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Cops ask Nisham, owner of Ferrari, to surrender

DC | T. Sudheesh | 21st Apr 2013
Muhammad Nisham.
Muhammad Nisham.

Alappuzha: The owner of the Ferrari, which was in the news for being  driven by two young kids, has been traced. Muhammad Nisham resident of Sobha city was asked to surrender before the police by Tuesday for encouraging underage driving and  endangering the lives of the kids as well as of the public at large.

Unnikrishnan, the traffic police sub inspector who had been entrusted with the investigation by city police commissioner Prakash, said that he had identified the owner of the Ferrari car, Muhammad Nisham, living in Sobha city. The SI told this newspaper that Nisham has been  to surrender  before Peramangalam police station by Tuesday when he returns to the city.

Meanwhile, as many as 11 videos of the same car CH 04 K 8545, roaming  free on the  roads of Thrissur, were uploaded on You-Tube by one Nisham King on April 18.  All the videos show the under-aged child  driving the  powerful   Ferrari F 430 Scuderia (costing Rs 2.75crore) on his ninth birthday. The videos sparked outrage both across the country and outside. 

Nisham King, the one who uploaded the video,  revealed that the Ferrari ride was a birthday gift to the  kid on his ninth birthday. The latest video updates  show the said Ferrari  cruising  on a public road in Poonkunnam, on the outskirts of Thrissur town.

RTO C.K. Asokan, said that he had no  information on any  Ferrari in town. But the videos prove that the car was being driven in  town for long time.  He also said that  vehicle inspectors  deployed to get details of all   exotic imported  cars in the city  could not find the identity of the car.

Adv J. Sandhya, child rights activist, told this newspaper that the video is  clear evidence for police to book the guardians of the child for endangering his own life and that of others. It is a reflection of a dangerous trend that has crept into parenting culture and will have  far reaching consequences in society, she said.



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mannu's picture
by mannu (not verified) on
Strict action should be taken against these kind of ignorant and flaunting parents.If god has given us wealth it should be utilized at right cost.these people are defaming the Indian culture and their respective religion and community.
happy man's picture
by happy man (not verified) on
dumb ASS. too much gulf money.............................................
jealous people 's picture
by jealous people (not verified) on
man let them enjoy their cash.....n all of u guys here would love ur dads to let u drive if he had any....1 more thing..thats India no case file close


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