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'Don't take it seriously, it's entertainment'

DC | Deepa Soman | 21st Jul 2013

You may like it or loathe it, but it is hard to ignore. That explains the strong reactions and sentiments expressed against the first-of-its-kind reality show on Kerala television, Malayali House. While most of its participants have drawn their share of flak for a variety of reasons, the most discussed duo seems to be Rahul Easwar and Rosin Jolly; their closeness and the dynamics of their relationship is the talk of the town. The ongoing debate, within and outside the House, over their bond always brings up the question ­- Doesn't Rahul care about what his wife will think? While the rest of the world wonders about how she feels, Deepa Rahul Easwar, a TV personality herself, looks at it differently. For the first time, she reveals her mind to DC in an exclusive interview.

“We had not paid much attention to similar shows in the past. However, as this offer came up, we discussed its pros and cons and were informed about the format and contract. Being a person who loves challenges, my husband wanted to give it a shot," recalls Deepa, who got married to Rahul three years ago. The duo did expect repercussions but decided to accept them in the spirit of the show. Seeing a Rahul contrary to his popular intellectual image, Malayalis have been wondering whether he is play acting or just being himself. Ask Deepa and she laughs, saying, “It is an entertainment show, which people should watch, enjoy and forget. Malayalis are an intelligent lot and not new to reality shows. I would leave it at that."

Has Rahul's closeness with Rosin crossed limits? “As his wife, I have not felt whatever is between them is to be discussed or even taken seriously. Ours is a love marriage, preceded by good friendship. A few months-old TV show and Rahul's image in it do not figure as a factor in our mutual trust," explains Deepa, who adds the same goes for their families too, though the public's response has not been quite positive. “I admit his previous image has changed. But Rahul is an immensely talented person with wide reading and wisdom and also 100 per cent genuine and straight forward. Participation in a show cannot hamper any of those qualities," she adds. Rahul and Rosin are simply doing what the show demands, she feels.

Talking about Malayali House, Deepa says the show is thoughtfully designed and the viewership, quite high. “It's an innovative concept here. We have a natural tendency to criticise anything new and also enjoy it at the same time. Even today, a colleague of mine said she's a huge fan of Malayali House, it being a good stress buster. At the end of the day, it is a one hour entertainment show," says Deepa.

Rahul is also gearing up to portray Changampuzha in an upcoming movie. Will he launch a full-fledged entertainment career? “This offer happened before Malayali House. He was a child actor and has also donned serious roles in movies before, for instance, in Atheetham in 2006. None of his steps are planned. We will let our lives take their due course and accept the challenges that come," sums up a confident  Deepa.


