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Aadhaar linkage costs LPG users

DC | 24th Jun 2013
The picture for representational purpose only.
The picture for representational purpose only.
Rajahmundry: The Aadhaar-based LPG cash (subsidy) transfer which is being implemented from June has put in extra burden of Rs 46 on consumers when compared to the non-subsidised LPG domestic users. 
But in the process of this linkage, it is assessed that the oil companies are going to save very big as far as East Godavari is concerned. According to details available, the district has 9,10,336 domestic LPG connections out of which the Deepam connections distributed to women self-help groups share more than one-fourth of 2.50 lakh in total. 
Of this total, the civil supplies authorities collected data of 6.34 lakh and the banks have taken care of Aadhaar-LPG with bank accounts of consumers of 4.06 lakh by the third week of this month.
But in the process of implementation the LPG consumers with Aadhaar linkage (seeding) with banks are being charged Rs 851.50 paise. During cash transfer the consumers are receiving Rs 435 as permanent advance and Rs 394.96 as subsidy reimbursement. 
A difference of Rs 46 was noticed by consumers in this mode. For those who are yet to be linked with bank accounts because of delay in the issue of Aadhaar cards the companies are charging the same old price of Rs 411. It is said that the subsidy on the part of the state government of Rs 25 and the VAT and sales tax of  Rs 21 are charged on the consumers who got the bank account linkage.
According to civil supplies department sources, they were able to collect data pertaining to 6.34 lakh connections out of 9.10 lakh. They are hopeful of getting details of another 10 per cent, which is likely to touch seven lakh in total.
The authorities already noticed more than 1 lakh non-functional LPG connections for more than four months. In the fresh assessment about one lakh Deepam connections, also non-functional, making the total of two lakh plus out of 9.10 lakh. It is suspected that these have changed hands.
Hence it is assessed that the LPG companies are going to save more than Rs 60 crore per annum in East Godavari alone on the number of subsidy cylinders. However, the sources in the civil supplies department said that they are not in a position to give clarity on both the difference of Rs 46 and on the total number of non-operative LPG connections at this juncture.


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Mukesh Kamath's picture
by Mukesh Kamath (not verified) on
Well that(Rs 46 difference) was expected. In fact since going under DBT mode is so profitable for Gas companies they ought to reduce the charge of 851.5 for aadhaar linked connections. Another issue of non-operative LPG connections is a good thing. It shows that aadhaar has eliminated duplicate or fake names or connections in others names.


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