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Symphony of emotions

DC | Shreejaya Nair |

Arunima Gopinath’s br­ush strokes maybe con­ve­n­tional, but her themes re­flect a novelty in terms of its ex­pression. Her upcoming ex­hibition at Durbar Hall Art Gallery, titled Urvaram — A sy­mphony of emotions wh­ich will begin on June 6 will truly reflect prosperity in ter­ms of themes and medium of work.

The exhibition will showcase works based on the the­mes of motherhood, na­ture and emotions and will be presented through various mediums like oil paintings, acr­ylic paintings, watercolor, ch­a­rcoal sketches and so on.

Arunima has always sought out artistic modes of expression and her creative endeavors do not stop with painting and drawing.

She has also tried her hand at poetry, story writing, essay writing, elocutions and so on. Despite drawing success in such diverse fields, painting has always remained closest to her heart.

“Painting has always been a passion for me and has alw­ays served as a medium that helped me express myself with great clarity. Nature and humans have remained my greatest inspiration. In terms of training, I have had the op­p­ortunity to learn from Art te­achers, back in school, but it ends there,” said Arunima.

Arunima, who is an As­sistant Professor in Physics at KVM College Cher­thala, said, “I have been interested in art right from childhood. I have regularly won prizes at district level painting competitions from the age of 10.

My father extended a lot of support and gave me the strength to follow this passion. Now, my husband, Vinod, is the gr­eatest source of support for me.”

Arunima’s painting exhibition will be on at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery till June 10.


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