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If denied CM gaddi, irked Siddaramaiah likely to revive AHINDA

DC | Bhaskar Hegde | 10th May 2013
Bengaluru: Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah is likely to revive AHINDA, a forum of backward classes, minorities and Dalits, in case the Congress leadership denies him the coveted post of Chief Minister. 
Siddaramaiah, who belongs to Kuruba community, the third largest community in Karnataka, could knit a formidable combination along with people of other backward communities (OBCs), who constitute about 27 per cent of the population and 10-12 per cent of minorities.
Before quitting Janata Dal (S) in 2005, the leader launched AHINDA with plans of converting the forum into a formidable political outfit at a later stage. He, however, dropped the idea and joined the Congress.
Sources in Congress said if the party decides to pick any other leader for the Chief Minister, he would revive the forum and await announcement of Lok Sabha elections before converting it into a political outfit. 
A section in the party was of the opinion that if he drifts away from the Congress, he would not be in a position to secure the support of minorities.  "Getting the support of one or two Muslim leaders is a different issue. Similarly, he can not get the support of Dalit voters, so his effort will be restricted to mobilising OBC votes. So, Mr Siddaramaiah might not attempt this experiment,” the sources added. 
A senior leader said Siddaramaiah would have no option but to remain in the Congress.


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S K Mishra's picture
by S K Mishra (not verified) on
If he will quit Congress and form any new political party,it will his political death. Just like Yeddurappa.
Suresh Heggade's picture
by Suresh Heggade (not verified) on
But he can teach a lesson to Congress in the state for betryal.
Vipul Sharma's picture
by Vipul Sharma (not verified) on
Personal aspirations of local leaders and then centralized high command cultures among parties cost the common people their right to have a stable govt. with clear mandate. Till the last day of election results Yedyurappa claimed to be next Chief Minister. These shortsighted leaders forget that whole is better than sum of its parts. Either we need to unconditionally owe allegiance to parties or we should move to personality centered election system like in the US. Pre election politicians ask for opportunity to serve us, while post election its my way or highway... give us gaddi or am on my own. Its all about Power !!!!!
Communal Award's picture
by Communal Award (not verified) on
change . org/en-IN/petitions/indian-parliament-implement-communal-award


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