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Crime file: Dog bites owner to death, Man locked up for six years by kin, and more

DC | 05th Jul 2013

Dog bites owner to death

Kaniza Garari

HyderabadA 75-year-old man was attacked and killed by his own pet dog in Dharoor mandal in Ranga Reddy district on Thursday morning. Narsimha Reddy and some 100 villagers were discussing panchayat elections under a tree in the compound of his house. The one-year-old German Shepherd, Tommy, was sitting next to him.

After a while, the meeting got very noisy and the men began shouting at each other, which irked the dog who started barking. Instead of calming the dog, the villagers continued shouting, which further upset the dog.

Reddy then tried to shoo him away into the house, but the angry dog bit him on the hand.

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Dog beaten to death, burnt

Hyderabad: After his pet dog bit Narasimha Reddy on the hand on Thursday, the villagers present nearby surrounded the dog and whacked him. The dog turned round and attacked Narasimha Reddy, sinking his teeth into his thigh and refused to let go.

The villagers beat the dog again, but he hung on for 20 minutes, according to officials of the district medical and health department, to whom the local health officer reported the incident.

By the time the badly beaten dog let go, it was too late. Narasimha Reddy was in a state of severe shock and had lost a lot of blood. He died on the way to the hospital in an autorickshaw, so the family brought the body back home. Angry villagers beat the dog to death and burnt its body.

Narasimha Reddy is survived by his wife, daughter and son. His nephew Mohan Reddy said Tommy was a friendly dog and was very close to his uncle. “He was never tied and could freely roam around the compound and inside the house. He had never bitten anyone before,” he said.

District medical and health officer Dr Naziruddin explained, “The bite must have severely cut one of the main arteries, due to which there was heavy bleeding. They didn’t take the patient to the local public health centre, where an attempt could have been made to save him.”

Dr Prabhakar Rao, a vet with the Government Veterinary Hospital at Musheerabad said if a dog is tied for too long, it tends to get very irritated. “Sudden erruption of too much noise and excessive presence of human beings, can trigger a dog to attack. In this particular case, the dog must have got disturbed as he was shooed away and that too in a huge crowd,” he said.

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Beatrice Kasturi's picture
by Beatrice Kasturi (not verified) on
This incident could have been avoided, if anyone would have asked the villagers to step back, make space for the stressed out animal, calm it down with soothing, but firm words and then lead it back to a isolated place, where the dog would have felt safe. I guess he was thirsty too. Lack of food, sleep and water affects animals as much as it does humans. Have a heart and help all of us to live a better, safer and dignified life together. After all it’s just one planet earth and we need to learn how to share with each other. Humans, animals, plants and everyone else included. A German Sheppard, or Alsatian, is certainly not a pet dog. It needs proper guidance and a leader, which is normally the owner and called as alpha. Beating a dog during training or trying to make him obey by threatening practices won't work. At a certain stage the dog might turn against his/her owner. Loving, firm, guiding commands; clear, one word commands, a peaceful and balanced owner is what a dog needs. A collar for any dog is a must. It should not be too tight and of good material and should not harm the dog. The collar gives anyone a chance to hold and guide the dog inside a house or compound, or to fasten the leash and lend it away to safety. Fact is that this young dog, aged one year is still a puppy and was under immense stress. The shouting people around it further added to the stress level, the dog might have even thought that he and the real owner are under threat, being already verbally attacked by the surrounding village people. Beating a dog in such a moment, makes matters much worse. It is not the dogs fault, he merely defended himself. It is us people who do not know how to engage, discipline and care for the animals in a way they would feel safe and comfortable. Training programs for dog owners, awareness campaigns are necessary. But we are even beating our children black and blue, not caring for prober guidance and fearless upbringing for them. So who cares for dogs and animals? In India the hitting hand and ruler still rule. This dog and his owner paid a heavy price for it. So very sad and could be avoided if the ruthless backyard breeding of dogs, the wrong or no education of owners, the status symbol of dogs would be strictly avoided and banned. Every time we buy a living being - a dog has a heart, nervous system, brain and thoughts after all, it’s not a plastic toy - every time we shop for a puppy, we actually violate nature. At least let owners be educated and understand the feelings, behaviors and reactions of dogs, so that in future people can enjoy a dogs company as man’s best friend, that’s what he truly is after all.
Swathy23's picture
by Swathy23 (not verified) on
An excellent insight Kasthuri..All are thinking Dogs as status symbols or unpaid sceurities and not a matter of love and affection..This incident will be a lesson to all


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