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The roots of rape in India

Kancha Ilaiah | 10th May 2013

Rape has, of late, become an acute disease in the Indian society. Prima facie, this is a problem arising out of a mental disorder, but there is also a larger cultural context that, to an extent, explains how the Indian male became so brutal.

Our cultural upbringing conditions male minds to behave in a cruel fashion with women. Family upbringing, societal conditioning, religious sagas and political animus, all construct our men and women into being what they are — men as aggressive and women as submissive. Which is why men here, in India, are different from men in other countries.

Their cultural milieu is different. Their spiritual systems train them differently. It’s not that only Indian men rape and kill children aged three or five. This happens in other countries too, but they are the rarest of rare cases. Daily reports of infants being raped across the length and breadth of a country is a phenomenon unique to India, a society that’s otherwise highly conservative. Clearly, the institutional upbringing, including that in family, needs to undergo change.

Every time a gruesome rape gets reported, we all are ashamed and angry. That’s one thing; but working out ways and means to eradicate such evil is another thing. We cannot leave it entirely to the police or the judiciary to tackle such heinous acts. For, rape is also a cultural problem; and it is a more serious problem because of the extermination of the victim. We need to treat the malaise from its very roots.

We are a society that derives its sense of good and bad from our mythologies and spiritual ethics. Our gods and goddesses are not only worshipped but also adored. And it is our lifelong endeavour to emulate them. This is the cultural environment that shapes the lives of most people in India. So it’s natural that what gods do influences us much more than the moral lesson at the end. Now consider this: we have gods who, for instance, have cut the nose and ear lobes of a woman who approached them professing her love (Lakshman is depicted as having done this to Shurpanakha), and yet we adore him and see him as a symbol of loyalty, sacrifice and righteous indignation.

Lord Krishna stole the clothes of women while they were bathing in the Yamuna river. He did so to tease them and for the pleasure of watching the beauty of their naked bodies. We hang miniature paintings of the same act in our homes proudly. The young men who grow up seeing this, or listening to the story told in an amused tone are bound to not find such an act abhorrent.

We also have a god, Shiva, who insisted on entering the bathing arena of Goddess Parvati and did so by eliminating a child who was keeping guard at the open door. Lord Ganesha is said to have emerged out of such a union. Is this right or wrong? Our mythology tells us that what a husband does is right, that his will is greater than the woman’s. If a mythological hero is praised for his acts of killing, drinking and fornicating with multiple women (like Indra did with Rambha, Urvashi, Menaka, Tilottama and so on), it is glorification of such behaviour.

When such stories are a part of the mythological texts, they should, at least, be critically evaluated and given a more contemporary, political reading which is rooted in the concept of equality. Instead, the tendency is to not question what our gods did, but simply admire such acts.

Barring a few exceptions, there is no appreciation, per se, of a healthy man-woman relationship which is rooted in the concept of equality. Indian women are shown as lathangi (a person of delicate body), never strong enough to resist her dehumanisation. Though Durga and Kali are shown as strong, in real life such militancy is not seen as feminine. 

Now let us turn to the political spectrum. We have had many great men — Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan etc — who got married at a young age with girls of much younger age, went abroad for higher studies, leaving their wives at home totally illiterate or semi-literate. We do not know how these men, or Gokhale and Tilak, treated their wives.

But we know that they were all devotees of the deities mentioned above. The only man who treated his wife as a friend and educated her right from the first day of his marriage, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, is not taught as an example to be emulated in our texts.  Somehow, in our patriarchal cultural milieu, unkind and inhuman treatment of women has never been a matter of concern. It’s considered sacrilegious, for example, to question Lord Ram for leaving his dutiful wife on the random outburst of a dhobi.

And Sita’s action, in turn, to not question, but to commit suicide, is considered the epitome of all that is pious. Even Gautam Buddha left his young wife, with an infant child. Questioning such acts has never been part of our public discourse.

Or, look at our cinemas. Ever since the industry came into being, silent or talkie, it has used woman’s body as a money-making object. The song and dance sequence that it has adopted as an art form falls into a common pattern — every hero is licensed to misuse the body of the heroine. The romance in our film industry is not romance; it is vulgarity bordering on the criminal.
So is it a surprise that men of this country see it as their right to violate women in all spheres of life?

