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Feng Shui is the 'in' thing

DC | Jiji Ann Cherian | 14th Jul 2013

Over a period of time, the finer aspects of Vaastu or Feng Shui two ancient systems of knowledge has come to be accepted and more and more people are adapting them in their design and decor. But the adaptation of Feng Shui through symbolism which does not call for major structural changes for overcoming defects seems to have taken the lead.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of space alignment, a combination of lifestyle, placement of rooms, furniture, decor, logic and a tool to synchronise the living space with the occupants thereby harmonising their body and mind. “Feng means 'wind' and Shui means 'water', it is the art of balancing the universal energies. Uncontrolled energy causes calamity, hence the science of Feng Shui is all about attaining balance in a space which aids the occupants in all aspects of their lives and aspiration," says S.B.S. Surendran, the first and only Indian Feng Shui expert to get an accreditation from the International Fengshui Association, IFSA, Singapore.

Surendran, a consultant for MNCs and organisations in Southeast Asia and Europe says, Feng Shui colours have a strong impact on the minds and energy of people. “Just by using one or another colour or combining several colours we can multiply the effect of different aspects of the Feng Shui elements" says Surendran who quit his job as an electrical engineer to explore Vaastu and Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui, all live forces and physical matter comprise of these two parts that is two halves of the whole. And to create this wholeness you need to keep balance between Yin and Yang “colours," he says, “have a definite impact on our mind and in Feng Shui colours play a vital role in creating the overall balance and harmony."

There is nothing like colour bringing negative energy, however the right balance is required and the place where it is adapted determines the quality of the energy. In other words having a black bedroom, or painting black, or excess deep blue is overwhelming as these colours represent “water element". Hence, it causes insomnia and sickness, a feeling of cold damp room is what such colours could evolve.

In Feng Shui, each area and corner of the house relates to some aspect of your life and aspirations. Any missing corner, cluttered area or dark area has an influence on the occupant's life with regard to that specific corner. Your home is a constantly changing reflection of your life, so whatever changes you make in your home, you make to yourself. Balancing the Feng Shui in a room requires specific adjustments and calls for great care on the part of the women to ensure that this balance is that this balance is maintained irrespective of who is using the room.

To empower Feng Shui for harmony and enhance the feel of the place you could adopt few simple measures. The facets of crystal and cut-glass are especially potent when combined with light. Raw amethyst, quartz or other natural crystals will be extremely harmonious in the southwest sector to strengthen marital harmony and romance luck. Placing fresh flowers in the living rooms and purifying the air with the right fragrance or incense ushers in the right Feng Shui for enhancing the marriage luck. Use soft lampshades so that the light in the bedroom is not harsh and powerful but subdued and calming to create an atmosphere of togetherness. After a stressful day lighting up aroma candles close to the bedside transforms the inner energy of the occupant.

Even plants play a crucial role in your home, says Surendran.  Green in Feng Shui is the colour of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. Green represents wood element. It also is said to nourish growth, health, it calms your nerves and balances your whole body by bringing healing vibrations from Nature. From fresh spring colour of the newly opened leaves to the strong Green of a mighty oak tree - there are literally hundreds of greens to choose from in your Feng Shui applications. A great way to bring colour green in Feng Shui is with actual plants that have lush green foliage.

The colour and shape of the plants also correspond to the five elements viz. water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Ensure that you do not place spiky plants towards your sitting direction or your chair. One of the plants considered very good in Feng Shui is the Chinese Money (Crassula Ovata) plant whose leaves are stiff and round and are believed to resemble coins which is metal energy. Placing them in the west, north west and south-east is very good Feng Shui.

If it's a home or an office which already exists then by adapting Feng Shui tenets and activating the good sectors by identifying them, one can transform the energy and the feel of the place and in turn correct the existing defects. A room in wrong sector or direction can also be over come depending upon the criticality of the defect by adapting Feng Shui symbolism like metal wind chimes, crystals, water feature or plants. However, the specific correction would depend upon the compass direction of that room and its cause and effect, hence there is no generic correction for such defects but needs to be analysed by a Feng Shui Master.


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