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Fake letter to Obama against Modi: CPM, DMK say signatures faked

Agencies/DC online | 24th Jul 2013

Bengaluru: A day after it was reported that 65 MPs wrote to President Barack Obama, urging him not to grant visa to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, it has emerged that the letter could have been faked with the DMK and CPM leaders denying they signed it.

Even as some newspapers carried the entire list of MPs who have signed the letter, CPM leader Sitaram Yechury, M.P. Achuthan of CPI and DMK MP KP Ramalingam on Wednesday said they did not sign the letter. They said their signature might have been either faked or forged. "It appeared to be a cut and paste job," said Yechury.

But in a new twist, CPI leader Syed Pasha claimed that he got the signature of Sitaram Yechury on the letter. 

Earlier, Yechury had said: "I would be the last person to write to the US Administration and to do something like this. We don't want anyone to interfere in the internal affairs of the country. These are issues which will have to be settled in India politically."
Yechury has raised some questions like why did a 2012 letter surface now and how is it that the letter does not mention the name of the main petitioner.  The letter only has the national emblem. Why does the intro say petition signed by `Indian' MPs? On a national letterhead, only Indian MPs would sign. The CPM never petitions any President, he said.
Even as the controversy raged, the BJP said the signatures were forged and has written to the LS Speaker seeking a probe into the issue.

However, Mohammed Adeeb, Independent MP from Rajya Sabha, who took the initiative for this campaign, insisted that Yechury and Achthan had signed the letter and was surprised why they were retracting now.

Apparently a letter signed by 25 Rajya Sabha members and the other by 40 Lok Sabha members was written on November 26 and December 5, 2012 respectively and re-faxed to the White House on Sunday.

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Copies of the letters were provided by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) as BJP senior leader Rajnath Singh, reached Washington to meet US lawmakers, think tanks and US government officials during which he said he will urge the Americans to lift the ban on visa for Modi.

"Given that legal cases against the culprits including many senior officials in Mr. Modi's administration are still pending in the court of law, any revoking of the ban at this juncture would be seen as a dismissal of the issues concerning Mr. Modi's role in the horrific massacres of 2002," the letter to Obama said.

"It would legitimise Mr. Modi's human rights violations and seriously impact the nature of US-India relations by sending a message that the United States values economic interests over and above the universal values of human rights and justice," said the letter.

The alleged signatories include Sabir Ali and Ali Anwar Ansari (Janata Dal-U), Rasheed Masood (Congress), S Ahmed (Trinamool Congress) Asaduddin Owaisi (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen), Thirumavalavan (Viduthalai Chiruttaigal Katchi), K.P. Ramalingam (DMK) and S.S. Rasmasubbu (Congress).

The MPs alleged that Modi had not only ‘obstructed’ the course of justice but also ‘failed’ to provide rehabilitation to the survivors of whom 16,000 continue to live in refugee colonies lacking basic amenities.

The letter to Obama about Modi's US visa, "is a stark reminder that Modi and the divisive ideology he represents continues to be anathema to a cross section of Indians," said Raja Swamy of the Coalition Against Genocide.

"After long having denied any desire on the part of Mr. Modi to acquire a US visa, Mr. Rajnath Singh's visit to the US, to lobby lawmakers here for Modi's visa reeks of hypocrisy," he added.

Ahsan Khan of the IAMC, a constituent of the CAG coalition, said it was noteworthy that Modi evoked such strongly negative reactions from elected representatives in India as well as the US across the ideological spectrum.


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Farhan Mubarak's picture
by Farhan Mubarak (not verified) on
What a pathetic action by these useless politicians. I can't understand why USA should listen to their fake letters. It's a matter of internal US issues, they are very biased anyways, they give visa's to terrorists and underworld dons from Pakistan and Obama's native Africa but will happily deny a visa for an Indian person. Modi going to US will generate a good amount of election fund for BJP probably that's why congress is working hard to block his visa application. I am sure Manmohan's main agenda for Joe Biden's visit will be to block Modi's Visa. Shame on congress for cheap politics.
Farhan Khan's picture
by Farhan Khan (not verified) on
Agreed that it US internal matter but why it is no issue when BJP president Rajnath ji goes to US to ask for Modi ji's visa ? Why problem only when MPs write a letter to not issue visa to a person who was responsible for killing of innocent humans.
Rajesh Vaghela's picture
by Rajesh Vaghela (not verified) on
because leader brings business
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
India has been already surrendered to US by Congress. They have even given them snooping rights over us. What are you talking? UPA is nothing but a proxy govt of US. At what point you thought this country has any self-respect?
CSS's picture
by CSS (not verified) on
Rs. 5 for registration to rally in Hyderabad. People are afraid that there will be $5 for registration to rally by Modi in US and BJP will get lot of election fund. Poor Congress. First they divide and blame on others. When someone talks to them they become silent. Next day they trigger some old things so that their scams and corruption is kept in the back burner. We need a party which tries to bring down corruption and doesn't divide people based on caste, religion, region, gender, etc.
Universal's picture
by Universal (not verified) on
What type of jokers we have ???? We are projecting to the world like some stone age and colonial era guys for them to divide and rule; we do not have any nationalistic pride Modi is an elected CM but the ignorant illiterate illinformed guys showed their mind set to the world what sort of elected guys we have making the world to laugh at us and the party in power and their chamchas are playing vote bank politics at the cost of nationalistic pride. We have so many riots in the country wich are a blot on the nation but this one is nothing but a conspiracy hatched by some interested guys and parties. Wake up voters show these guys proper place in 2014 to protect your nationalistic pride and prestige. Jaihind
Satty Rao's picture
by Satty Rao (not verified) on
- very surprising about how did it reach Obama's office without the person's name who sent it. - As the last person who signed would have seen all the other names before him, we have to grill one by one and get their confirmation to check whether he had seen the other names on the top - This is a clear misuse of National Emblem on a letter pad which has to be investigated by CBI as whoever actively involved in this has used some experts to sign the letter - If signature forgery is punishable, I believe most of the signatures are forged in the letter as one by one say they didn't sign.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Those politicians who signed the petition are not fit to be law makers of a sovereign country . They did not even have basic knowledge of what is appropriate and inappropriate. SHAME ON THEM.
Cool Henry's picture
by Cool Henry (not verified) on
A good example of the involved MPs - those who are guilty of forgery - should be made. They should be expelled from the Parliament, disbarred for life from contesting any election and jailed to maximum allowable sentence.


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