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Why some people like Modi and I don’t

Shiv Visvanathan | 18th Apr 2013


Our forthcoming Lok Sab­ha elections are a bit like the Indian Premier League — both boast of stars and star value.
The three basic stars involved so far are Rahul Gandhi, Naren­dra Modi and Nitish Ku­mar. Each has their bra­nd value, their bevy of cheerleaders and their retinue of fans. Con­tro­versies surround each and create myths. Pro­bably the front leader in terms of media publicity and corporate attention is Modi. I find it difficult to like him.
To someone who has worked for 10 years investigating the Gujarat riots, he seems contaminated. Yet, as a sociologist and a scholar, I am trying to understand why Modi is the flavour of the day. Why is it that people like him? 
I have spent hours talking to people. My engineering students adore him. They tell me “he is for security”. He is decisive. He understands the majority. He is for “us”. In fact, they feel that academics like me are short-sighted. Modi, they say, is the future. I asked many of them who were tipping 20 why they did not opt for Rahul. They argued that Rahul was young but he did not represent the youth. The youth loves success; it is aspirational, it is upwardly mobile, and Modi ins­pi­res such attitudes. Rah­ul, they felt, was a young man of 50. He had no achievements of his own. He inherited a job and a position while Mo­di earned it. In an eme­r­ging meritocracy, either as politics or the market, Modi scored high. 
Modi has the right personality. He spells confidence and power. He talks of adding value, of empowering through skill. He understands the value of education. Rahul, they add, talks of management but Modi, they said, is managerial. I suggested that he is authoritarian and autocratic, that he does not tolerate dissent. They shrugged it off dismissively. For them, he is decisive. The Congress, they feel, is historical; Modi, they claim, is creating history. 
They then add that the Congress is corrupt. Wh­en I referred to Kar­nataka, they claim that Modi is clean. They ar­g­ue that he kept away fr­om his brother, sanitis­ed his relationship with his family, is distant from the MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party. 
I pointed out his closeness to the Adanis, his love for the Tatas. They see this as dynamic and pragmatic. These are words they worship. One of them added that Wipro chairman Azim Premji and Infosys co-founder Narayana Mur­thy also support him. Another asked who got Viswanathan Anand to inaugurate Gujarat as a chess-playing state. I nodded. The youth pre­fers a history of doing to Rahul’s history of just being. One of them added that Bollywood actors, like Ajay Devgn, Sunil Shetty, “Amit Ji”, Anupam Kher, support Modi. I was beginning to look cussed.
I asked them what abo­ut the riots. For them 10 years is a long time in politics. In that politics of equivalence they claim that the Congress has not been punished for 1984. As majoritarian Hindus, they felt I was being unfair and hypocritical. They claimed Modi had a clean chit. I gave them examples of the Bajrang Dal bullying, the rape of women, the status of refugee camps. They said Modi is for development.
“De­ve­lopment” seems to be the magic word. Dev­e­lop­ment is an invitation to the future and by in­viting one to the future, it is inclusive enough. Modi, they claimed, is Mr Development. They added, “He is the only answer for India. He can stand up to China.”
I suddenly realised that history often beco­m­es a baggage to those who want to create history. The young today do not want to be burdened by seniority, or memory. They want to move to the future and Modi celebrates the fu­tu­re. In reply to the ch­ar­ges that he is autocratic, they reply that the Congress is sycophantic. “Give him a chance,” they tell me. “If you can tolerate the Congress, why not Modi?” The Con­gress is seen as a negative force and the Congress’ negativity ad­ds to the positive image of Modi. I also sensed that people admire men of action, men who give a certain sense of physicality to history. Modi, I realised, played and fed on both anxieties and aspirations. 
The middle class loves the mainstream and the majoritarian. They want someone who articula­tes this world of mobility. They are tired of concessions to ethnics and minorities, or reservations. They fear failure. Terror ma­kes them insecure. They prefer security to dissent. Modi, they claim, represents this world. He is local, national and global. He can dress in a tribal costume, and he can go to Davos. He has the right values.
Values to them are no longer civilisational. Values today are attitudes that help development. It can be economic development or personality development. For them, development seems wider than any notion of equality. They say pragmatically that life is not a level playing field and claim that Modi provides them an edge. This is a generation that found socialism tiring and bureaucratic. The Congress, they claim, is a residence of that bad dream. 