The writer is director, Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad


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Srinivas Node's picture
by Srinivas Node (not verified) on
Boss hinduism precheas one thing for sure and that is respecting ladies/girls ... and no religion encourages/provokes thoughts os acts like this ... i feel shamed to have read this article
Pindiga 's picture
by Pindiga (not verified) on
Instead of feeling ashamed why don't you engage with the article and show what's wrong with it? could you show how the Indian culture promotes amity between male and female gender would be fruitful.
MANMAN's picture
by MANMAN (not verified) on
The above article is absolutely genuine and correct in every aspect, hindu culture, Bollywood, Vulgar TV serials and current day educational syllabus is instrumental and root cause of rapes in india. domolition of worship places with vulgar art, permanent abolition of bollywood & TV serials and removal of sex education from school syllabus is the only solution to this enigma, else this will increase and 80% of the Indian men will be rapists and government of india will be forced to legalize rape with constitutional amendment.
Sachink's picture
by Sachink (not verified) on
Why you are forgetting Shree Ram who insisted to marry only 1 woman in whole life, though that time Hindu society was allowing to marry more than one woman? Why you are forgetting Shree Krishna who saved women from the king who has forcefully kidnapped them? Why to blame old culture? Does our culture seconds rapes? Why don't you see the transition happening in the society? There are always 2 sides of coin try to see this to and the stories which you have quoted read those carefully from the original texts you will get what those means.
alkananda rao's picture
by alkananda rao (not verified) on
Mr. Illaiah's article is surely a feast for Hinduism bashers. I would like to know how he has come to the conclusion that all rapists are Hindus only, who have been influenced by Hindu scriptures !!! Lets assume that everyone living in India have heard the stories of Rama and Krishna and have been influenced by them. what about other 'developed' countries.. Is there no rape there ?? In Islamic countries women have to bring 4 witnesses to prove they have been raped. If they cannot they are put to death for adultery...Those rapists didn't know anything about Rama and Krishna.. Jimmy Savile a well known BBC personality sexually abused minors and adults for years .. he had never heard of Ramayana or Krishna katha !! What do u say to this Mr. Illiah ??!!! As regards to how Gandhiji and Nehru treated their wives ... I would like to know how YOU treat YOUR womenfolk at home !! what support have you giving the womenfolk around you...What values have you imparted to the MENFOLK around.. what behavioural changes and developments have YOU brought about the people around you.. You would have been more respected if you had started by describing YOUR efforts in changing the mind set of the people who are around you constantly, rather than harping on imaginary ills of a great religion ... which in any case seems to be your favourite pastime.!!!
M.A Nadeem's picture
by M.A Nadeem (not verified) on
Sure, in Islamic countries women have to produce 4 witnesses to prove for rape, if proved he would be hanged or punished to death without second thoughts. Good for women in India who are seeking death penalty. Law is equal for Muslim, Non-Muslim, Men and Women in Islam. Don't drag ISLAM and never compare with ISLAM.
Achilles's picture
by Achilles (not verified) on
"never drag islam and never compare with islam" what u think of ur culture..Dont say ISLAM culture is gr8 for ladies...There is no other religion like islam that promotes women opression..U treat ladies like objects...covering every inch and even eyes of their body.Ur men are given the right to beat their wives and can have multiple partners.what the this culture great for ladies... Ur warlords raped women throughout Asia during their bloody campaigns..And how many women ..without even sparing new born infants ur tyrants shown their chivalry.. And to mr Kancha illaiyah...."U dont know even the fundamentals of Hinduism..A true Hindu will not even attack insects..Our culture is the first culture that told us to treat every other man's our mother A rapist has serious mental distortions and his acts are seldom evolved from culture...
observer's picture
by observer (not verified) on
So this behavior of yours in rejecting Hindu Culture & accusing Mr Illiah of harping on imaginary ills of a great religion & bringing Islam into the picture shows that you are " tunnel vision " & don't want to accept the real truth of Hindu Culture.
shadow Ilaiah 's picture
by shadow Ilaiah (not verified) on
Have you lost your mind, Ilaiah ? Is this how you wish to connect the dots ?
Alok Dash's picture
by Alok Dash (not verified) on
Thought-provoking article. One needs to look at the events in scriptures in the right context. The world has changed drastically since the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Masculine and feminine values have also undergone a sea change to reflect changing social dynamics. Kancha's ideas require further debate and analysis.
