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Telangana solution: Andhra Pradesh likely to be split vertically

DC | Ch.V.M. Krishna Rao | 25th Jun 2013
Protesters being arrested for pelting stones at the police during the clash at Osmania University campus. (File photo)
Protesters being arrested for pelting stones at the police during the clash at Osmania University campus. (File photo)
Hyderabad: Yet another proposal to find a solution to the vexed Telangana issue is reportedly being discussed at the highest levels of the Congress leadership. 
Sources disclosed on Monday that to contain the influence of the TRS in the Telangana region and the YSR Congress in the Seemandhra region, the state may be split vertically, to create the state of Rayala-Telangana, comprising Telangana (10 districts) Kurnool and Anantapur districts of Rayalaseema, and Rayala-Andhra state comprising Coastal Andhra region (nine districts) and Chittoor and Kadapa districts of Rayalaseema.
The state will thus be vertically divided into two states, each having 21 Lok Sabha seats and 147 Assembly seats. 
Sources said that the Chief Minister will be asked to summon the state Assembly in the first week of July, with the single-point agenda of considering both options According to the sources, if only the creation of Telangana state is put up for consideration of the House, taking into account the strengths of the respective regions (Telangana has 119 MLAs and Seemandhra 175 MLAs) it will not be easy to get the House to approve it. 
If the second proposal of Rayala-Telangana and Rayala-Andhra is moved, most likely the proposal will get sanction as the strength of both sides would be equal.
Former minister J.C. Diwakar Reddy from Anantapur, and ministers from Kurnool T.G. Venkatesh and Erasu Pratap Reddy had welcomed the proposal when it was mooted earlier.
The main purpose of the new proposal is to contain the TRS in Telangana and YSR Congress in the rest of the state, as according to many surveys they will get the majority seats in the two areas. The TRS may not get a majority of seats in Rayala-Telangana and chances of the Congress and YSR Congress coming together to form a government in 2014 are bright. 
A similar political attempt can be made in Rayala-Andhra state too. This will ensure that in both the states the Congress will get the upper hand politically. The YSRC and the TD will perforce be confined to Rayala-Andhra with only a little influence in Rayala-Telangana.
Along with this, the Centre may simultaneously announce the creation of the River Water Distribution Authority to ensure equitable sharing of waters among the states. It might allot Bhadrachalam division in Khammam to Andhra in order to protect the interests of farmers dependent on Godavari River waters.
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Greg123's picture
by Greg123 (not verified) on
So in end the paramount importance of the congress government is to contain other political parties rather than seeking a peaceful solution ? how is this congress party different than British who split India into TWO ?
Venkata nemani's picture
by Venkata nemani (not verified) on
the congress party is British 2.0....crypto english rule...there primary interest is maximizing their vote share from the region not intereste of any people...also Rayalaseema has no productivity they need some 'producing regions' to pray...their only product is "Leadership" and exhaustive mines..quaries.....nothign like is nature's fault how the people of certain regions think and behave the way they are...
Srikanth82's picture
by Srikanth82 (not verified) on
Its definitely not the aspirations of the people that a state will need to be bifurcated. As long as the promised benefits reach the common man and his needs are met why would he care if he is part of AP or TG or whatever - seems only political survival is leading to decision making - whats the assurance that TRS and YSRC will join congress if this listed solution is proposed - nothing. Where there is money, the parties will tilt towards it - whether TG comes or not - the poor will continue to suffer. Pathetic and cheap Indian politics - letting the aam aadmi suffer - useless politicians
gsl's picture
by gsl (not verified) on
This what happens if we allow outsiders to take control of our state
Neddy.'s picture
by Neddy. (not verified) on
Congress only wants to come to power, rather than seeking a positive solution to this situation. They are not concerned of what will happen if the state is split in two. At present there is absolutely nothing wrong with Andhra Pradesh as an individual state.
Bhadrinath's picture
by Bhadrinath (not verified) on
Nothing wrong? How can you say nothing wrong with AP when Telangana region is burning down with anger? You must be one of those Seemandhra who cannot see the plight of normal people.
DC-Raj's picture
by DC-Raj (not verified) on
The whole country is burning with anger towards corrupt politians. May be you should start loving your country rather than supporting a meaningless demand of separate state. And who are supporting this demand? Harish Rao, who behaved like goonda in thrashing a AP Bhavan employee in Delhi that too in full view of media? KCR/KTR, whose only job is to abuse and threaten people like terrorists in full view of public? These people do not even spare schools for their meaningless bandhs. What exactly you think you can acheive with separate state with leaders like this? Anarchy? Truth hurts.... isn't it?
