
Anil9988's picture
by Anil9988 (not verified) on
What are you eating.. Hyd was build over a period of 60 years by ALL.. U want a new capital to be built in 10 years???
Hb's picture
by Hb (not verified) on
Every self respecting Telugu will never vote for congress in their lives
Indian Patriot's picture
by Indian Patriot (not verified) on
Congress Party which got TWO TERMS for TEN Years because of Andhra Pradesh has ruined the state totally.Jai Telugu Desam Party.You will win all the seats in Andhra and Congress will get NIL in both Andhra and Telangana.TRS will sweep Telangana and Majlis will win One.
DCGuy's picture
by DCGuy (not verified) on
TDP is past in new A.P politics. CBN/TDP is never trusted in Seemandra. YSRCP is the new party to emerge in Seemandra
Anand Pasumarti's picture
by Anand Pasumarti (not verified) on
We Hyderbadis are betrayed again and again, First it was Mughals,British,Nizam,AP State,Telangana, What Next ? Why Not separate State for HYD only. It is a Sad Day for Hyderabad,
sai.ganti's picture
by sai.ganti (not verified) on
Divide and rule:- legacy followed by politicians. I dont understand the logic behind dividing the state. Companies are asked to provide detailed business plan before formation and allocation of license but why not in the case of formation of new states. TRS must provide the scope of work to planning commission. Let's wait...........
Mohammed. Azeemuddin's picture
by Mohammed. Azeemuddin (not verified) on
After very wide consultations with several political parties since several years UPA Government has come out with final result, we have to adhere with the announcement, it may pain for some time but it is a good solution once for all for long pending problem, I hail this decision
waseem ahmed's picture
by waseem ahmed (not verified) on
Telangana people or happy now but they will cry in feature.Because unity is very good.In feature our leaders will increase all prices of water,tax,electric,even food iteams,the government will run on peoples money not on there pocket money.we are in center we not get sea.the transport price will be go high.God bless poor people.
Hyderabad UT's picture
by Hyderabad UT (not verified) on
The ones who lose the most are to ones living in Hyderabad due to the separation. We don't want to be dragged down by Telangana. Where is our say in the matter? We rather be a UT then be a seperate capital for Telangana. Telangana areas have huge naxal problems and we don't want any of it! How can we trust the so called Telangana ministers with our safety when they tied hands with naxals to achieve Telangana.
My AP...'s picture
by My AP... (not verified) on
Its really a sad day. The only thing KCR wants is to rob the state like the former (dead) CM of AP.... The people did not and will not win in this.
Mohsin-e-awam's picture
by Mohsin-e-awam (not verified) on
Let us hope that Politicians will stop their hate mongering at least now. Bitterness should not be there as the state is getting divided a wall shouldn't be there between the two people. Geographies of world have changed on many occasions and we must all see it as one of those instance. A person living in Andhra face similar circumstances as the one who lives in telangana. We are all struggling for our livelihood and we should make sure that it doesn't get affected. If we part with bitterness and enemity there will be nothing but pain in future. Pray Almighty that both states prosper and both people remain united at heart and may Almighty protect our livelihoods from the crooked leaders from both sides.
We Are Tribals's picture
by We Are Tribals (not verified) on
I am sure a lot of people are happy that their tribal instincts to identify themselves narrowly won over modern civilizational theme of building hetrogenous societies. I am sure Telangana will prosper as good as Pakistan and Bangladesh are prospering with booming economies and social paradises.
Consfused Hyderabadi's picture
by Consfused Hyderabadi (not verified) on
Why not make Hyderabad a UT? Why share it with another state?
Eddy's picture
by Eddy (not verified) on
Just because of selfish gains AP is divided, anything is possible in INDIA!!!! I am sure it will pass through neither in Parliament or in state assembly. No Telugu speaking people should support this. Common you ANDHRA vala
Dev_Raj's picture
by Dev_Raj (not verified) on
Mother India (the national parties) kicked and hurt sentiments, concerns and feelings of Majority region in India Seema and Andhra. In order to have 29th baby, it is kicking the existing baby left & right. In directly/directly shouting aggressively "Seema Guys you are not Indians; we do not care about you. You just go to the hell, you do not belong". Sonia and her cruel Son Rahul want to divide Indian step by step. It started with Telanga and hurting Coastal people. The wounded hearts of Costal and Andhra though very loyal to congress and national integration never would be healed. 10 year common capital as Hyderabad is bichcham and Mushti... Coastal leaders Chiranjeevi, Kaavuri, CBN, Venkayya, Purendheswari(shame being NTR's daughter and licking Sonia), Jagan and Narayan and every body are after posts&ministries and they are Drohulu. No body talking about interest of their people & region.Telangana leaders are loyal to their people and region. Lagapati is the biggest cheater. What he is still trying to cheat " The bill have to pass; do not worry". As BJP & Congress wants to divide how come the bill would be stopped. Now we realized why KCR mentioned "I love u" to Lagadapati. Because Lagadapati was assuring seems andhra people on state separation but on the back Sonia digging big hole. This is how congress/Sonia separates different regions of India and make issues.
