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Psyche guides sexual desire

Dr. Narayana Murthy | 10th Apr 2013

I’m a 64-year-old man. My wife, who is 55, is going through her menopausal period. And she is not showing much interest in sex like she did earlier. Nowadays, I also feel reduced interest in sex. Am I also experiencing the so-called male menopause?

Yes, you may be experiencing Andropause (akin to menopause in women) since you are 64. Remember sexual desire is not just dependent on the sex hormones but also the psyche (mind). If a woman has experienced good sexual pleasure prior to menopause, she still will continue to be interested in sex after the initial phase of menopause. Though she may have other difficulties like vaginal dryness and shrinkage etc., which can be effectively managed through Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I’m a 26-year-old man. My marriage is fixed for next month. I am fearing whether intercourse will be satisfying for my wife and me.

The appetite for sexual activity and the need for an outlet for sexual urges varies from individual to individual. The sexual appetite depends on various factors like health, interpersonal relationship between the partners, privacy and free time. The duration between two sexual acts, apart from other factors, determines the quantum of the ejaculate. The longer it is the more is the ejaculate. Rest assured that there is nothing serious and wrong with you.

-- The writer is a sexologist. You can mail him at


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