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Shahrukh Khan to undergo shoulder surgery today

DC Online | 28th May 2013

King Khan Shahrukh will undergo a shoulder surgery in Lilawati Hospital in Mumbai this afternoon, sources said.

Shahrukh was to have had the surgery in London last month, but he has been avoiding it because of his hectic schedule. His engagements with Kolkata Knight Riders at IPL and the shooting of Rohit Shetty's romantic comedy 'Chennai Express' have been keeping him busy.

This will be the eighth surgery on Shahrukh Khan. The most recent surgery he has had was in 2010, when he sustained injuries while shotting for his home production, 'RA.One'. Before that the actor suffered an injury while shooting for 'Dulha Mil Gaya' in 2009.

Today's surgery is to rectify the shoulder injury he sustained while shooting for 'Chennai Express'. According to reports, the injury worsened because of neglect, which in turn was due to his hectic schedule. Shahrukh had also agreed to perform at an award show in Vancouver last month despite the pain.

"It is a new injury. The old one is fine but for this one I may have to go for a surgery later. I have to perform so it is a bit of a drag but I will try to avoid the right hand movement during the dance as much as I can," Shahrukh was reported to have said.

Shah Rukh's past injuries include three broken ribs, a twisted ankle, a broken right toe, an injury to his left shoulder, a neck injury, a broken back bone and an injured left knee.

Post the surgery, Shahrukh will be seen promoting 'Chennai Express', along with his co-star in the movie, Deepika Padukone. The movie releases on August 8.

It is rumoured that he will also begin shooting for Farah Khan's next venture titled 'Happy New Year', once he recovers.


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k ravinder's picture
by k ravinder (not verified) on
Wish Shah Rukh Khan speedy recovery. May he return to the Bollywood at the earliest to entertain his fans in India and abroad?
XYZ's picture
by XYZ (not verified) on
Both Salman Khan and Dhoni are ahead of SRK in terms of popularity and fame, but King Khan came out at top courtesy his earning power, mainly riding on massive income from brand endorsements How the hell could you write such words.. They have more popularity than SRK ??? and then you refer him as KING Khan. Hahaha.. FYI, SRK is more popular tha Tom Cruise.. So think befor you give a caption to your pics Mr. Whoever u r...'s picture
by yesyesabedi@yah... (not verified) on
i wish a fast and healthy recovery for the KING of young hearts,SHARUKH KHAN.
Harshita's picture
by Harshita (not verified) on
pray to god for Speedy recovery........


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