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Shreelatha's picture
by Shreelatha (not verified) on
It is women like Deepa who are a curse to the society...who thinks men can do any rubbish and get away with it while the wife is suppose to tolerate it. I can under stand if an illiterate or dependent lady talks like this. Everyone knows this is a game and there is absolutely no need for him to behave this way... There are other men in the show and why are their names not maligned like this.
APS's picture
by APS (not verified) on
Why can't Rahul be like that? What is the problem? Is he doing something bad? Compared to other normal people around us, he is not doing anything bad. Even everyone in the Malayali House knows that they are in front of the camera and are always being watched. Nobody will do anything which is harmful for their life, deliberately. And about a women like Deepa: She knows her husband well. If you cannot trust your husband(if you have one), what is her mistake in it. So please do not inject your views(shameful and evil spirited) into good people's mind. See, I am not defending Deepa or Rahul, your views are like a normal Malayali, that's what we need to change, from the root itself. Otherwise, Malayalis will always be with a poor mindset like the ones who lived in the 16th century.
shreelatha's picture
by shreelatha (not verified) on
Your comments make me think if you are Deepa herself in disguise...whatever, I am not a representative of keralites, I am living in the US for the past 2 decades. Even though it is a reality show, his behavior shows his character. I am not trying to inject anything, but just wishing that women be bolder and more confident and independent. Would your comments be the same if it were Deepa who were acting in this kind of show and being physically and emotionally close to another guy there, I am sure it will be a 'big' no, rules are different for men and women, that is what makes me irritated. What is the use of being educated and employed? How different are you from an illiterate? Pity the society!!!
Preti's picture
by Preti (not verified) on
Well said, aps! Some people find hard to believe in themselves too!
Vijay Antony's picture
by Vijay Antony (not verified) on
"this is a game and there is absolutely no need for him to behave this way" - well said.... but understand... this is game... even if he had played dirty stuffs in life.... he has his wife to be concerned of and I don't think women like Deepa is a curse to society.. She is sharing a good mutual trust with her husband which many of the women dont have. What you say? literate and dependent ladies should divorce?
xyzasdf's picture
by xyzasdf (not verified) on
women like Deepa are a true spirit to the society. And morover its their personal problem. Why do you have to bother so much? Cant you just mind your own business and live your life happily rather than being worried about others life ? Rahul is a well educated person with lot of knowledge and international exposures. Its all about different life styles. Its high time that you people understand different lifestyles and very high time that you mind your own business. This is the manin problem with Malayalees. They are bothered about others more than themselves. i just have one thing to say Get a life!
SherlockHolmes's picture
by SherlockHolmes (not verified) on
Deepa has no other choice. Admitting that Rahul has some extra interest in Rosin will be self-humiliating to Deepa. So for the moment, she supports her husband. But look at what Manju did. She kept quiet for a long time, though irritated by Dileep-Kavya chemistry. And after a long gap Manju did hurt her husband. It is possible that similarly, sometime in future, after people forget about Rahul-Rosin issue and all that, Deepa may hurt her husband. That is the nature of woman's revenge. May the almighty save Deepa, Rahul, and Rosin.
Athul's picture
by Athul (not verified) on
I really feel sorry for her. Rahul little cares for her, which is evident from his behavior at MH. I strongly feel that Deepa should move on with her life and forget Rahul. It is better not to be with someone who doesn't respect you.
Ashee 's picture
by Ashee (not verified) on
Deepa u rock!!! this is a deeply understood husband & wife relation....a mutual trust between husband & wife like u will us lot of confident....thanks deepa...we expect u to come to malayali house!!
Madhubala's picture
by Madhubala (not verified) on
Shame on u Deepa......to win malayali house your husband go around another girl???Nice family.....!
lekha menon's picture
by lekha menon (not verified) on
Rahul himself says in the program that he didnt discuss his participation in the show with his family and didnt even went home before coming to the show. he also said he is having marital issues and is not much in contact with his wife.now Deepa is saying they "discussed the pros and cons".many participants including sneha has repeated what he said abt his relationship with his wife. and we were shown them asking him why he dont get a divorce. now why is she proclaiming their undying love here? who is the liar here?
Lakshmi M's picture
by Lakshmi M (not verified) on
wow superb family !!! ..did you really watch the show?? are u so happy while ur husband go around another girl ??To get money how cheap u all can become ....ok get entertained yourself .. this is really a stress relief show for you ....
anonymous's picture
by anonymous on
whether its a game or contract.. I am surprised how a person from such a respectful family can behave like this. what he is doing is an utter stupidity. Whatever it may be I lost all respect for him.. totally behind girls..in total a PENKONTHAN
rayanna's picture
by rayanna (not verified) on
its noting to be taken serious after all its only a gimmick and every one is acting there as they know camera is following them .
rayanna's picture
by rayanna (not verified) on
its noting to be taken serious after all its only a gimmick and every one is acting there as they know camera is following them .
Viewer's picture
by Viewer (not verified) on
If Rahul get a chance, he will sleep not only with Rosin, but also with Thinkal and Akshita. Deepa, please be aware of this and keep close watch on him.
jack's picture
by jack (not verified) on
great deepa. this is what we call new generation wife..........now rahul have the licence to do anything :)
SOHARIAN's picture
by SOHARIAN (not verified) on
just to flirt with another lady is no big deal ....deepa. men usually do things much worse. keep up the spirit.
soharian's picture
by soharian (not verified) on
thats the way to go ....deepa. flirting with other women is no big deal. men usually do things much worse. keep the spirit.
rajy's picture
by rajy (not verified) on
I never heard Rahul saying deepa,s name in mh while other married contestants say about their partners. He doesn't even miss deepa and so much enjoying his company with rosin. He creates oppertunity to hug her and kiss. Is this surya tv,s format. We could see love in their eyes and they can't stay separate. I think deepa should marry some professionals and lead her life instead going after this eccentric person. He is morally weak.
Arun Dinesh's picture
by Arun Dinesh (not verified) on
Those of you who have been trying hard to read between Deepa's words, go get a life. If you can't stand the fact that she is happy, and so is her husband, its your problem, not her's. I know you would rather have her wailing, but since she is not, you have a field time calling her names. Grow up, people! PS: Deepa, Rock on!
Anmol's picture
by Anmol (not verified) on
It is not mear friendship, more than that, it is evident from the sportsday in mh, how can u tolerate all this? Now it is car touch romance going on...... Stupid romance.. We have zero respect for rahul eeee