This is a society that dr­eams of India being a global power and sees Modi as leading that process. He is seen as a Patel without Nehru, a Gujarati Bismarck. In fact, they like his bullying hu­mo­ur, his efforts to attack Sonia and the Congress. When I ask them why he is against NGOs, they reply that as the state gets more and more efficient, NGOs become less necessary.
I suddenly realise that my concerns about violence, values and democracy do not make full se­nse. The keywords seem sadly different now. Th­ey are security, success, management, mobility. Modi fits this world better. He seems to be the middle-class list of its own symptoms and anxieties and simultaneously the prescription for su­ccess. I do not understand that but I must acknowledge it. Because I know I have to fight harder to defeat a man who threatens my be­liefs and my way of life.
The writer is a social science nomad.


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Mohammed Nayeem's picture
by Mohammed Nayeem (not verified) on
You are right.People want who is one of 'theirs' and not one amongst ' others'.Indians have always hated Changiz Khan and Mahmood of Ghazni,all them improved the conditions of 'their people ' by ravaging and diminishing the power of 'others'.Mody is liked them because he is 'ours' and not 'theirs'namely Muslims.By reducing the Muslim community to the most pathetic condition post riots and ensuring the total stop to their future progress ,he has demonstrated how much he is 'their' man and therefore means good for development. Nayeem
Venkat G's picture
by Venkat G (not verified) on
My Dear Mohammed Nayeem Anyone reading your comment can make out who is having hatred and who is spreading hatred..
Universal's picture
by Universal (not verified) on
You are wrong people who do not study,encourage girls to go to schools,,adopt family planning and adopt modern scientific methods in health etc in the name of religion whatever religion they belong are ignorant and they will never improve in their financial matters. It is better if all the families adopt family planning as suggested by late Tata to Nehru some decades ago India would not have been in this state to day. Even now many leaders have no vision to improve the living conditions of the common man. Because of this India hosts the majority of poor in the world. Wake up Indian youngsters do not be misled by your religious leaders adopt family planning and ask others to adopt so that nation can progress. Look at China how they forced the people for this some time back and noe they are able to dictate terms in the international arena. Jaihind
Munna bhai MBBS's picture
by Munna bhai MBBS (not verified) on
Hi Universal, For your information Modi is 3rd of the 6 children his father had. You are also taking like Modi now. I can point you to many dignitaries who came from a large HINDU family: Current Telugu actor Balakrishna has 12 brothers and sisters. Cricketer Kapil has 7 siblings Actor Rekha 7 sisters Manmohan has 10 siblings Laloo has how many do you know? Tell me about PV Narsimha Rao how many kids he had. Now dont play exception card... family planning has been known for many years, look at Nehru, Indira, Rajeev ...they all had small families.
Raju Bhai MS's picture
by Raju Bhai MS (not verified) on
If one says Polio is bad, you will say polio is good by arguing that one polio patient became a scientist. Are you educated? You feel large population is good because Kapil had 7 siblings. That is why your lot is so backward. No doubt you are just like Munna Bhai, who is now going to jail.
by SHAHID NIRMAL (not verified) on
I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them. Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.
duke78948's picture
by duke78948 (not verified) on
improved or destroyed indian culture looted indian wealth.......you r dam right we dont like d butchers mentioned above........and as far for ur theirs and ours argument we are proud of "ours"(abdul kalam,zaheer khan,irfan pathan,gandhi,ambedkar,azad)
JJJackxon's picture
by JJJackxon (not verified) on
This conversation is getting silly. Modi as Mahmood of Ghazni!! The article is, I must say, an honest attempt by an "old" person to understand the "new" forces. Strangely but truly, Rahul is younger in age but older in his outlook, bureacratic, socialistic, without achievements. Modi is older in age but younger in his outlook, dynamic, success oriented. India needs to expand the economic pie instead of figuring out how to divide the shrinking pie. I do hope that in time the "oldies" and commentators, such as this author, will come to accept the need for Modi at this time in India's long history. Perhaps even become Modi fans before the 2014 elections. Now that would be something.
venkar's picture
by venkar (not verified) on
people hate chengiz khan,Ahmad sah abdali,Nadir sah and the other invaders because they killed millions of Hindus inthe name of your Islam.if islam means peace then why these invaders killed Hindus for spreading Jihad. Remember,we are not Persians whom you got converted within 50 years.we are indians and we live by our own customs and tradions. traitors like you always support Muslim Ummah instead of india.
simple's picture
by simple (not verified) on
please take a look to justice sachar's report and you will understand your mistakes
Vineet 's picture
by Vineet (not verified) on
This is apt fo Islamic countries and not India. Almost everyone loves A.P.J Abdul kalam, J.R.D Tata . Really you are supporting Changiz Khan and Mahmood of Ghazni wow. If there are some misunderstanding in the two communities it is because of lack of education(see your own case you admire Changiz Khan and Mahmood of Ghazni ). And lack of leader who instead of acting as a glue play religion card.
