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Karunanidhi opposes English medium of instruction in govt schools

PTI | 13th May 2013


Chennai: Taking objection to Tamil Nadu Government's recent decision to introduce English medium of instruction in state-run schools, DMK chief M. Karunanidhi on Monday said education through a non-native language would obstruct students' self-learning.

"Education through native language alone would nurture self-learning in children. Education through non-native language would obstruct self-learning," he said, in a letter to his partymen.

Observing that Mahatma Gandhi and DMK founder Anna's advocacy for education through native language, he said, English was not even a spoken language in many countries in the world.

"Private schools and government-run schools were equal, in terms of syllabus, after introducing Samacheer Kalvi (Uniform System of School Education). Therefore, efforts should be made to improve the standards of government-run schools to bring them on par with private schools."

The 89-year old leader also listed out the steps the previous DMK regimes had taken towards the improving the standards of government schools and to widen the scope for Tamil language in the state education system.

School Education Minister Vaigaichelvan had last week informed the assembly about introduction of English medium in 640 government schools in 2012-13 academic year and expressed confidence that implementation of such schemes in rural areas will attract more students to government schools.



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K.Madhusudhanan's picture
by K.Madhusudhanan (not verified) on
Dear Mr Karunanidhi you are living in a fools paradise,because english is one of the most important language used for communication by almost all corporate comapanies,IT companies,research,institutions like banks,insurance and in all fields and it is language which is spoken by many Indians and an effective medium for communication.You people do not want to learn hindi do not want to learn english and people like you feel that all other Indian languages is inferior and Tamil is superior first give due respect and take respect.less said is better.
Indian77's picture
by Indian77 (not verified) on
I am not sure whether his grand childrens and so called big family was studying only in the Tamil Medium (Govt Schools). Friends, wake up, imagine the confidence and power that will give to upcoming budding youngs ones having getting chance to study in english medium. But never discount your mother tongue langauge and pursue it as part studying language.


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