sampath K's picture
by sampath K (not verified) on
Ilaih garu. What are you proposing then? Indians should give up their religion and embrace something else? You are using the same word 'god' to describe everybody in Hinduism-- shiva, lakshmana, and Indra. I think that is the problem. Also you didn't tell why they did it- the reason behind their behavior. It is like saying Indians are cruel and merciless because they hanged Kasab.
An Indian's picture
by An Indian (not verified) on
Well written, and the writer's courageousness (considering the complexity of the society) must be appreciated. I might perhaps not agree with every sentiment of the writer (particularly on the religious matters) that has been reflected in the article; however, the perception is quite clear and true. One of our major problems is that we never retrospect and analyze the problem areas, even though EVERYBODY condemns the anti-social activities. 'Ego' plays a major part in accepting the truth and identify solutions. Yes, EVERYBODY says that our culture is great. Can someone explain what 'culture' means? It's a very broad concept. Yes, I like my culture, which means what I like. It does it mean that I respect WAYS of every Indian (past or present). It's time we think with a better maturity, instead of politicizing everything based on religious beliefs and egos.
Prakash78's picture
by Prakash78 (not verified) on
I havent come across a more ill conceived article in recent times... the author has simply not tired to understand the whole ethos of Hinduism and its Epic stories which is rooted deeply in it. I believe no other religion places so much importance of women or female energy as its known, few examples below. In Ramayan, the whole story revolves around the respect of a woman, Sita, The whole story shows that no matter how mighty a person is, he/she cant violate a woman and even if he attempts so, destruction will fall on him. As for the point of Lakshman, it shows that women also have a responsibility and shouldnt cross the boundary with a married man. Mahabharatha, was also a war on the humiliation done to Draupathi, it resulted in the demise of a whole lot of powerful people at its time. All the powerful symbols of Knowledge, Wealth, Power are rested with female dieties in the form of Saraaswati, Lakshmi and Durga / Kali .. Just name any other religion which provides so much symbolic power to Female energies... In Hinduism, even gods have to suffer and they bear the effects of Karma, Indra is often depicted as being at the receiving end a lot of times. Compare all this to the religions like Islam, where usual news items are... destory girls schools.. wrap females in a burkha, essentially denying them any freedom to move around... men marrying upto 4 women.. often underage girls.. hell.. women are now even allowed to drive in the land of so called pure islam.. Time for the truth to come out...
Muslim's picture
by Muslim (not verified) on
Islam granted women all right which now they are enjoying in any other country or free India. Property rights, marriage on her consent (Qabul hai), widow marriages permitted in Islam 1400 years ago. She is free to move anywhere alone, if only journey takes more than one day or night journey for her safety. She wasn’t even asked sacrifice after husband death (Sati). Emergence of social reforms required in Hinduism as these things were not permitted or allowed in Hinduism. No property rights, widow marriages were not allowed, child marriages, dowry, sati were common practice in Hinduism. How much you try to defame Islam, will come out clean and with an answer. Rapes are uncommon in puritanical Islamic countries, punished to death.
RK 77's picture
by RK 77 (not verified) on
Sati is due to scoundrels in the garb of Islam. Large scale self-immolations signified their Courage to jump into fire rather than accept Rape by Islamic scoundrels. They could have opted for easier suicide options. They chose fire as they are bravest of the brave.
subrata's picture
by subrata (not verified) on
worthless article. Ilaih have not researched properly before writing the article. Hope good sense will prevail the future writings.
K Venkatachalam's picture
by K Venkatachalam (not verified) on
Mr. Iliah is suffering from pathological bias and prejudice. The reasons he has enumerated in great detail shows his abysmal lack of understanding of our culture. An educated man like him who is on the faculty of a University in Hyderabad should be more scientific in his analysis of the reasons for for child rape in India. He always on the look out for some news to bash the Hindu culture. He will not dare to criticise any other religion. It will be better if he uses his talent to improve the current societies ills.
An Hindu's picture
by An Hindu (not verified) on
