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Love needs room to breathe

Anupam Kher | 28th Apr 2013

I befriended a girl from my neighborhood and started chatting with her regularly on a social networking site. But soon, she started losing interest in chatting with me. When I asked her if there’s something wrong, she got irritated and blamed me for reading too much into it. I sent her a few sorry messages but she responded by saying that she doesn’t want to talk to me. She has been avoiding me. I can’t concentrate on anything because of this. Please suggest how I can overcome this feeling. - Anonymous

I think you may be over-thinking and getting very affected and eventually making her uncomfortable. Don’t indulge in it. Move on. Concentrate on your studies, friends, movies, etc. It’s important to give people space. She may have her own issues or things she wants to deal with. It’s important to respect someone else’s privacy and space.

I tend to get over-excited about small things. In that excitement I often say or do things that I regret later. Sometimes, the reaction is nothing big, still I feel embarrassed later at having behaved that way. Recently, when a colleague was disturbed due to personal problems, I went out of my way to help her out. I suggested things that she could do to manage things well. But later, I realised that sudden reaction to her problem wasn’t right on my part. I should have thought before saying anything in front of her. Can you suggest how can I help myself? - Deepti Mathur

Life is about making habits. Whether it’s about positive changes, education, training or any other thing. You could probably deal with the issue very mechanically and practically. I’m sure you will learn it. Don’t panic about it. We all have something that we are embarrassed about. It’s important to like things about yourself that you feel aren’t that great, just like the stuff you do like about yourself. All the best!


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lost's picture
by lost (not verified) on
i am falling for a girl who happens to live on the other side of the Earth. I just need to know if it is worth trying to make her feel the way i feel. my feelings are very strong and i am afraid that stop interacting with her will not help. any advice?
Bismillah Momand's picture
by Bismillah Momand (not verified) on
I really like your advise "Its important to like things about yourself that you feel arent that great". Sometimes we tend to forget that we are human beings prone to mistakes but also capable of learning from mistakes and becoming better individuals. Loved your comments.
Richa shetty's picture
by Richa shetty (not verified) on
Your being a huge help Sir, keep up the good work! :)
Rani Haridas's picture
by Rani Haridas (not verified) on
we have to go through different stages in life some good and somthings just go wrong nothing to be embarressed
ELDHO P. K.'s picture
by ELDHO P. K. (not verified) on
Perfect advice sir, & tell them one more thing be a #MARD
Mahbubur Rahman Babu's picture
by Mahbubur Rahman Babu (not verified) on
Love means not get anything but sacrificing...


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