Venkat G's picture
by Venkat G (not verified) on
Mr Shiv Viswanathan Thanks for admitting and stating what Your of India to-day want frankly. However, if only you could become rational and objective of your own values, you consider following : 1. Democracy as defined in our constitution he is the most elected CM with larger base and increasing results and popularity than Delhi CM or mizoram CM who are also elected in similar number of times. 2. Values : He stands our on True Secularism and Service to Bharatmata and Uncorruptable to the core and dedicating once life to the Nation , please give us a break .. we too have brains to cross check what gets reported... 3. Violence : There is no shred of evidence of he himself having committed any violence whatsover ... On contrary how he controlled the violence and more so how he prevented violence is what country like India needs and thats probably alien to many of you who make business out of violence...and never give it up... Ask your antaratma did u investigate or made business. Did you ever investigated how he prevented violence for 11 years that never happenned in the history of Gujarat and in fact any other state and adive other states as to what they need to do to prevent.. The Mantra is India first Secularism and All are Equal and Appeasement to None...
N.V.SANKARAN's picture
by N.V.SANKARAN (not verified) on
The last sentence in this article says all about the mindset of the self-styled "secular" Indian elite intellectuals, "Because I know I have to fight harder to defeat a man who threatens my be­liefs and my way of life." His (like all other "secular" Indian elite intellectuals') unease in acknowledging the thoughts of the youth of this country is quite understandable as they have been carrying on with such vicious vilification campaign against Modi for the past ten years and to change their views now becomes a terrible embarrassment them. I have read most of the articles written by Mr. Shiv Vishwanth and other hate-Modi propagandist and had found that they have been trying to present their facts somewhat rationally and coherently, though I could never agree with them. But, this article proves how frustration makes even the intelligent person could make himself appear so stupid and write utter nonsense.
ABC's picture
by ABC (not verified) on
Congress abandoned Nehru and Patel long time ago. Sangh has cleverly dumped tar on Nehru and dumped back on Congress since his lineage still controls congress. They then appropriated die-hard Congressman Sardar Patel to pit him against Nehru and Congress. Lies were written to show Patel did all good things and Nehru did only bad things. Separated by generation and propaganda, Indians now have no idea of greatness of Nehru. Congress always took a high road when it came to these lies, hoping people will see reason. Unopposed, these lies became mainstream now. I hate Modi because he is a Nehru-baiter. Patel was ignorant, incompetent and old. Patel tried to give away Kashmir to Pakistan. He then tried to force Nehru go to war with friendly Chinese, force China befriend Pakistan. India was lucky to have Nehru as its leader. Indians that demonize Nehru are ignorant and ungrateful.
Loyal Congress's picture
by Loyal Congress (not verified) on
This 'standing up to China' is sly politics. In the past, those that advocated standing up to China, like Morarji and Vajpayee, have become meows when they came to power. Vajpayee in fact signed away Tibet to China in 2003. If Congress did not stand up to China, there would no Forward Policy in 1962 nor Chola Incident.
Vineet's picture
by Vineet (not verified) on
Hey bro you are really awesome. I will enlighten you. You cant just stand to a giant like China in a single day especially if you have congress rulling most of the time. Listen bro morarji couldnt do much because Neheru already had policy failure and had put India very behind China. Vajpayee could not do same reason but he was tact full in getting skkim as part of India. Yes beggers cant be chosers. We have to make our stance clear tactfully. Congress had made us beggers. Had it no been for vikram sarabhai ,Dr Homi Bhaba, APJ Abdul Kalam and whole bunch of other self made leader(Govt had no role). Lastly give respect to your self and concept of human life, by calling yourself "Loyal" your giving up your right of freedom becomming a slave and also see your choice for such a big sacrifice "Congress". And also keep in mind many people died so that Indians could become loyal to only India.
