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Proper breathing helps in healthy living

DC | Pramila Krishnan | 09th Jun 2013

ChennaiAre you breathing right? Doctors at Government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College (GYNMC) say almost 70 per cent of their patients have been found breathing wrong. They say the inhaling process should fill the stomach, bulging it, while exhaling should make it flat, even ‘concave’. This is exactly how a baby breathes. “When you breath correctly, you actually ensure total health,” said Dr N.Manavalan, principal of government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College.

Calling wrong breathing as ‘shallow breathing’ Dr Manavalan said, “Imagine a balloon. When you pump air, the balloon expands in all directions. Similar to a balloon when you breathe in, the lungs have to expand in all directions and the diaphragm should move downwards. This will push the stomach to bulge as air fills the respiratory cavity.”

He says during the exhalation the diaphragm will move upwards as the lungs empty the air. This action automatically pulls the stomach back. Right breathing will not just strengthen the lungs but also increase the energy level of the body. “Filling air to your lungs is like filling petrol to your vehicle. Learn the right way of breathing and just spend 10 minutes for pranayama and other breathing exercises everyday. In a due course your body will learn the right breathing and get adapted to it,” he says.

Doctors add proper breath will protect the body from several disorders ranging from chronic fatigue syndrome to asthma. “Right breathing will provide more oxygen to the body and empowers it with immunity,” adds another doctor Gokula Krishnan.

The GYNMC conducts free camps to teach yoga and also treats  patients with naturopathy medicines. For more details on yoga camps, contact phone no: 044-2622 2516.



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Bob Prichard's picture
by Bob Prichard (not verified) on
While the author identifies the correct mechanics of breathing, we don't find that breathing exercises help much as restrictions in breathing are caused by microfiber, a mild type of scar tissue that forms in the connective tissues surrounding the rib cage and abdomen. These microfibers form as a result of impact (getting the wind knocked out of you), illness (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma), and stress (physical or emotional abuse, divorce, death in the family, bullying, school and job stress) and chronic breath holding. These microfibers often form when young and then accumulate over time, restricting breathing more and more each year. This leads to mental decline with age as the brain receives less and less oxygen. Microfibers, like all scar tissue, cannot be released by exercise or stretching, but can be released with Microfiber Reduction, a special form of connective tissue massage found at Somax Performance Institute.


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