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On the Fast track!

DC | Deepa Soman | 17th Jul 2013

With the onset of Ramzan, a sense of piety seems to have descended  all aro­und,  a time  enve­loped with prayer, reflection and fasting. Even as the occasion is observed with full devotion, it is also the time of togetherness, sharing and of course, delectable food. While filmdom rarely has time for elaborate festivities, many of our celebs go the extra mile to weave in Ramzan into their work schedule. And what more, their friends also get to be part of it all.

Musician Shaan Rahman is one of those who invites his buddies home for iftar party towards the end of the holy month. “My mom is from Thalassery and a great cook. I fix a party on a day convenient to all and invite them home. Last year, there were many like Aju Varghese and Vineeth Sreenivasan. Vineeth generally runs first to my mom in the kitchen to find out the day’s special!” says Shaan, who is currently  working on Motorcycle Diaries, Om Shanthi Oshana and Vineeth’s Thira. He says he is contemplating a get together this year as well.

Actor Rahman says that his friends send him food around the time of breaking fast when in Kerala. “Thankfully, there is a break between 6 and 7 pm while  shooting, when I retreat to my van for iftar. Sometimes, it can get a little tough if there are fight scenes to be shot during Ramzan time, otherwise it is pretty smooth and fun,” says the actor, who is currently shooting for Raj Pandyan’s Tamil movie Ennamo Nadakkathu.

While director Siddhique tries to avoid shooting during Ramzan and prefers to confine himself to writing, he fondly recalls the awesome celebration on the sets of Hitler years ago. The hit filmmaker believes its best to join iftar party post observing  the prior rituals it calls for. “At the same time, I make it a point to invite my close friends —  not the ones from cinema but those who have been with me since childhood — for  iftar party. It is also a wonderful occasion to share and catch up on each other’s lives,” he says.

According to actor Reena Basheer, no celebration is restricted strictly for those in  the community these days. “I celebrate festivals like Christ­mas with my friends and a lot of them wait for Ramzan. They are quite keen to learn how we observe it — be it the prayers, fasting or  breaking of the ritual fast. Friendship is an important factor in celebrating all these occasions,” observes the actor, who has just finished with Lal Jose’s Pulli­ppulikalum Aattinkuttiyum.The joy of any festival is in the sharing of fun and food with near and dear ones. Let’s all join the season of prayer, fellowship, food and fun!


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