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Metro pooja against ethos

DC | Abhish K Bose | 12th Jun 2013

Kottayam: The Hindu ritualistic rights performed before the construction of the Kochi metro rail corporation is against the secular credentials enshrined in the Indian Constitution, says Sanal Edamaruku, noted rationalist.

Edamaruku come out openly against the rituals performed at the construction venue in his facebook post, saying it was a gross violation of the spirit of constitutional principles. He posted that the observance of any religious rituals at a government sponsored function is a naked violation of ‘secularism’.

Edamaruku has demanded penal action against those who initiated the ritualistic observance, for negating the spirit and import of the principles of the Constitution. “It is indeed a naked violation of the principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

The persons responsible for this gross violation of the principles of secularism should be identified and penalized”, he maintained in his post in the facebook group for rationalists, which has a membership of 611members.

He said that it was unfair to consider this as a ritual observed to seek permission of the earth, as they could have done so in their personal capacity and not in a public program. “Those who say that the rituals are conducted to seek the permission for the construction should do so while their home is being constructed. No one will oppose them. We cannot pardon those who allege aspersions against Bharathiyatha. This move is part of those who aim to convert India into a Hindu religious nation”, he said.

Edamaruku, who is at present on a tour to Europe, resides in New Delhi. He is the son of the late rationalist icon, Joseph Edamaruku.



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jacob 's picture
by jacob (not verified) on
they do the same thing before sending a rocket. they think that without these poojas the rocket will come down. you can do such pooja before your air travel, train journey and to sit at home.
Truthsdf's picture
by Truthsdf (not verified) on
Sanal chetta, the Indian Constitution is worth less than toilet paper. Nobody cares if it is violated. You want secularism and free speech? Bad news. The Constitution doesnt provide for either of that.


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