Kl Narasimhan's picture
by Kl Narasimhan (not verified) on
Because this Shiv Vishvanathan works for Congress family Jindal's university. Check his wikipedia bio. To keep his job & salary, he has to write against Modi!
Viks's picture
by Viks (not verified) on
Whatever article i have read against modi. they have only two things to say.1). 2002 riots 2.)child malnutrition, and the same repeated again and again for the past 12 yrs. Guys you have to move one......
Khan's's picture
by Khan's (not verified) on
Viks will you move on,if you see a pregnant woman butchered & her unborn infant thrown in raging fire in-front of you 12 years ago by some nutshells.Plz reply any 1?
Avtar Singh's picture
by Avtar Singh (not verified) on
The Congress murdered 5000 Sikhs in 84. Where were these so called secular journalists?. Recently in Assam, a congress ruled state, hundreds of Muslims were murdered and many displaced and yet Congress is secular. Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus have been ethnically cleansed out of Kashmir under Congress rule, but wait a minute Cong is still secular. The Sachar report says Congress did nothing for Muslims in last 60 yrs except take their votes for empty promises. But that is fine. People are fed up of this family democracy that does not deliver anything but poverty. Let us not forget that Godhra act was started by Muslims by committing a horrendous crime. In any Muslim country if the minority had done that then their fate would be far far far worse than what happened in Gujarat. The people of India are sick of this fake secular Congress party, it's fake secular followers and the bloated Muslim ego living in the nostalgic Mughal era. These obsticales are standing in the way of India becoming a super power in the comity nations. 30% of India was given to Muslims at the time of partition. You have made a "mess" of that part, now please let us live in peace and prosperity here. Thank You!
P.RAJAGOPAL's picture
by P.RAJAGOPAL (not verified) on
Mr.Shiv Viswanath Forget about Modi. Can you name one person who is suitable for leading this country matching with your values and beliefs?
Snehalata's picture
by Snehalata (not verified) on
Yes, Chidambaram will make a good prime minister
Anyonymous's picture
by Anyonymous (not verified) on
Its a sad thing that we always look at negatives rather than positives..Assuming congress and Modi, the former as we all know is corrupt to the core..and as for Modi, I am sure he must also have recieved the kickbacks bribes etc..But atleast "Kuch toh kiya"..So now you choose..you want to go with atleast a ray of hope, or do you want to get back into the same black hole?
believer in equality.'s picture
by believer in equ... (not verified) on
Thanks Shiv for this article. Ideals and values should be rated more. equality should be on par with development. Please stick to your conscience and way of life, it will not fail you. Modi will.
CP's picture
by CP (not verified) on
Many of columnist, half-educated in socialist doctrinaires, scorn him out of a pseudo-intellectual snobbery that is the curse of congi and left supported JNU style education system. Mistakenly Cabal of JNU thinks they are cleverer than they are and very few of them know anything about how to run government better than Namo. In old time these brigade used to have followers to listen their pep talk and now they have to listen others and thats very painfull. They do not like many others getting on thair porch and learning the witchcraft they use to practice and think that for their progeny have to suffer competition and that why BS cry foul.
Krishan k's picture
by Krishan k (not verified) on
@Mr.Shiv Visvanathan: India have lot of traitors.You are not the exception.Muslim will be more happy under Modi then any one else.Name one person beside him who can lead India to the right path.Who so ever will become PM in congress, will be worst then MM.Do you read newspaper of India. How corrupt the ministers are.How many rapes happen every day.Now compare yourself ,how smart you are defending the corrupt.Mr. shiv Vishvanathan search your soul and conscience and then write your views.