Thank goodness Hinduism has so many deities, if I am branded a rebel at home and that is the only (moral) space I have at home, and also if all Family members pray to Lord Ram I don't have to necessarily opt for Ravan I could simply pray to Lord Hanuman, Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva, or if everyone at home prays Goddess Lakshmi, I could as well pray to Goddess Saraswati or Goddess Kali. I can follow any of the pantheon of Gods and Goddess and still be counted amongst the righteous. one doesn't necessarily have to follow the rebellious path
Arun B's picture
by Arun B (not verified) on
Through this article, the author tried very well to explain the prevailing inequality -- however, in my opinion, failed in the execution -- but appears to have been carried away by the emotion. Today's social inequality is a sum total of various scenarios that human race (particularly Indians) went through over hundreds of decades. To me, education (or rather lack of it) seems to be the real root. As years pass-by more and more women are coming out of the clutches of tradition and showing their strength in many fields. However, the underlying fear and doubt that they are inferior exists in the minds of all Indians -- that is the lack of education, I am talking about. The very reason that reservations exist today, explains that. When women are as capable as (if not superior to) men, why are they fighting and settling for mere reservations? Let us help our daughters and sisters to think bigger and help them eliminate that fear and doubt. From the side of Men too, the rapid growth of women is unsettling. Men still believe they are superior. When their belief is questioned, challenged and proven to be wrong from time to time, the beast in them is waking-up. While many men are able to control their frustrations, many other are unable to do so. Again this is totally attributed to the lack of education. Since Mother is the 1st teacher, I am hopeful,, when more and more educated women become mothers, the socially acceptable values and virtues would be inculcated.
K Khan's picture
by K Khan (not verified) on
Well, some fanatics use Ramayana to demonize minority communities as Asura, Lower caste, etc.
Vikram Dharma's picture
by Vikram Dharma (not verified) on
Dear IIaiah, why have you not provided any data/statistics on the rapes across the world and India ? Such a fraud. Keep doing what your doing, speaks volumes about your kind. People like you will be remembered as cultural jokes of history.
Laxman N B's picture
by Laxman N B (not verified) on
What the Author wrote is wrong. One should understand the deeper meanings of Mythologies.Take for Instance, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, there is reason why Lord Shiva did what he did, please watch the Life OK series "Devon Ke Dev Mahadev". There is a deeper and inner meanings for the Mythologies, that is why people follow them. When you see a situation, different people take different actions. The example of Western Culture is very bad - There is Human Trafficking, Psychos. There is always a situation - how you look at Half Filled Glass.
ShantiSwarup's picture
by ShantiSwarup (not verified) on
Thank you for your extremely insightful and wise comment Mr. Ilaiah. We need more rational thinkers like you who can blow apart theories of our society based on mythological texts. I am so proud to be Indian, there are so many aspects of Hinduism that are worthy of following, but sadly, there are just as many aspects of it that defy logic and don't stand up to logic and scrutiny.. The treatment of women is among those. We are condemned to live by our history. It is the duty of all those of us with access to education and learning to shed light on why we do what we do and how we can change things. If you go to a doctor and he/she diagnoses a disease, they will recommend dealing with the problem at the very root, that's what this is.
Patriot Games's picture
by Patriot Games (not verified) on
Dear Ilaiah, Replacing religion is not going to solve anything.. .proper education (the real one not the one you get in schools)... instilling morale in people is the solution. Your approach is just breeding hatred (any one who sees your face can see hatred distilled and personified). With the logic worse than a rat's brain can cook up, I cannot believe you are a professor at an university and you are teaching !!!! You have mentioned about leaders... and you call yourself a leader do you treat your wife properly ? If you do .. why do we not know anything about how you do that?
civilman's picture
by civilman (not verified) on
iliah is a christian ,that has a clear agenda to denegrate Hinduism, he works for a muslim college, we must know that there are many people whose sole agenda is to put down Hindu religion and values citing certain parts of sciptures taken out of context. voilence against women is perpetrated by psychopaths all over the world. let no one give any religious shade to such perpetrators who deserve the most punishment the society can bring upon them. OM SHANTHI. Peace...
Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) on
Crazy, Women/girls were worshipped as Devis and still are in some parts of India. It is the demon worshippers who do this. Why not analyze their caste and region as you always do!
