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Congress' meal: Rs 5 in Delhi, 12 in Mumbai

DC/Agencies | 25th Jul 2013
Cartoon by Sudhir Tailang
Cartoon by Sudhir Tailang

New Delhi: After Raj Babbar, it's now Delhi Congress leader Rasheed Masood's turn to `serve value' meal. Masood on Thursday said that he can have a meal in India's capital for just Rs 5.

On Wednesday, Congress spokesperson Raj Babbar had said it was possible to have "full meal at Rs 12 in Mumbai" even today. His remark drew sharp reaction from BJP, which dubbed it "laughable".

Babbar said this at the AICC briefing in response to a volley of questions as he tried to explain that poverty has come down even as prices have risen.

He was also asked about lower cutoff of expenditure limit to determine poverty and that how can the poor be able to have their full meal two times with a daily expenditure as low as Rs 28 or Rs 32 per day.

"People should have full meals two times a day. How one can have it is a very good question that you have asked. Even today in Mumbai city, I can have a full meal at Rs 12. No no not bada paav. So much of rice, daal saambhar and with that some vegetables are also mixed," he told reporters.

Babbar at the same time said that he was not saying it was fine.

Ridiculing the remark on a news channel, one of BJP's television panelists Lalita K Mangalam said it was "laughable" for the Congress spokesperson to have said it.

To a question about rising prices of vegetables mainly tomato, Babbar said, "if we assess poverty by tomato, then it will be difficult. You may not be having tomato in cities but the poor people in villages will pluck a tomato and have it. Tell me whether he is rich or poor."

He, however, clarified that he was "not giving the definition of the poor".

"We are not shying away from the issue of price rise. Prices have risen but along with that the per capita expenditure has also risen... More than the ratio of price rise, our expenditure has risen," he said.

Delhi BJP chief sends Rs 33 money orders to PM, Sonia

Taking a dig at the plan panel’s formula for calculating poverty figures, Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel on Wednesday sent money orders of Rs 33 each to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and deputy chairman of the plan panel Montek Singh Ahluwalia, challenging them to spend a day on the amount.

He said this was BJP’s way of protesting against panel’s criteria that anybody whose consumption of goods and services in exceed Rs 33 in cities per day was not poor.

Meanwhile, NCP leader and Union heavy industries minister Praful Patel said. “There are many miles to go before we sleep,” he said, while suggesting that there should be no politics over the issue.

Next: Oppn-Cong slugfest over poverty level estimates escalate


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Randy's picture
by Randy (not verified) on
Next congress session, he should get the meal supplied from Mumbai. to live by his own wods
baby karumalloor's picture
by baby karumalloor (not verified) on
Planning Commission's cut off amount and calculation of poverty is baseless & far away from reality. How can a person live with Rs32 a day inclusive of every thing? Can any one from Govt show this in practical life even for one day?. What is Montek's per day cost of living ? Is he making fool of Indians through his IMF -World Bank connection ? Government trying to cover up their failure, misrule and corruption by highlighting this wrongly calculated propaganda. No one will believe this. If Planning Commission calculation is correct and if almost 80% are not poor, what was the hurry rushing in Food Security Ordinance to cover 67% of population when 20% only are poor? The statement of Congress MP Raj Babbar that with Rs12 in Mumbai one can have “heavy meal with Badapav,Chaval, Dal and Saji “ is another slap on the face of poor Indians and struggling millions of workers. This shows UPA’s real fondness of “AAM ADMI”. .
vvv's picture
by vvv (not verified) on
let them to come in mumbai streets and eat the full meal for Rs-12,then talk about it ,we cant even purchase chocolate for Rs12 in these days...!!!!!
mikec's picture
by mikec (not verified) on
I live in delhi. I am unable to get a tea from a road side vendor for Rs 5/-. How can I get a meal for Rs 5/-?
sridharhyderabad's picture
by sridharhyderabad (not verified) on
let congress or any party politician eat food with this money for one year stomach full, be an example for all the common people that what they say is correct.
Hay Ram's picture
by Hay Ram (not verified) on
This is slap on the face of common man. Those people living off the common man and getting everything off the people and growing rich minute by minute talk only rubbish. It is partly fault of common man as well, As long as people take money for vote and elect these corrupt and unrealistic politicians, common man has got no right to question them as both are corrupt. This situation will only change if people are responsible. even after 65 years of independence,if society can be divided and ruled based on religion, cast and creed, what more do you expect from these politicians. Come on INDIA wake up and realize the reality.


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