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Youth on green mission

DC | S.N.V. Sudhir | 15th May 2013
Picture for representational purpose only.
Picture for representational purpose only.

Visakhapatnam: In an attempt to promote eco friendly issues, a group of enthusiastic youngsters, in the city, have launched Green Youth Brigade here on Tuesday. “Biodiversity, the natural biotic capital of the earth, is fundamental to the fulfilment of human needs and vital for the survival of this planet. Biodiversity thus is life insurance for life itself. However, biodiversity is being increasingly threatened globally on account of various factors.

The human activities are also placing severe pressure on the biological resources, and increasingly leading to fragmentation and degradation of habitats, and resulting in  loss of biodiversity,” said Himabindu, of the organisation. She added that the group would conduct public surveys on vehicle pollution, urbanisation impact on public health, climate changes, public awareness and coordinate with other environmental groups, university professors, for better understanding of the environmental problems.

“We are also planning to organise environmental programmes in schools and colleges to motivate students to think about the green future. We will also conduct workshops, seminars, awareness rallies in cities and appeal to the youngsters to join hands to create a better tomorrow and eco-friendly atmosphere.

We appeal to the general public that they should come forward voluntarily to avoid plastics, water conservation, plantation, planned usage of personal vehicles, solar power dependency to save the mother  earth, “ said Kishore and added: “we are losing 170 lakh hectares  forest every year.”  If this situation continues, in future, our next generations may lose the entire forest belt within 30 years.
This will damage the nature particularly biodiversity, animal life, human life, food chain and disturb the balance.

The enthusiastic environmentalists observed that raising temperatures are leading to increased dependency on electronic equipment like air conditioners, AC cars, diesel generators, refrigerators,  which ultimately are causing rising level of carbons, making it a never-ending vicious circle. 


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