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Many people like myself were worried about how Rahul's wife can take whatever is happening with Rahul and Rosin in MH. Good to hear that Deepa is not taking it seriously, if what she says is true. However, the show is not demanding this kind of entertainment from Rahul and Rosin as Deepa is saying. We are not entertained by this either, but are irritated and want Rahul to give more respect to him family life and Rosin to be a mature woman. Good Luck Deepa & Rahul!
Mia's picture
by Mia (not verified) on
Rahul could win if he play by his own , no need of taking the support of that cunning lady. The show not demanding this type of pairing and stupid romances, that surya tv torturing its viewers by showing this type of cheap romance, we hate these two ppl ( rahul, rosin) .
Mia's picture
by Mia (not verified) on
The pairing and act of romance all done by rahul's crooked brain, but it irritate us a lot. In any society , in entire world will not support this type of relation, why he didn't think all this ?. We don't think he has any brain.... Will he stoop this much for some money ???? Become of his crooked plan with that cunning lady , they got all the hatred from people.
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Deepa.... U told u and rahul discussed pros and cons of the game, but rahul once mention in the game that he didn't take permission from home. And in one episode his dear friend Sneha Nambiar told Sherin and others that u and rahul had problems...and Sherin asked that is why he is behind rosin ?... For that sneha replied.... Question mark...question mark..... What this ...? Rahul is a fool to take the support of these cunning ladies.
joe_antony's picture
by joe_antony (not verified) on
believe it or not, Rahual is a good actor - In Real Life
Kia's picture
by Kia (not verified) on
Rahul has no necessary to take the support of rosin bitch and poisonous sneha nambiar, he could win by his own. That poison sneha mentioned many times in the show that rahul and his wife has problems, shame on u sneha such a friend,
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Keep much. distance away from. Poisonous Sneha Nambiar. and Rosin Kally.........
Mrudhula's picture
by Mrudhula (not verified) on
I can't accept what Deepa said....it's beyond the limits, that is the behaviour of Rahul & Rosin....Thinkal is not an ideal person to point out that, but there is some thing between them,may be its acting or....??? but viewers are getting irritated....such activities would discourage this show....!
MH liker's picture
by MH liker (not verified) on
Deepa, Rosin have admitted to have given french kiss to Rahul as part of a game. Is this also falling under the entertaintment you are talking about ? Rosin is not a bad girl and I will not blame her. But if that is the real Rahul we see on screen, then you would have to be careful. He can go after any girl if he gets the chance. If everything is part of a game plan, we viewers are not going to give any value to Rahul even if he wins Malayi House using cheap tactics. We would prefer him to lose with the head high rather than win as a "Penkonthan". Cheers
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
We hate and have no value for rahul e even though he win the game, by dirty and cheap way. He is a fool and a big womaniser-from the show we could understood. It is reality show and no need of this type of play by him, his girl friend rosin also a dirty woman, we have to tolerate their dirty romance. We never want to see him any screen , big womaniser!!.... We would like to give him. " "Chapels Throw"as reward for his mh stay.
gopan aluva's picture
by gopan aluva (not verified) on
congrats Deepa , the best thing you should do is that you should mingle with another guy in the same way as rahul is doing now..Rahul will not be having any objection because you people trust each other. itz the best chance for you people to become model couples for the malayalees
rachel's picture
by rachel (not verified) on
We really feel Rossin is the cunning person in this show. She knows she can not win this game , so she catch Rahul , otherthan nothing she do..But Rahul can not understand this. After this show she will say he is just like my brother ..wait..we really hate Rosin than Rahul..even our child also hate Rosin..why surya TV encourageing such people..
ALK - MH's picture
by ALK - MH (not verified) on
Deepa, I'm sure most of the people would have agreed to you, if you made these comments a week or two after the show had started. It' very late in the game now for someone to believe that, what is there b/w Rahul and Rosin is just friendship. Having watched pretty much all the episodes of MH, it's very hard for me to believe that your mutual trust is that intense. In the first few episodes, I preferred to believe that it's just a game, and there is nothing beyond a pure friendship, may be because it's the married 'Rahul' we know of and the kind of impression he gained from people over the years. Later on, I did tend to think that Rosin is exploiting Rahul to help her sustain in the show for a longer period (as G.S indicated once) or It could be one of Rahul's tactics to attract the cameras and create such scenes so that viwers would get to gossip about it and it might lead to increased viewership/popularity. It was good to see the organizers communicating the public's views on their relationship back to them, but felt very bad when he condemned those comments and cared no damn. I have always had a huge respect for Rahul, ever since I started watching his debates, but not any more. Good Luck Deepa!
Milly's picture
by Milly (not verified) on
What a trustful hus-wife, he didn't miss u even for a minute, he has a girl friend to take care and concern, he is big fool and big womaniser, from the behaviour in mh we clearly understood his character. His girl friend rosin also a very cunning lady... He chose wrong ruote to win n stay in mh, his girlfriend also uses him. Every time he twist the subject and bending the truth into his stupid way. He is a actor in real life ...
jessyna Anish's picture
by jessyna Anish (not verified) on
i totally agree with you dear.
Anuradhapura's picture
by Anuradhapura (not verified) on
You are indeed a beautiful lady Deepa. Rahul is really lucky to have you. I had seen your shows which you have done before which was really good. Please come back to anchoring and hosting.
sheri's picture
by sheri (not verified) on
Who knows what all happened there inside the house..there were sleeping in one room! Also, I am 99% sure that they both are going to meet every now and then....they are at a point where Rosin cant live without Rahul and Rahul cant without Rosin. Last day both of them were showing off as "pinakam" but actually it was their emotions of last moments together..every person who loved a girl in their life would understand..
naughty's picture
by naughty (not verified) on
i read all the comments above. deepa i pray for u. forgivness is the best medicine for this ill.
Sadhya's picture
by Sadhya (not verified) on
she adds. Rahul and Rosin are simply doing what the show demands, she feels. In the above sentence says it all, the show is scripted, the producers have asked /demanded that a romance get started in the show and Rahul and Rosin were chosen for the job, so they have acted their parts well to keep the interest and popularity of the show and I am sure they have got paid well to put up this act. The viewers who take these things seriously are the fools. You can see that Deepa does not take this things seriously because she knows it is just act for the money.


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