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2 die in thermal plant mishap

DC | 09th Jun 2013
Vembu, mother of Prabhu, who died in the Gummidi­poo­ndi industrial fire accident shows the picture of his son at KMC on Saturday. 	— DC
Vembu, mother of Prabhu, who died in the Gummidi­poo­ndi industrial fire accident shows the picture of his son at KMC on Saturday. — DC

ChennaiTwo people died and three were severely injured  when  hot fly ash from a boiler fell on them at a thermal plant in Gummidipoondi off Chennai on Friday. The workers, who were under contract with GSH India Pvt Ltd, a UK-based multinational company, opened a hopper door to clean the fly-ash electrostatic precipitator at Chennai Ferrous Industries as part of the maintenance work they were engaged in at the plant.

They were reportedly told to attend to a ‘block’ in the Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) through which the ash from the burnt coal in the boiler of the 10 mw captive plant is let out. “When they opened the door of the ESP, the hot ash fell on them,” said a company official.

The police identified the deceased as Prabhu, 29, of Kumbakonam and Lakshmanan, 22, of Tirunelveli. Suresh, 29 of Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh, Venkatesalu, 33, of Gummidipoondi and Kumarapandi, 26, of Theni, the injured, were first taken to Kilpauk Medical College (KMC), and later to Apollo Hospital.

Co-workers and relatives of the deceased alleged that none of the officials from the company had contacted them about awarding compensation. Balaji, administrative manager at GSH, promised that statutory compensation for the deceased would be provided and that the company would also look at providing employment to members of the families of the deceased. 

Meanwhile, Gum­mudipoondi police said a case had been registered under Section 304 (a) of the IPC. Investigations are on to check if the workers were exposed to faulty machinery that may have caused the accident.

Family cries over loss of breadwinner

Srikkanth Dhasarathy

The sole breadwinner of their family is no more. Ob­livious to the scenes ha­­ppening around her, 25-year-old, Prabha, sister of Prabhu, one of the victims of the Gummi­di­poondi fire accident, is ca­lm. She is speech and hearing impaired. “He remained unmarried be­cause he wanted to get his sister married,” a relative said.

Hailing from Alavan­thi­puram village near Swa­mimalai in Kumbako­n­am, Prabhu’s parents Se­kar and Vembu were de­pendent on Prabhu’s ea­rnings. “Since he was 17 ye­ars old, he has been wo­r­king hard for the family,” said Vembu. They are hoping that they co­u­ld av­ail some compensation fr­om the company wh­­ich wo­uld help see th­eir family through and get their daughter married.

Prabhu’s father is a da­ily wage worker and ta­kes up work under the MNREGA scheme while his mother has health pr­oblems. The family and the co-workers  agitated  we­­re calmed after the as­s­urance of compensation, when an official from GSH along with its legal advisor signed on a stamp paper agreeing to pay the victim’s family a sum of Rs 50 lakh. The kin of other victim Lakhmanan was also promised the same compensation, according to sources.



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