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Seats for men with cash bags in AP

DC | CH. V.M. Krishna Rao |

Hyderabad: Financing a Lok Sabha seat doesn’t come cheap. Spare cash of around Rs 30 crore-Rs 50 crore is the estimated amount required for those with parliamentary aspirations. So industrialists, contractors and other moneybags are prominent among the contenders for tickets in the next Lok Sabha polls.

The four major political parties in the state — the Congress, Telugu Desam, YSR Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti — are on the lookout for such “strong” candidates.

Parties field candidates based on caste, religion, loyalty and winnability for the Assembly seats, but look for those with deep pockets for Lok Sabha seats.

Each Lok Sabha candidate in the coming polls will be expected to spend a minimum of Rs 20 crore for the election campaign, a minimum of Rs 15 crore to finance the seven Assembly candidates within his jurisdiction and another Rs 5 crore to Rs 10 crore towards the “party fund” for getting the ticket.

Rich aspirants find political favour

The influx of industrialists and contractors into the political field, though not a new phenomenon, is set to increase substantially in the coming elections going by the present search by top leaders of parties.

“Everybody knows that expectations of winning are very high for the TRS in Telangana and the YSRC in the rest of the state, but their trend of bringing in more contractors and industrialists and dumping money in elections will enourage other parties, too, to go for moneyed people at the cost of genuine leaders,” admitted a senior leader from the Telugu Desam.

At a meeting held three days ago at Telangana Bhavan, Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao openly declared to TRS leaders that he will have to field moneyed people for the Lok Sabha seats in order to compete with other party candidates.


He also told them that the YSR Congress leader Puvvada Ajay who runs the Mamata institutions will join the TRS and contest from Khammam.

Ajay denied this the next day and said he was contesting for the Khammam Assembly seat on a YSRC ticket.

Though there are several senior party leaders like Ramalinga Reddy, R. Satyanarayana and Raghunandan Rao in the TRS who are obvious candidates, Rao is looking for moneyed people in Medak district.

For example, for the Malkajagiri Lok Sabha seat, he had originally planned to propose former TD MP Mr Chada Suresh Reddy. Now that Suresh Reddy has been expelled from the party, Rao is looking to Mallareddy who runs many educational institutions in the city.

Bheem Rao Patel (Zaheerabad), A.P. Jitender Reddy (Mahbubnagar), Laxman Naik (Adilabad), Konda Visweswar Reddy, grandson of former deputy chief minister Konda Venkata Ranga Reddy (Chevella), Kotta Prabhakar Reddy (Dubbaka Assembly), and Dr Narsaiah Gowd (Bhongir) are some of the names doing the rounds.

When it comes to the YSR Congress, the list is exhaustive, but still inconclusive: Vallabhaneni Balasowri (Guntur), Ramky Ayodhya Rami Reddy (Narasaraopet), Kukkala Nageswara Rao (Machilipatnam), Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy (Nellore), Atluri Prasad (Vijayawada), and Ch. Suneel (Kakinada).

According to a senior leader of the party, “Though it is a fact that all parties are in search of moneyed people, many industrialists may not like to surface now. If they come and start working now, they will be targeted by political opponents and also party cadres will start fleecing them for money rightaway. I believe more and more moneyed people will join  closer to the time of the polls.”

The Congress has always attracted moneyed candidates such as its sitting MPs, Rayapati Sambasiva Rao (Guntur), K.S. Rao (Eluru), Maganti Srinivasulu Reddy (Ongole), the Daggubati couple, S.P.Y. Reddy, and Kanumuri Bapiraju.

It looks like not many of the rich and famous are beating a path towards the TD as of now. The party has its share of them such as Nama Nageswara Rao (Khammam), actor Murali Mohan (Rajahmundry), M.V.V.S. Murthy (Vizag), Maganti Babu (Eluru), but not too many new ones are clamouring to join up. “Currently, we may not get potential persons; they may come at the time of elections, hopefully sensing a positive trend for the party,” said a Telugu Desam leader.

Telugu Desam chief Chandrababu Naidu recently announced that the well-off Kesineni Nani will be the Vijayawada Lok Sabha segment in-charge. Nani has a transport business and recently arranged for 125 buses to ply from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam for the concluding function of Naidu’s padayatra.



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Mohammed121's picture
by Mohammed121 (not verified) on
The main congress party, which exists in the country since independence is responsible for pushing the country in darkness by adopting money methods to win LS/Assembly seats. The present congress party is interested only in votes and seats for their gains and family prestige. it seems that the other parties in the state and country are also following the same methods. TRS party is right in his observation.
Neddy's picture
by Neddy (not verified) on
Politicans invest many crores of rupees in elections, only to earn double of their investment back. Then what can the govenment do for the good of the people.
TRSK's picture
by TRSK (not verified) on
So basically KCR thinks nobody from T will vote for TRS without money which brings interesting fact that people in T are not interested in T. I think KCR can close the game before he is beaten black and blue in elections.
gyan's picture
by gyan (not verified) on
What can you expect from KCR and his party.He has no vision and not interested in creating Telangana He is not interested in people. This is another ponzi scheme to get rich at the expense of poor Telangana people KCR is not even from Telangana. Wake up people of Telangana Separate Telangana is not the solution It will be run by set of new goons.
Sumanth Thumu's picture
by Sumanth Thumu (not verified) on
Hello brother, Telangana people woke up just now from a sleep they went into 50 years ago. We know what KCRs, CBNs or YSRs are. It will be good if you wake up and reconcile to the fact that Telangana state has to be formed some day. Thanks
S K M R 's picture
by S K M R (not verified) on
What can one expect from this people, who openly declaring that people with moneyed will be given chance to contest elections (20 to 30 cores). If the one spends so much money then after electing, he will be more interested in getting back the spending money rather than serving people. Need true people who will come across all this evil things and take our country in right direction in prosperous of developing rather than spending money to get elect and after electing getting back their spending money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................
Universal's picture
by Universal (not verified) on
Yes the slogan for this and others " Dochuko Raja Dochuko Andinantha Chippa Chetikiyyi Prajalaku" that is what is going on with these guys selfish guys first and last. Jaihind
DummyEC's picture
by DummyEC (not verified) on
What is election commission and Income Tax departments doing. can't they implement the current law properly. Why poiticians who speak cannot propose amendment of the bill. Can't they propose and bring up policy / law and have a uniques accounts for spending monies and make sure this is implemented for all candidates. They should be given a Credit Card like stuff to track those expenses for in and out flow for each GPS based ZIP code in constituency. If not food citizens should context and should not vote for money polictics. This politicians do not do any good to the country expect accumulating wealth Ilegally.
Sanjay S's picture
by Sanjay S (not verified) on
I support TRS....people of telangana ready to vote for TRS....but the money also playing important role....just take example of Konda surekha in parakala, she openly distributed money thats why TRS vote bank reduced at last moment.......especially most of andhra parties will spend lot of money to stop TRS......KCR has good game plan to win candidates.....he cant take chance this last we want TRS canddiates in Assembly & parliament & we have to win at any cost by hook or nook....there is no place for sentiment, if really telangana state require..........


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