gotcha's picture
by gotcha (not verified) on
Mr Ilaiah is the most controversial author. He always has and will have grudge against Hinduism and Hindu gods as has been delineated because of his background. All in his articles he blames upper class, Hinduism which is understandable but you cannot blame this generation for what had happened ages ago Wake up Mr Ilaiah rather than accusing others advise society on how we could do better.
Chan1's picture
by Chan1 (not verified) on
First of all Mr Kancha Ilaiah should reveal how much funding he received till now from all sources for making this anti-Hindu and anti-Indian propaganda.... Looks like he is having no other agenda other than this, as everything he tries to conclude ends up with finding evil in Hinduism and some how destroy this religion.... Why don't you reveal all your foreign connections and funding sources....Then we will believe you......
Hyder Jaffer's picture
by Hyder Jaffer (not verified) on
The rationale of Mr Kancha Illaiah is illogical and absurd. The phenomenon in the increase of rape has it roots in the easy access to porn and other factors and has nothing to do with the Hindu mythology at all. Owing to the misuse of internet, sooner than later these unfortunate incidents were expected, and such horrible cases are not happening only in India as a section of media is reporting. It is happening all over the world. Unfortunately these things used to happen in pre-internet times too but seldom got reported. Such incidents regularly happen in the middle east do they also follow or get inspired by the Hindu mythology? in the present times the socio-economic equations are mixed up..whether a Raja or a Rag picker, all have access to sleaze. Instead of accusing the Hindu mythology for the present state of affairs you should offer practical solutions to cope with this problem.
Emani venkatesh's picture
by Emani venkatesh (not verified) on
I started reading the article in the hope that a fresh and relevent perspective would be on offer, making the reader to pause, ponder and instrospect deeply. But Mr. Illaih begins and ends on expected lines, showing us how so-called erudition is always unable to step out of the well-worn ruts of ingrained prejudices.
aussie NRI's picture
by aussie NRI (not verified) on
there is EVIL in EVERY person. it comes out in several forms, but rape and murder are two of the worst. As a society India has to face evil in all its dimensions . there has been a huge increase in the Love of money( read power) in the last few decades in India and that my friends is the root of all evil. the myths have been with Indians thousands of years, why worsening in the situation now. the task therefore is to root out all evil with a strong arm of the law--- quick, strict yet fair rule of law for all crimes. tackling corruption and inequality and unfairness are important. more important the rule of law.
An Indian female's picture
by An Indian female (not verified) on
I feel ashamed to have even read the article. Nonsensical bashing of Hinduism. Does Mr.Illaiah have the statistics: How many rapists are Hindus or even how many of them "are devotees of the above deities". "Though Durga and Kali are shown as strong, in real life such militancy is not seen as feminine." : They aren't seen as feminine (if at all) by males, and that's precisely the problem-The Male mindset. How politicians and freedom fighters(Those carefully picked Hindu names) treated their wives-Of what consequence is that in the given context Mr.Illaiah? Lastly, it is a SHAME that a national newspaper like the Deccan Chronicle publishes such a disgusting article. God save our country. Prima facie, Rape is a problem arising out of a mental disorder, and that's it. Full Stop.
RT's picture
by RT (not verified) on
Kancha Illiah is a Hindu basher nothing more. He is rumored to be a Christian by religion and goes around preaching the positives of Christian and Islamic values. Of course he will not talk about the crippling blows that the Roman Catholic church is receiving all over the world for the wide prevalence of pedophilia(abuse of mostly young boys and sometimes girls). He will not talk about the 6yr old bride of Prophet Mohammed and the fact that most of the islamic countries have no minimum marriagle age at all. Iran has it at 9yrs and the great Imam Khomeini married one at 9 while he was 54 emulating his prophet. Anybody with an internet connection can google the incidences of both rape and child rape across the world and see where we as Indians stand. The fact that DC kind of papers provide a forum to Mr Illaiah itself is another story. RT
Remya's picture
by Remya (not verified) on
Shame on deccan chronicles to publish such a irrelevant article. Indian culture is appreciated all over the world. India contains not only Hindu culture but also Muslim. It is significant that the author is trying to criticize Hindu culture alone just by quoting hindu stories. There are perfect explanation for all the stories narrated in Hindu Scripture that majority of the Common sense people have read it. This article is like dog's barking because the dog cannot speak...sure that it reveals the incapability and lack of well educated director of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. Hope this article will be removed asap!
