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Tamil Nadu puts monorail on fast track

DC | S. Sasidharan |

Chennai: It is likely that state government is making all out efforts to complete works of the Rs 8,500 crore Chennai monorail project, at least on one of the three proposed stretches before the Lok Sabha polls.

The ambitious project is touted as the solution to meet the burgeoning needs of public transport in the city, particularly in the suburbs which has seen a quantum jump in population recenlty.

Acc­or­ding to sources, the empowered committee on monorail was convened urgently to expedite the bidding process of the project that had been dragging for over a year. 

Top sources told DC Tuesday that this meeting was convened at the secr­etariat in the fore­noon. “The meeting that was chaired by chief secretary Sheela Balak­rishnan stretched for more than an hour in which several issues pertaining to the scheme that could impact government’s policies were discussed in detail,” said an official.

The empowered committee comprises se­c­r­etaries of various dep­artments including those of transport, finance and urban development.

Another source said that they were also mulling to see the monorail being operated at least on one stretch before the 2014 general elections. “However, we are aware that clearing underground utility ser­v­ices like sewerage, power cables, water and telecom fibre network is an uphill task, as they have to be kept in working order during construction.”

Government has identified three corridors, Vandalur to Velachery (23 km), Poonamallee to Kathipara junction (16 km) and Poonamallee to Vadapalani (18 km), where 450 rails would crisscross the stretches with a frequency of one every four minutes in both directions.



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Safety First's picture
by Safety First (not verified) on
Make sure that safety is not neglected in the rush. The last thing that we want to see is a structural failure with thousands of passenger deaths.
v.rajagopal's picture
by v.rajagopal (not verified) on
Don't worry. Chief Minister Jayalalitha announced in the Assembly four years back that mono rail Chennai would be completed in 2 years. Till date there is no sign of begging monorail work on the ground. So, there is no question any death from non-existing Chennai mono rail.
Janarthanan's picture
by Janarthanan (not verified) on
Well said Rajagopal, With Chief minister as Jayalalitha, no infrastructure project will get through. No news on status of the Monorail project.
Rameshkothari's picture
by Rameshkothari (not verified) on
She has stopped all major projects like elevated tollway project to start monorail. Still not yet started.


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