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Emerging trend: Gear up for gaming test now

DC | K. Sreedevi | 23rd May 2013

Chennai: Your job or your appraisal might depend on how well you play games in your company, literally.

In fact, most global companies including a few in India are now taking the ‘gamification route’ to assess the skills of their existing and yet-to-be employees, easing the rigour and stiffness of an uptight meeting with the HR team.

Global firms including retail giant Walmart, German car major Volkswagen, hospitality leader Marriott, cosmetics major L’Oreal etc use some kind of game-based application either during the recruitment or appraisal to increase employee engagement.

In India too, companies such as HCL Technologies have pioneered the concept in lateral hiring to assess the ability of potential candidates. Given the perception that Gen Y, making up to big chunk of the Indian workforce, has shorter attention span and low motivation for anything that is not fun, the concept seems to have gained prominence.

“Even after being recruited, there is always a 15-20 per cent drift in the number of offer-accepts and the number who actually join,” explained Naveen Narayanan, global head, talent acquisition, HCL Technologies.

“But with a gamification tool put in place about three months ago, we are able to predict up to 95 per cent accuracy whether the person joins us or not,” he added.

The candidates are made to play a monopoly-like game before a month of their joining that gives ample time for the company to assess their skills, leadership qualities and their intention to join.

“The idea is to add a fun element to the traditionally intimidating interview process,“ said gamification consultant Vikram Parekh. This also removes subjectivity in the process, said the founder of Optic Bridge Technologies. There is also a huge cost-saving through the tool 'as there is a billing process at the end of each hiring', Narayanan added.

A Gartner report says over 70 per cent of the Forbes Global 2,000 firms are expected to have at least one game-based app by 2014.


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