Nicholas's picture
by Nicholas (not verified) on
Not quite, Indians think that the whole world thinks Indian culture is great and therein lies the main problem. That problem is Indians failing to recognize and acknowledge the ills of our own culture.
AzeemUddin-AZM's picture
by AzeemUddin-AZM on
Mr.K.Illaiah’s analysis seems quite unfair and prejudiced to me. As bcoz, I’m damn sure that hardly any of those rapists are even aware of such religious connotations of Hindu mythology as deduced by Mr. Illiah’s; nevertheless, there are many gurus & clergy (like Rajneesh & Nityananda) who’ve successfully exploited & institutionalized different version hindu idealogy. Even calling ancient India, which was geographically massive, as wholesome land of kamasutra too, logically seems to be a big lie. The temples of khajrao explicitly depicting carnal images too are just a thousand years old. And the people behind that project are obscure entities. Actually, Hinduism failed to purge anything evil that crept-in due course of time, as the reformist R.Mohan roy did with Sathi pratha. Every insinuation and blasphemy is embraced unchallengedly. Even ancient Arabia used to worship idols in nude at Mecca, but subsequent prophets have reformed the society and covered it in decency. Anyway, my humble comprehension only points me to the presence of seamless nudity and pornography i.e freely available via Net/ films/ & Tv, even to the beggars who can afford a phone, as one prime reason for this rape epidemic. Those who have means.., does it organizedly through safe channels, and those who don’t, just end-up releasing their frustration by pouncing on anything available at reach—be it a girl, a boy, a woman, a sister, a daughter or an infant. Even the Quran & Bible says that the immediate reaction that happened to Adam n Eve, after eating the forbidden fruit, was a sudden exposure/realization of their nudity and sexuality. Though Adam n Eve have got whatever they desired and dwelled in peace as a couple by banishing Satan, but still their own race seems got spoilt by peering at nudity of every celebrity, model, film star and porn star ending up with none in bed but satan. Infact, every popular present music genre is loath with lyrics of how to entice the satan and sell soul to it.
pc's picture
by pc (not verified) on
It is sad people are using religious books without knowing the complete facts and taking the parts of it and only using one religion to make judgment.Infact we know about about Islam, prophet Mohammad, mughal dynasties and their arrogance and exploitation with ladies. Author has written this article to create hatred between the communities. Hindu gods, Freedom fighters have nothing to do with the ladies. When we question about parda system, marrying any number of girls and of under age. Ladies cant go to pilgrimage on their own and more...... I am sure all these will have valid reasons according to those ancient times but dragging them to rapes and crimes is insult to the whole nation.
Susheel R Peru's picture
by Susheel R Peru (not verified) on
Mr Ilaiah, What you have written is irrelevant and stupid, This shows how immature you are and on what basis the idiots have awarded you the awards. If you dont know any thing just shut your mouth. If all problems are within Hinduism, Buddhism and Indian society, why the hell you are leaving here. And what prohibits you not to talk about Christ and Islam ? Coming to the article, The crimes are not related with any religion. What the society is lacking is quality education, moral values. The attitude of the Govt in punishing the culprits, large scale exposure of the vulgarity in media and communication gap with in the family and society.
Deepesh's picture
by Deepesh (not verified) on
Writers may have inferiority complex and not not able to put his past behind. Fear comes from Rule of Law, a country where everything is politicized and legal system a failure, only the law of jungle will prevail.
Anon's picture
by Anon (not verified) on
I'm sorry, but you haven't mentioned one word about other religions. Here in Kerala there is something called as "Love Jihad", where Muslim boys make love to the hindu girls and brainwash them with false beliefs and convert them to Islam. Also you must not have heard of the 1 month wives scandal at Hyderabad. These are some of the gruesome things that happens in our country because of the ideologies. Also I would also like to point out that Delhi has a large population of immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh, and this rise has led to increasing crimes in Delhi and other places too. Hinduism, above all other religions, worship womanhood. There are a few exceptions, but the religion as such does not at all support any harm on women in any which way.
RK 77's picture
by RK 77 (not verified) on
