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ISRO's Navi­gat­io­n­al Satellite will help aviation industry

DC | S. Sujatha | 02nd Jul 2013
Navigational satellite IRNSS-1A is launched from Sriharikota late on Monday night. 	— DC
Navigational satellite IRNSS-1A is launched from Sriharikota late on Monday night. — DC

Chennai: Pilots and air traffic controllers have called ISRO’s Indian Regional Navi­gat­io­n­al Satellite System (IRNSS) a boon to the Ind­i­an aeronautical sector as they would get micro-level In­dian data from the in­digenous satellite system.

“It is a great achievement by ISRO. We will now have our own satellites to access gl­obal positions. Till today, we have been using GPS ow­ned by the US and Ru­s­s­ia’s Glonass for our air nav­i­g­ation,” said V. So­m­as­u­ndaram, member, Air Na­vigation Services, Ai­rports Authority of India (AAI).

Pointing out that these global satellites are free of cost and used by all countries across the globe as per their requirements, Somasundaram noted that it would be reliable and advantageous to have our own satellites. “ISRO is poised to launch a couple of satellites and in the next stage. It would be on a par with GPS,” he added.

He noted that the pilots have on board systems that use GPS (global positioning system) to identify coordinates and act accordingly. Similarly, the air traffic controllers would also use GPS to find the actual position of the aircraft.

“The satellite would help us get a clear position of the aircraft with just a plus or minus three metres variation.

Further, we also need not depend on external agencies,” said Air Traffic Controllers Guild (India), president D.S. Raghavan.

However, according to S.V. Satish, GM, Gagan project, it might take sometime for the aviation industry in India to start using this sa­t­e­llite.

“We have to integ­r­ate this satellite with Ga­g­an (GPS and geo-augmented navigation) system and then take permission from the International Civil Aviation Organ­isation to use it,” he pointed out.

Saying that many satellites are now put into space, he said we have to wait and watch, how it develops in the future. Informed sources said the satellite would have more defence-oriented use and help space research.

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PSLV successfully launches IRNSS-1A navigation satellite

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ali from asif nagar's picture
by ali from asif nagar (not verified) on
and yet INDIA cannot even control her money rupee paisa
K.Midhun Mohan's picture
by K.Midhun Mohan (not verified) on
So far the Achievements by Our Dedicated Scientists in ISRO, DRDO and all other Research Organisations is Constantly Keeping the name of Our Country in International Level . The Infrastructure Developed for ISRO,DRDO, DMRL and Surya KIran for the R & D is in International Standards . I am wishing all the Sucess to Our Scientists in ISRO . The hard work , better utilization of their Brain and managing all their team to achieve Targets Like this to be Written in Golden Letters in Indian History.


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