Kiran01's picture
by Kiran01 (not verified) on
Yes the Telangana region is burning down.. but who/what are the people angry with? The lack of development.. may be their 'local' leaders should do some work for which they were elected instead of resigning once in every month and forcing others to resign
Greg123's picture
by Greg123 (not verified) on
Hey brother AP has most chief ministers from T region. What the hell these Chief Ministers did to T region or it's people to relieve them from there problems ? Please do not say SeemaAndhra people did something wrong here. The ONLY reason why people all over AP state poured in HYD is , it is the capital city. If T region suffered , it is because of it's own top to down corrupt and incompetent leaders. Why the hell Channa Reddy gave up T agitation when then prime minister Indira Gandhi offered him Chief Minister post ? Go ask so called T leaders first what they did to there own region. Please note that I am not against creating a T state, if it is in best interest of the nation. I oppose T state creation just for political mileage.
Satyam Reddy V's picture
by Satyam Reddy V (not verified) on
Brother Greg, don't talk without getting the information right. Who said AP had most CM's from Telangana, If you say the a few Telangana CM's are corrupt then what you would say for the remaining CM's. Its a big joke. Yes, Channa Reddy gave up the agitation when he was offered a plum post. This is what congress is doing all the years. Whenever there is some problem, they will come up with plum post or monetary package. And for your kind information bro, this Telangana is not new, it was there since we got independence. We wanted a separate Telangana from that time. So many our Telanganites are dying for separate Telangana and it seems nothing to you guys. Shame on you and your filthy philosophies.
Mani Reddy's picture
by Mani Reddy (not verified) on
I completely agree with you sir.
ramchandra's picture
by ramchandra (not verified) on
It is a practical and easy fix to this issue. It will fetch marks to Congress when compared to package. However, I really doubt whether the real issue will be addressed by doing this. Here, by real issue, I mean freeing the Telangana from the domination and control of political parties dominated by non-T people and leaders. In this case, all the local political parties like TDP and YSRCP will still survive in T-state, so they continue to influence T-state. Already, CBN is making ways for his son Lokesh to contest from Sharelingampally in RR district of T. So in case of A,P. split, one will be held by his son and in other region, his in-law Balayya and his family will hold the control. YSRCP will also make some one from Ananatapur/Kurnool to call the shots in T. TRS will loose identity or will merge with Congress, which again will dominated by Reddys from Ananatapur/Kurnool. But, one good thing is it will help common T-people to develop other towns and cities far away from Hyderabad, due to increased revenues. This option is better than packages for T-region.
SSU's picture
by SSU (not verified) on
This is utterly ridiculous ! Bifurcation of the state is not going to help anyone except the politicians- Namely KCR and his goonies to loot the proposed new state. If indeed negligence is shown towards Telangana, owing to which the region is not growing on par with the rest of the state, then the bureaucrats working out in the annual budgets and chalking out capital investments should ensure that Telangana should be given priority to bring it up to speed in terms of growth and opportunities to the people and also work out a monetary package to expedite the same. Any other solution other than this will ensure the politicians will loot away what is remaining in the Telangana region and the very people who are fighting for this utopia state will be left penniless. Vote for progress not for caste or creed or party or for that matter - State !
Naresh Kumar 61's picture
by Naresh Kumar 61 (not verified) on
KCR, have you ever fought for the hunger of poor people. Have you fought for anyone other than your family anytime. Spree to become a king or king maker. Divided the people based on region. Regional feelings, is that a good seed to sow. Worst creatures in the world
Naresh Kumar 61's picture
by Naresh Kumar 61 (not verified) on
So, at the end KCR's dream of becoming CM in his life is coming true with this issue. divide and rule the people based on either region or religion. We fall only for this but not for the betterment of society. KCR who havent fought for the hunger of poor people fights for telangana. According to this theory, Indians should work at their home country only, they shouldnt go for America or any other nation. It is cheating the Americans. No one should go anywhere in this globalized world. Good going.
raja reddy's picture
by raja reddy (not verified) on
I think this paper is mostly ready by Seemandhra people. So be it, most of the indian media is yellow journalism that plays to the tunes of their owners interests.
raja reddy's picture
by raja reddy (not verified) on
I am from telangana. and frankly we don't want any one from rayalaseema in our homeland. These are people with a difference with whom we loath to be associated. Unlike some people who have come to this land without clothes and become rich through illegal and immoral ways, i dont want to abuse them or their beloved so called leaders. BUt we want is a separate state, (if possible a separate nation)as it excited before 1948 when patels military occupied erasing all internatinoal conventions and laws by brute force making all cruelty allegations on britishers look like kids games.