Sexual urge is the strongest natural urge in all animals. Human beings are no exception. All the truly saintly personalities all over the world tried to sublime this urge. All cultures all over the world evolved systems of justice to punish crimes like rape, thefts and murders. The essence of sanathana Dharma is to uplift the uman mind from the mire of sensual attractions. Mr.Illiah has displayed illogic. The crime is due to modern civilization. don't blame it on sanathana dharma
RK 77's picture
by RK 77 (not verified) on
Rape is not due to the clutches of tradition, but rather due to the cluthches of modernity, A modernity which does not believe in rebirth, which does not believe in divine punishment , which does not believe in punishment in next birth. This modernity, whose education is all about this world only. The politicians, Bureaucrats, police, judiciary is soaked by this modern philosophy of - there is only this world, - No after world, - No system of divine rewards or punishments - no next birth The above set of beliefs propels all class of people to crimes. This is the root of all crimes in Independent India, Not what Mr. Illiah proposes.
Agyat's picture
by Agyat (not verified) on
Illaiah's cover has been adequately disclosed in Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines by Rajiv Malhotra
Utsav's picture
by Utsav (not verified) on
How much money illaih have you got from the Vatican agent Sonia to write such an article? Oh I forgot, you had already got the bribe. You had been made director of a University. And so you are doing services to your sponsors!!! Good keep it up!
A secular Indian's picture
by A secular Indian (not verified) on
Your article is definitely thought provoking. I agree that most people do not understand the complexity of our epics and imitate what others are doing regardless of what they perceive as right or wrong. But to demean a religion citing that Gods themselves are not worthy of worship is not correct. Krishna is known as Gopinatha - lord of the gopis. He is known to have rescued over 10000 women. Ram was asked by his followers to remarry, which he blatantly refused. There are many stories that many Hindus themselves are ignorant about. Draupadi was a warrior and used to take lessons from her husbands to protect her family. There are many examples to show that HInduism always favoured the balance of masculine and feminine, good and bad. Hinduism is the only religion in the world that allows any God, any Goddess to be worshipped. That is why we have more than a billion Gods & Goddesses in our religion. RAM is there in RAMZAN, and ALI is there is DIWALI. Then why do our countrymen fight over religion?? Rapes do not happen because of religion but because of lack of fear for wrongdoings. The society should curtail such mocking of a civilized nation by instilling a fear for such nefarious acts. For there are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart's controls.
Rajesh Pancholi's picture
by Rajesh Pancholi (not verified) on
It is sad that the writer of this story has come up with such illicit way of explaining a very serious issue. Though rapes are known to occur due to insensitivity towards the fairer sex, a fair upbringing of children in our patriarchal society, where the children are made aware of equality and parity between genders, would enable us to build a progressive nation.
Pragya's picture
by Pragya (not verified) on
I totally agree with the mythological aspects bought up by the writer..but on the other hand it is nust for a parent to consider teaching their spawns about dignity of women while their upbringing
babu Prabhu's picture
by babu Prabhu (not verified) on
cultural transformation is the key to deal with rape
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by Sukhi Kaur (not verified) on
Kancha, Why dont you mention that you are a christian missionary.You have been exposed in the past .I am appalled that deccan chronicle has published this trash .Do not insult other peoples religion.I am surprised why this character is not in jail for writing rubbish
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by Babu Prabhu (not verified) on
When everyone says that the mindset of the Indian male has to be changed few have come up with the answers on how to do it. Surely the myths and symbols of a culture have to be critiqued and assessed for their contribution in creating the mindset. Why do we have to be defensive or offensive when our religious icons are assessed. The glorification of sexual exploitation or turning the woman into primarily a sexual object will continue to contribute to the problem of violence against women. The creators to today's myths is cinema. Bollywood continues to degrade women. The Bollywood personalities who took a stand in the Delhi rape case are incapable of taking a stand in their own industry. Even recent releases carry on th culture of depicting women as nothing more than sexual objects. Don't expect change any time soon in sexual violence against women and minors till there is all round effort to address the issue. The effort to only blame the cops and solve the problem by creating new laws is a supercritical treatment of the problem.


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