BL's picture
by BL (not verified) on
This is a play by bunch rogues in politics for their own benefit. The division will not help the common persons.
The Congress led UPA Government has finally carved out the Telangana state which is the 29th state of the country.The people of Telangana has finally achieved their goal after the sacrifices made by the students and more than 700 suicides took place since December 9, 2009.I welcomed the decision taken by the UPA, but at the same time the minority community should be protected in Telangana as well as in Andhra & Rayalaseema from the communal forces who can take advantage to create Law & Order problems . The minority representation in the Assembly & Parliament should be looked into as their is no representation and the community is neglected on all the fronts. Moreover Muslims constitute 18% of the population in Telangana and the Deputy Chief Minister should be made from the Minority Community to keep the Muslims united and steps should be taken to keep the balance intact in the region.
No Fear's picture
by No Fear (not verified) on
Division of powers Man, Divide and Rule, this is the motive and we educated will never understand, coz we are donkeys being hit always but we never understand from our mistakes.
srikanths's picture
by srikanths (not verified) on
This is a historic blunder - there are no plans in place to decide on how the resources will be shared - they simply say Hyderabad is a joint capital - sitting in AC rooms and deciding the fate of millions - this is the height of idiocy. Hyderabad with its booming IT Industry, its sprawling metropolis, its government establishments etc should become a centrally administered territory/UT - this nonsense about Hyd not having a contiguous border is pure drivel - is Yanam sharing a common border with Pondicherry or is Andaman even remotely attached to the Indian sub-continent - idiots in the centre were taunted and ridiculed further by the BJP jokers and have now done more harm than Pakistan or China could have inflicted. What is the difference between Taliban, COngress, BJP - for one I would say Taliban have branded themselves as terrorists/jihadists while congress are working for the same
Mustafamohammad's picture
by Mustafamohammad (not verified) on
I congratulate telangana people for this historic victory, it will help to improve telangana districts to economy, there is no proper roads and no railway link , there are no factories...unemployment is very high in telangana comparing to AP, all chief minister till today all from AP only and they focused on their districts for all development, if compare many things, schools, engineering colleges,medical colleges, railway links, roads, agriculture. no AP CM wanted or focused on telangana. At last finally telangana people got their right and for all information telangana agitation not started from TRS its from 1952 at time of Nizam ruling, their was Rajakar movement was done, this is long struggle for telangana to get their rights
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Here is my opinion. Telangana is going to be a bad political decision for Congress party. Reasons: 1. Andhraites and Seemandhra people are against Telangana creation, therefore all their anger and resentment will be a vote gainst Congress party in favour of either TDP or YSRCP. 2. Telangana people are happy, that will evolve as positive vote for TRS. Therefore Congress is not the gainer here. Unless TRS merges with Cong, in that case there be will spilt of vote between Cong and YSRCP. 3. Majilis will neither gain nor lose, but will ride smooth as in the past. 4. In Andhra and Rayalaseema - it will be fight between TDP and YSRCP. Most likely YSRCP will gain. If YSRCP merges into Cong. Then TDP will have to close shop.
Rizwan Nasiri's picture
by Rizwan Nasiri (not verified) on
First there was a long fight for a separate state and now for a common capital.... in my opinion both the states should have separate capitals and Hyderabad being an Important and historical city should be made a Union Territory.... Its the best thing for the States...
Ashok Kumar Vallu's picture
by Ashok Kumar Vallu (not verified) on
Future issues with AP:::: For education have to depend on Telangana as IIT, HCU, IIIT, ISB, BITs, etc... For water have depend on Telangana because both big revers Krishna & Godavari come from telangana only (Future situation will be like present AP & Karnataka over Krishna)... Two major Railway Head quaters with Bhubaneswar (E. Co, Railways) and Secunderabad (SC Railways). About Jobs... Major companies with Telangana (including IT, ITES, Mining, Railways etc)... Biggest Issue:: Rayala Seema... Wait and see another agitation will start in near feature... I'm not against Telangana but why this situation raised... Why these stupid Govts not able to keep things unitedly? After having such a rich resources in Telangana, Why they face so many problems for years (Even for basics like drinking water)? Check out the facts and graphs, when and how state developed till date... Choose Correct person as CM... specially vote for sure and vote correct person... I knew its very hard to find correct (perfect) person for CM post max are corrupt. At least choose a person who can spend 8 bugs out of 10 on state development and can eat 2 bugs him self... it must not opposite way. Remember one thing my dear Indian: Don't feel like "chalta hai chalne do... muje kya lena dena... I'm working with MNC, earning is good " etc etc... Remember everything is directly effects to you only in some way... If State (or country) developing means you are developing... One more pinching issue is from my childhood I'm hearing that India is developing country means from the past two decades... When we can hear that India is a developed Country...


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