Lokesh1's picture
by Lokesh1 (not verified) on
Ask for a separate country - then you don't have to allow any Indian into Telangana. You don't know that there exists an Indian Constitution and every Indian has the right to live and work anywhere he/she likes except in J & K. So go and merge with J&K your desire will be fulfilled quickly.
avadani prasanth's picture
by avadani prasanth (not verified) on
that is really very selfish and cruel to say such things.telangana is also a part of india and every indian has a right to live and earn properties in which ever state or place.major thing to be clarified is that making a separate state does not provide jobs but being well educated will give you jobs.
cvrmurthy62's picture
by cvrmurthy62 (not verified) on
If it is Telengana with 10 districts , Telengana will be happy and Congress will gain, It will loose Andhra . If it is Royal telengana and Royal Andhra with Hyderabad as Joint capital as UT, All regions will be unhappy and a recipe for disaster.
gsl's picture
by gsl (not verified) on
Agree TEAM KCR will only benefit, again he is an outsider- also it is really crazy that all Cong man say that we will stick by SONIA statement -it is a pity that we are leaving such an important issue to an OUTSIDER
An Observer's picture
by An Observer (not verified) on
Jokers every where to have stupid and funny ideas
Telangana Veerudu's picture
by Telangana Veerudu (not verified) on
Jai Telangana. First priority is to grant Telangana State and get rid of all the corrupt Andhra politicians. There is no doubt that Hyderabad is part of Telangana and will be capital of Telangana. It doesn't matter if 2 districts of Seema are joined with telangana. I oppose if all 4 districts are part of Telangana. These Andhra people deprived the share of Telangana river water . They are greedy and now want to build polavaram dam. Telangana villages will be submerged in water and the benifits will go to Andhra. That is how these Andhra people rule as till now they have the majority of MLA's. Once TELANGANA is formed, we will decide and useour share of water.
Kishore82's picture
by Kishore82 (not verified) on
I agree with the proposal, I’m from semma Andhra I don’t want the state to split but we should respect the sentiment and ( lot of innocent people who committed suicide), because of the cheap politics. If ever the state happens to split by God’s grace for Rayala-Andhra Chandrababu should be the CM because he made us proud by getting global reputation for Hyderabad, if he becomes CM hope he may design another metropolitan city in Rayala-Andhra region.
Ajay80's picture
by Ajay80 (not verified) on
I agree with the proposal, I’m from semma Andhra I don’t want the state to split but we should respect the sentiment and ( lot of innocent people who committed suicide), because of the cheap politics. If ever the state happens to split by God’s grace for Rayala-Andhra Chandrababu should be the CM because he made us proud by getting global reputation for Hyderabad, if he becomes CM hope he may design another metropolitan city in Rayala-Andhra region.
DC101user's picture
by DC101user (not verified) on
The world is open to do business and to work anywhere. Big businesses merge to save money. We should have the same concept to save political cost and use it to improve the state financials. Splitting will cause regional fighting and political advantages but will not improve common man.
shivalingam's picture
by shivalingam (not verified) on
highly opportunistic move by teh ruling party to improve its image and gain sympathy to come to power in 2014, it is teh same old british principle of divide and rule, is any one interested in peoples welfare, the same politicians will say after the state is divided that dont expect any dramatic change ,citing shortage of funds or permission from center or what the previous govt could not do in 60 yrs dont expect us to do in 5 yrs, some of teh parties are potraying it like partition and the locas will get the fields properties of the people who leave to the other region, people will get jobs it should be made clear all this is non sense, every Indian has constitutional right to live and work as per his wish, and all the people have been working here for quiet some time are locals,just like KCR whose ancestors have come from coastal Andhra region all the ruling class and bureaucracy will be busy again involved making money , as the old saying rich will become richer poor will be poorer people who are agitating now will be in the same situation better to be together and become stronger and greater control on Delhi with 42 MP in future god save us from this selfish politicians/union leaders who want to amke a future for themselves and their kin in politics using T card.
wish's picture
by wish (not verified) on
All you guys making comments are biased and from seemandhra and have no idea what you are talking about. Why talk of just KCR about corruption, what about Jagan and Chandrababu and what sort of a politician is babu who offers mangalasutras and cash for votes. Shouldn't he be in jail for this sitting next to Jag an. Understand why people are fighting for telangana for over 50 yrs and why so many students are killing themselves.
Prasadkmk's picture
by Prasadkmk (not verified) on
Nada...Not going to happen.! The silent majority are for united A.P. And split a state on a basis of what? Under development? Telangana is not under-developed. That is not a myth and everybody knows it.
sharif omar's picture
by sharif omar (not verified) on
Public opinion must be respected . Election results will tell what the people want . Congress is the worst party , people should know about politicians and politics before voting . Turnout should be > 95 % .


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