Acube's picture
by Acube (not verified) on
I can see a lot of things for and against Modi. One thing I can tell you for sure about Modi, He is very good at advertising. Look at the way people see him. He is the icon of Indian development. But Gujarat is only 6th in terms of investment. Thousands of crores are promised in every vibrant Gujarat summit. But only less than 10% gets invested. Dear friends, I am not saying that he is inefficient. His investment friendly nature has brought companies, Gujarat is now an energy surplus state, roads are in a better condition; he is really efficient. But Gujarat requires a lot of attention in alleviating malnutrition, pollution, education quality etc. All I ask you is to compare the achievements of other states. Rajasthan has got generic medical shops which is a great relief for poor people. Tamilnadu has created an automobile hub (yet Times of India calls Ahmedabad as Detroit of India) I have lived in Gujarat and the best thing I can remember is safety of women. It is a lot more safe than most of the states. The execution of projects are fast and no statewide strike. But the thing I do not like about Modi is his negative politics regarding Sonia and Rahul. Rahul has already said that he is not running for the PM post but Modi is very interested in attacking them. Calumny is not an expected quality from a future PM. I have seen many baseless things being circulated about Rajiv Gandhi's family. One of them even claims that they are Muslims. Even if it is so, what is wrong in it? This kind of claims worsens the religious tensions. I like Nitish as he is a lot more balance and less dictatorial. He seems mature enough and has got a good track record. Let us wait and see
The thing about Modi's picture
by The thing about Modi (not verified) on
You have hit the nail on the head there, calumny (i had to look up the word) - that is the one thing that i do not like about Modi. I am even willing to give him the benefit of doubt with respect to the riots. But I do not wish to vote for a man who does not respect his opponents. Having said that, he may very well win the next elections, as there are no good enough alternatives.
Sam J's picture
by Sam J (not verified) on
Think beyond relogion bro...Modi is the future of India. He is doing best in gujarat and will do best for India.
by SHAHID NIRMAL (not verified) on
I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them. Instead of giving a BJP/CONGRESS the keys to the INDIA, it might be better to change the locks.
AbdurRaheem's picture
by AbdurRaheem (not verified) on
This is what Justice Katju wrote about Modi and Gujarat, perhaps the young gen is not looking at real statistical data: Justice Katju Says: Today, 48% Guajarati children are malnourished, which is a higher rate of malnourishment than the national average. In Gujarat there is high infant mortality rate, high women's maternity death rate, and 57% poverty rate in tribal areas, and among Scheduled Castes/Backward Castes. As stated by Ramachandra Guha in his article in The Hindu today, (8.2.2013) in Gujarat environmental degradation is rising, educational standards are falling, and malnutrition among children abnormally high. More than a third of adult men in Gujarat have a body mass index of less than 18.5 – the 7th worst in the country. A UNDP report in 2010 has placed Gujarat after 8 other Indian states in multiple dimensions of development e.g. health, education, income levels, etc. (see Hindustan Times, 16.12.2012 P.13) Mr. Guha further states in his article: “As a sociologist who treats the aggregate data of economists with scepticism, I myself do not believe that Gujarat is the best developed State in the country. Shortly after Modi was sworn in for his third term, I travelled through Saurashtra, whose polluted and arid lands spoke of a hard grind for survival. In the towns, water, sewage, road and transport facilities were in a pathetic state; in the countryside, the scarcity of natural resources was apparent, as pastoralists walked miles and miles in search of stubble for their goats. In terms of social and economic development, Gujarat is better than average, but not among the best. Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Tamilnadu are the three states which provide a dignified life to a decent percentage of their population”. Business leaders no doubt claim that Modi has created a business friendly environment in Gujarat, but are businessmen the only people in India? To those who talk of development of Gujarat under Modi I ask this question: Should the malnourished children of Gujarat eat the roads, electricity and factories which Modi has created? I appeal to Indian people to consider all this if they are really concerned about the nation’s future, otherwise they may make the same mistake which Germans made in 1933.
SURAJ PRASAD's picture
by SURAJ PRASAD (not verified) on
sumit dey's picture
by sumit dey (not verified) on
actually india is a state, not a nation. being a comglomerate of states it needed presidential system of governance at centre. instead we are burdained with this parliament full of short sighted local parties. in a country where every local party wants the railway ministry so that they can lay a few railway lines in their own background, without caring much for the rest of the country, it is impossible for any guy, i repeat, any guy to lead the population to a better tomorrow. but to choose among the lesser devils, no body here seems to seriously consider mr. nitish kumar as the pm. what may be the reason for that?
Gujarati's picture
by Gujarati (not verified) on
Yes. I take all that as true. But in Gujarat, the Muslims are in check. Okay? That is enough for me to vote him.
