Rajnath Singh promotes self to Vajpayee league, Narendra Modi to do hard work | Deccan Chronicle
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Rajnath Singh promotes self to Vajpayee league, Narendra Modi to do hard work

DC | Mukesh Ranjan | 28th Jul 2013
New Delhi: With BJP president Rajnath Singh deciding to put the entire rank and file of the party under Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, while deftly elevating himself to the league of stalwarts like Atal Behari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani, the wily saffron leader has proved right those who call him the 'fox'.
Recently, an elaborate party architecture for the 2014 general election was announced, according to which all senior and junior leaders, excluding Vajpayee, Advani and the party president, were assigned jobs and made accountable to Modi, the chief election campaigner. 
In one stroke, Singh made the jump to the top of the party hierarchy, leaving all his contemporaries, like Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Venkaiah Naidu, and even stalwart M.M. Joshi, much lower on the ladder. 
The buzz in political circles is that Singh's all-out praise for Modi, such as calling him the 'most popular leader in the country', is not without design. 
"Singh by eulogising Modi is creating a firewall around himself so that other contemporary leaders do not counter his moves so that at an opportune time, his claim for a certain post looks natural," said a senior BJP functionary who has keenly watched the BJP president's rising trajectory in the party from district president to chief minister of UP to his present level.


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G Singh's picture
by G Singh (not verified) on
Total bull. An article written by Dig Vijay Singh it seems.
R.K Bhat's picture
by R.K Bhat (not verified) on
Anyone accept or not. Rajnath isd the archiect of BJP's emergence with Modi at forefront. His skill in combating bickering inside BJP is commendable. The effective way handling Advanis dissidence earned him lot of respect. As a party chief he has stamped authority. His earlier stint as UP chief minister has helped him. He as other advantage over Gadkari is he is from Hindi heartland UP, BIhar BJP voters. In case of Hung Parliament he may emerge as a darkhorse for PM post as Modi is unacceptable for nre allies & Sushma , Advani, & Jaitley is not acceptable to insiders. That is the precise reason for getting into Vajpayees shoes which Advani is aware & reluctantly accepted


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