Ash G's picture
by Ash G (not verified) on
I Don't give a damn about what you think Mr Shiv Visvanathan. Stop writing personal favours in a public news paper
Tameem Saied's picture
by Tameem Saied (not verified) on
Shivji, I salute you for having the courage to explain Mr Modi's personality without mincing words. You also had the dignity to not mention in your columns about how Modi managed to make you quit your post in Gujarat just because you worked with Teesta in conducting an exhibition for the Gulberg victims. I think the India of Pandit Nehru is doomed if Mr Modi is to become the Prime Minister. For 60 long years, right thinking Hindus have worked on integrating all minorities into the Indian collective consciousness. Suddenly, a middle class that has enriched itself due the efforts of Manmohan Singh is hypnotically clamouring for an Autocrat who will deliver a killer blow to secularism. Shivji, try to anonymously surf the web and see the mindset of Modi's online support staff. They condemn a Muslim in the vilest of terms. They speak of packing Muslims off to Pakistan, of labeling Muslims as "Katwas" [Circumcized] ala Jews in Hitlerian Germany. Every single step taken to integrate Muslims and other minorities will be culled in moments to a cheering crowd that has a majority presence in Cyberspace. How do Muslims like me convince the unlearned and the underprivileged in the community that the real Hindus are like the Shiv Vishwanathans and the Mani Shankar Aiyars of India, and not like the Meenakshi Lekhis and Amit Shahs? How can the rising Muslim Demographic [35% minimum by 2050] cope with increasing Islamophobia which may be State Sponsored under Modi's rule [even if he is personally against it, to satosfy the bloodlust of his voters?]. What will happen to all the work done in maintaining harmony in Kashmir? How will the North Eastern people be treated? Will every village with a Maoist presence be "genocided", with a pliable Media failing to report incidents? If there is some sadness in you, there is a manifold sadness in the heart of every secular Muslim like me when we see the blind love in middle class Urban India for a man who slept as thousands of fellow Indians were brutally wiped out in a most demonic way. It is as if a dark shadow has possessed the collective Soul of educated middle class Indians. Growing up by listening to Rajiv and being shocked at 1992, the 9 years of UPA rule have been a soothing balm to the psyche of 200 million young Muslims of India. Corruption, price rise, yada yada yada. Does not matter, we are happy that we were Indian again than "Saale Musalmaans" and "Terrorists" who were made to suffer psychological ignominy between 1998 and 2004. Are we now to be plunged into the heart of darkness? The problem is not Modi, the problem is his supporter. There is a "Babu Bajrangi" lurking in the soul of every voter who casts his vote for Modi. I guess minorities have to re-read their Gandhi to navigate through the future darkness.
Anshul's picture
by Anshul (not verified) on
I think Shiv is being honest in this article. He blames modi for his ouster from Gujarat (in an article elsewhere) and is openly biased against him. But in this article he has given voice to the other side's views. I personally think that Modi is a strong alternative for Congress. It is not very clear what he will do once he comes to power, but in his speeches he has drawn a strong contrast to Congress and for people like me who have come to detest everything Congress stands for, he is the only choice. Just to be clear, I did vote for Congress in last elections and am not pro-BJP. Supreme court has absolved him of direct involvement in 2002 and that is good enough for me.
pooja kiran sharma's picture
by pooja kiran sharma (not verified) on
Id like to see each of you antimodi ppls reaction wen modi wins with astounding majority. Hes the best for the country. I don care if ppl think hes not secular because fact is that he is. And even if hes a hindu supporter whats wrong with that. Hel support his religion which also happens to be the majoritys religion in india. As for pregnant women being killed thats happening in every religion in every riot and many rapes as well. Its wrong to blame it on one govt. It happens to pregnant animals to give you your leather wallets as well so if you believe thats wrong stop this as well. Grow up abd continue to cry those who will. Modi is definitely secular and hes most definetly without the slightest doubt win. The end. :)
Deejay's picture
by Deejay (not verified) on
Dear Friends, I recently went to Surat and stayed there for 3 weeks. Had a talk with at least 15 muslims on the topic on whether Muslims feel threatened. Guess what 11 of them said that he is working for all and development is for all. He has given business opportunities for all with No discrimination. 4 of them were negatively inclined and said that yes we feel threatened that people will barge into their home and create ruckus and all though they also agree that there has been good progress in Infrastructure and health facilities. While I was having conversation with one of the guys in Main Textile Market of Surat where Lacs of people work, a loudspeaker from nearby Mosque started Namaaz.. Then I thought in my mind how fool can we be by saying Muslims are suppressed in this state when they can have loudspeakers near Main market where lakhs of Hindus shops r there.. By condemning Modi we have not only demeaned him but also demeaned the secular fabric of India. Bharat Mata ki Jai!!


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